Keep Warm and Healthy This Winter with the Best Green Teas

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Everyone enjoys a good cup of tea, whether it’s English style with milk, or just a dark, potent tea. Tea warms you up and keeps you caffeinated in a more natural way than coffee and has less acid so for those with stomach problems. This winter season is a great time to get hooked on a new favorite drink, and green tea is certainly one of our favorites.

But what’s in green tea, anyway? Green tea comes from a tea leaf that is unoxidized, so it retains its green color. The most popular types of green tea include matcha, sencha, bancha, chun mee, and hojicha. Whichever you prefer, there are many different ways to drink it.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best green tea brands available right now.


1. Encha Ceremonial Organic Green Tea

Matcha green tea comes in a powdered form, and Encha has made a delicious organic tea that is harvested in the fields of Kyoto, Japan. Sold in a 60-gram bag, this supply will last you a month. Enjoy this smooth matcha green tea every morning to reap the best benefits it has to offer.

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2. Organic Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is another variation of green tea and is equally delicious. It comes in the form of tea bags, so seep them in a cup of hot water for three to five minutes for the best flavor. This light, refreshing tea will give you a caffeine boost without the jitters.

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3. Traditional Medicinals Ginger Green Tea

With a spice of ginger, this green tea is caffeine-free for a smooth, relaxing cup. The ginger promotes healthy digestion while adding a kick of flavor not found in other green teas, leaving you with a unique cup. Enjoy this green tea any time of day since it’s caffeine-free.

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4. Pure Leaf Brewed Iced Green Tea

Brewed green tea is an excellent way to drink tea if a hot drink isn’t up your alley. Iced tea is a great pick-me-up in the afternoon and Pure Leaf makes a delicious unsweetened green tea. With no added sugars, you’re all in for the mouth-watering taste of green tea.

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5. Pique Cold Brew Green Tea

A cold brew has a longer seeping process than an iced tea, leaving you with more flavor. Pique has a delicious jasmine green tea crystal that you soak overnight for a wonderful cup of cold brew the next day. Enjoy your green tea fresh and ice cold.

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6. Yogi Antioxidant Green Tea

Green tea packs a lot of flavor when it’s in a tea bag and Yogi has some of the best tea variations around. This one has a mix of lemongrass and licorice to compliment the punch of the green tea. The antioxidants will support general health but note that this one is caffeine-free.

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7. The Republic of Tea

The People’s Green Tea by The Republic is an excellent green tea to have on hand. Smooth yet powerful, this tea packs a punch of flavor. There are different packs to choose from- 250 tea bags, 50, or 6, your choice.

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8. Organic Gunpowder Green Loose Tea

A loose tea leaf means no unnecessary waste, so you can customize each cup to your preference. The gunpowder green tea is a crowd favorite when it comes to loose leaves, so start measuring out your perfect cup.

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