Bring Home the Bar With the 8 Best Kegerators

best kegerators

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There are few things better than an ice-cold beer. The way the frothy foam hits your lips, the delicious taste of the hops and the overall relaxing vibes are enough to make even the most difficult of days fade away entirely. Yet, even from a bottle, it’s not quite the same as having a beer fresh from the tap at a bar. The good news is, if you’re willing to spend a little dough, you can bring that same experience home with a kegerator.

We’re not talking about a keg you may have snagged during college for a party (or seven) but rather an actual home-ready keg system you’d find at your local watering hole. Many kegerators are freestanding or easily installable into your existing bar and will provide that luscious, fresh beer taste thanks to their CO2 dispensing system. Additionally, many kegerators will allow you to control the temperature with digital control so you can make it just perfect after a long day.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up eight of the best kegerators and mini kegerators for your use at home — our selects, below.


1. Kegco MDK-309SS Beer Kegerator

With its easy to read digital temperature control, stainless steel construction and tools to help you start home brewing, the Kegco MDK-309SS Kegerator is perfect for the homebrewer or beer fanatic who is ready to take their setup to the next level. A spacious interior can fit up to three five-gallon kegs or even a full-sized keg. The digital temperature control tells you the temp and can be adjusted to 32 degrees for ice-cold pours. But the best feature of all is its “deep chill” function, which can work to cool down a blisteringly hot keg down to a more drinkable temp in no time at all.

Kegco MDK-309SS Kegerator Amazon


2. KUPPET Beer Kegerator

The KUPPET Beer Kegerator isn’t as feature-rich as a few of the other options on this list, but those who are looking to elevate their existing beer setup will see their experience dramatically increased with this option. The one-tap dispenser makes it easy and quick to pour, an adjustable temperature control dial can let you find that perfect crisp taste and rolling wheels make it easy to move around for a party. With considerable room inside, it will hold plenty of delicious lager for the household.

KUPPET Beer Kegerator Amazon


3. Atosa Commercial Two Tap Beer Kegerator

Take your beer really seriously? Investing (and I mean that in every sense of the word) in this commercial-grade kegerator is one way to show all your friends and family you mean business. With two double tap towers, you can pour up to four beers with speed and ease, while the included drip tray makes it easy to contain liquids that may spill out while you’re pouring up. Digital temperature control allows for that perfectly cold beer, and the unit even comes with a five-year warranty.

Atosa Commercial Two Tap Kegerator Amazon


4. Homecraft Mini Beer Kegerator

If a massive kegerator isn’t your style or you don’t have space for a larger unit, this Homecraft Mini Kegerator still packs quite a punch in a small package.  An impressive five-liter capacity makes it great for countertop use on a weekend of NFL games or even a small gathering. The stainless steel construction will go with a variety of home appliances, further adding to its versatility. Additionally, a built-in cooling system allows for smart cooling, so your beer is never warm.

Homecraft Mini Kegerator Amazon


5. SPT Mini Beer Kegerator

With its ease of use and slick rounded design, this SPT Mini Kegerator is another worthwhile option for those beer lovers tight on space. A five-liter capacity will hold a mini keg’s worth of brew with ease, which is more than enough for a small household or nights when you’re having a few friends over. The temperature display helps to let you dial in that perfect temperature, while the steel housing makes it look twice as expensive as it is.

SPT Mini Kegerator Amazon


6. Summit Appliance Beer Kegerator

The Summit Appliance Kegerator not only looks good but performs even better. The full-sized kegerator has room for two 1/6-sized kegs and can be easily installed underneath the counter or left alone for freestanding use. Like many kegerators, the digital output allows you to quickly see the temperature, while dual taps allow for fast and easy pours.

Summit Appliance Kegerator Walmart


7. Koolatron Mini Beer Kegerator

Similar in look to an actual keg, the (appropriately named) Koolatron Mini Kegerator has your standard five-liter mini-keg capacity. With room for both top-dispensing and gravity-dispensing kegs, you won’t be limited when it comes to functionality. Furthermore, the unit itself is super easy to clean. However, the one drawback is that it only cools down to 45 degrees, so those looking for truly ice-cold beer might need to consider another option.

Koolatron Mini Kegerator Walmart


9. Arctic King Double-Tap Beer Kegerator

Arctic King’s Double-Tap Kegerator has two taps for double the fun, making it a great option for big gatherings or for someone who wants to have two different options available. Its striking matte-black finish will go well with nearly any decor, while it’s subtly concealed door only adds to its overall stylishness. The spring-loaded tab makes for easy to use dispensing. Oh, and the wheels make it easy to move and adjust depending on the situation.

Arctic King Double-Tap Kegerator Walmart


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