The Best Fruit Pickers for Harvesting Seasonal Produce

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Whether you run an orchard or frequent your local u-pick, you’re here looking for ways to fill your basket faster. Reaching for fruit with your hands works well enough, but you might be leaving perfectly ripe produce at the top of the tree. A fruit picker can be the solution to all your harvesting woes.

The best fruit pickers make picking hard-to-reach fruit more comfortable and efficient. Simply hold the long handle to reach the fruit, grasping it with the claw-like end or trapping it in a basket. You can use a fruit picker in place of a ladder for safer fruit picking all season long.

Most fruit pickers are made of aluminum, so they’re lightweight and easy to carry. These products are typically best for harvesting fruit that grows on trees, but be sure to check the exact measurements. Some may also extend to accommodate a wide range of tree heights.

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1. EVERSPROUT 13-Foot Fruit Picker

This aluminum fruit picker extends from 4.5 to 12 feet. The twist-on basket easily traps fruit, and the foam pad at the bottom of the basket prevents bruising. This pole also includes non-slip grips, so you can use it in rainy conditions. You can use this product to pick any fruit that’s between 1.25 to 5.5 inches in diameter. This includes anything from kiwis to grapefruits. You’ll receive a bonus fruit bag with your order.

Pros: Easy to use, even when extended all the way. Works for a wide range of fruits.

Cons: Basket can be a bit wobbly. Might take down some leaves and branches too.

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2. Zenport Telescopic Fruit Harvester

Zenport’s fruit picker is available in six and 10 feet lengths, each of which are extendable. The padded claws firmly grip the fruit without bruising it, so you can pull it off the tree safely. The aluminum handle is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It also has a safety lock to prevent it from collapsing. This fruit picker is suitable for a wide range of fruits, including citrus, peaches and apricots. The claw feature gives you a more precise grip than the basket versions, but it can take some time to get used to.

Pros: Easy to grip the fruit. Extends into three lockable positions.

Cons: On the expensive side.

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3. Harrms Fruit Picker Pole Tool

This fruit picker will help you pick orchard fruits with ease. The attachable basket includes a foam pad, which cushions the fruit as you pull it down. This basket is about 13 inches tall, so you can fit several small to medium fruits in there at once. Made of durable stainless steel, the pole will hold up to general wear and tear. You’ll receive a black bag with your order, which you can use for holding fruit or other daily items.

Pros: Made of strong materials. Basket detaches for easy storage.

Cons: Extendable pole doesn’t lock in place.

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4. Ohuhu Fruit Picker Tool

Ohuhu’s fruit picker is made of sturdy aluminum and includes comfort hand grips. The pole can extend to 13 feet, which is longer than the brand’s previous model. This basket picker has a 1.2-inch cushion to protect the fruit, and the basket can fit two or three oranges at a time. Keep in mind that you will need to assemble the basket and attach it to the pole, but the instructions are straightforward.

Pros: Easy to assemble. Longer than the old model.

Cons: Might feel too flexible when fully extended.

fruit picker Amazon