We’re Spilling the Tea on the Best Iced Teas To Enjoy Right Now

Best Iced Tea

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It doesn’t get much more refreshing than a cool glass of iced tea on a hot day. Whether you’re looking for a little caffeine kick outside of coffee, want something other than your typical pot of hot tea, or are in search of a drink to add to your list of ‘best non-alcoholic’ options, the world of iced teas is vast and delicious.

Depending on the iced tea you reach for, there are some health benefits, including improved hydration and antioxidants that are similar to those that can be gained from drinking hot tea. It’s important to note two things in your iced tea of choice. One is the caffeine levels since some teas offer minimal caffeine levels while others are high and should be consumed in a more limited quantity. The second and possibly most important factor when choosing iced tea brands is sugar. Iced tea can be a haven for high caloric and high sugar drinks. We’ve noted which drinks on our list have little or no sugar and which drinks pack a major sweet punch and should be enjoyed sporadically.

From loose leaf to tea with hops, bagged tea to fresh-brewed, there’s no shortage of delightful iced tea flavors that can provide a bit of a caffeine boost or some much-needed refreshment.


1. Pure Leaf Iced Tea


For a guilt-free iced tea that takes all the leg work out of brewing, there’s Pure Leaf’s wide offering of clean and fresh drinks. The company’s Unsweetened Black Tea is our top pick thanks to its use of fresh tea leaves and complete absence of any artificial sweeteners or added colors. Made from black tea, the iced tea is free from added sugars and gives customers a zero-calorie, naturally caffeinated drink they can enjoy all day. If you’re in the mood for flavors, Pure Leaf offers several, including Green Tea, Herbal Cherry Hibiscus, Peach and Passionfruit.

Pure Leaf Iced Tea Image courtesy of Amazon

2. David’s Tea Loose Leaf


True tea lovers will easily make the transition from hot to cold with any of the loose-leaf offerings from David’s Tea. The company has one of the best flavor selections for hot or iced tea and has crafted a line that lends itself especially well to pairings with ice water and hot days. With a lineup that reads like a tea lover’s paradise, most of the loose leaf teas can be made hot or cold and the company provides suggestions on pairings. For example, their ‘Just Peachy’ tea pairs beautifully with frozen strawberries and rum or chilled with Prosecco. Usually, it’s food, not drinks, that have our mouths watering, but here we are …

David’s Tea Loose Leaf Image courtesy of David's Tea

3. 365 Everyday Value, Organic Tea & Lemonade Blend


Whole Foods is continuing to bridge the gap between the words ‘organic’ and ‘affordable’ with their 365 Everyday Value line. One of their best additions to their offerings is their iced tea and lemonade blend. Made with cane sugar, lemon juice, and black tea concentrate, the iced tea and lemonade blend has a smooth and sweet finish that isn’t overly sugary.

365 Everyday Value, Organic Tea & Lemonade Blend Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea


Listen, no one has ever accused Snapple of trying to corner the market on healthy drinks. Their flavored iced teas are packed with sugar and have a high-calorie count (there is a diet option available in several flavors). But, if you are looking for an iced tea treat, the taste doesn’t get much better than Snapple. Whatever iced tea flavor you opt for (peach, raspberry, half and half, we love them all), Snapple is worth the sugary splurge.

Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Arizona Premium Brewed Arnold Palmer Bottled Tea


Coming in right behind Snapple in the ‘worth the sugar’ category is Arizona and their Premium Brewed Arnold Palmer Bottled Tea. Like iced tea? Like lemonade? Put them together in the perfect Arnold Palmer, which bears the name and image of the famous golfer. Made with real brewed tea and lemons and containing vitamin C, the delicious drink also contains a lot of carbs, sugar, and calories. Again, if it’s treat time, and Arnold Palmer from Arizona can’t be beaten.

Arizona Premium Brewed Arnold Palmer Bottled Tea Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Honest Tea Organic Fair Trade Honey Green


If you want some of the sweetness of Snapple and Arnold Palmer but with less nutritional sticker shock, there’s Honest Tea Organic Fair Trade Honey Green. Available in several flavors, including the Honey Green Tea option shown here, Honest is USDA Certified Organic, made with Fair Trade leaves and cane sugar, and adds honey for some sweetness. Free from artificial colors and flavoring, one bottle does contain 70 calories, but they’re organic, fair trade calories. So, forget the guilt and just enjoy a delicious tea.

Honest Tea Organic Fair Trade Honey Green Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Lipton Gallon-Sized Black Iced Tea Bags


Need to make a jug of iced tea but only have a few minutes? Lipton has you covered. The tea giant has perfected an affordable and delicious bagged tea that can make one gallon of iced tea. Lipton only uses real tea leaves and features soft notes of hibiscus and chamomile flowers for a tea that is soothing and tastes great. Each tea bag contains zero calories for a drink that is easy going down and easy on your sugar levels.

Lipton Gallon-Sized Black Iced Tea Bags Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Teavana Mango Iced Black Tea


For an extra-special iced tea experience, Teavana is definitely worth checking out. The company makes craft brewed ice teas, including their new ‘Wellness’ line that is created with herbal blends. Those who want a bit of pop in their drinks will appreciate the brand’s sparkling iced tea flavors. Featuring both sweetened and unsweetened options, Teavana’s craft iced tea is available in exciting flavors like Pineapple Berry Blue, Strawberry Apple and Blood Orange Mango.

Teavana Mango Iced Black Tea Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Hoplark Hoptea


At SPY, we got the chance to sample the Hoplark Waters and were impressed by the brand’s unique and clean flavors, so we were excited to see that the company also offers its own Hoptea. Using whole leaf teas, Hoplark creates a refreshing iced tea that customers will soon be reaching for instead of their favorite IPA. The company, which brews out of Boulder, Colorado, doesn’t do any fermentation in their brewing process, which means all Hopteas are 100 percent alcohol-free. Gluten and GMO-free, Whole 30 certified, vegan, and bottled in cans that are BPA-free, customers can feel good about indulging in one of the refreshing Hoptea flavors.

Hoplark Hoptea Image courtesy of Hoplark


10. Gold Peak Sweetened Black Iced Tea


For an iced tea that is sweet and smooth and delivers Southern living in a glass, it’s tough to beat Gold Peak Sweetened Black Iced Tea. Affordable while still boasting a taste that mimics a glass of home-brewed iced tea, Gold Peak is sweetened with real sugar to give it an authentic flavor. The fan-favorite brand doesn’t have a syrupy or artificial aftertaste, which can’t be said for most iced teas in its price range. A great option for parties thanks to its price point, Gold Peak continues to be a staple in the fridge of iced tea lovers.

Gold Peak Sweetened Black Iced Tea Image courtesy of Amazon

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