Stock Up On Jerky For Your Next Hike, Road Trip, Or Mid-Afternoon Craving

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A lot of people would be apprehensive about eating meat from a gas station’s convenience store. Except if that meat is jerky, of course. Besides the fact that jerky is meat you can leave on the counter and still feel good about eating a month later, jerky is a great snack for hikes, traveling, and those on a keto diet. It’s also just a convenient option any time of day. Jerky really is the little snack that could.

The history of jerky originated with the indigenous Quechua people of South America, and it’s a snack that continues to endure. That’s because it’s delicious, filling, and long-lasting, whether you’re traversing the Andean range or just feeling hungry at your desk during the 2 PM lull. Since it stays fresh for a long time, you can actually buy it online, too. Stock up on all the delicious dried meats with these jerky brands on Amazon.

1. People’s Choice Beef Jerky – Original

This jerky comes in a one-pound bag, and it’s made from thick-cut, extra-lean beef. It’s free of additives and preservatives. The brand is based in Los Angeles and has been a family operation for 90 years. At one year of freshness, the jerky has a fairly long shelf life.

Pros: Sugar and carb-free, made without preservatives or artificial ingredients. Reviewers were pleased with the taste and texture.

Cons: Package is not resealable, so a Ziploc or something similar will need to be used.

Peoples Choice beef jerky Amazon

2. Golden Island Korean BBQ Pork Jerky

Most people associate jerky with beef, but jerky can be made out of just about any meat. This pork jerky has a Korean BBQ flavor — it’s made with a sweet and smoky blend of sesame, garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar, and other spices. It’s a unique and flavorful take on jerky.

Pros: Unique KBBQ flavor, comes in a pack of two.

Cons: Some found it too sweet. Sugar makes it not as keto-friendly.

Golden Island jerky Amazon

3. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

While Jack Link’s is widely available, Amazon makes it easy to find bulk varieties. This original flavor Jack Link’s comes in a two-pack of 9 oz bags (18 oz total). Jack Link’s jerky has a flavorful blend of spices and plenty of protein.

Pros: Classic jerky flavor at a good value.

Cons: Opened package doesn’t have a very long shelf life.

Jack Links Jerky Amazon