Stay Caffeinated With the Best Rated Keurig Pods That Will Deliver Right to Your Door

best keurig pods
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There’s something so comforting about a freshly brewed cup of joe. But making that coffee on rushed mornings, or waiting in lines for an expensive blend can be exhausting. Keurig machines offer the ultimate blend of convenience and quality with the simple press of a button.

The best Keurig pods mimic the flavor of fresh coffee, but churn out a cup much faster, without the mess of heating water and measuring grains. Settings can be customized according to taste, so the strength and heat level deliver a flawless cup every time.

Many options available are eco-friendly and can help you manage your budget a little easier. Buy pods in bulk and never worry about the local coffee shop running out of your favorite flavor, or surpassing your beverage budget for the week. We studied them all and compiled the highest quality Keurig pods for every coffee lover’s palate, so you can stay fuelled for the rest of 2020.


1. Peet’s Coffee Variety Pack, 40-Count


Peet’s Coffee is the holy grail of Keurig pods, and this offering serves up an ideal amount of variety. This 40-pack comes with a dark roast house blend, a medium roast and a light roast. There aren’t any fancy frills or artificial flavors here — just good coffee that tastes fresh. The dark roast is beautifully full-bodied and seems to be the star of this pack, but the other two blends garner excellent reviews as well with all three reaching the “perfect balance of flavor and strength.”

best keurig pods, peets variety pack Image courtesy of Amazon

2. The Organic Coffee Co. Breakfast Blend, 36-Count


If you usually find that the average coffee bean tastes a little harsh, a light roast can offer a less intense version that’s just as pleasant to sip on. The Organic Coffee Co offers a breakfast blend in biodegradable packaging. It’s versatile with different Keurig models (including the 2.0) and leaves significantly less of an aftertaste than similar Keurig pods by other brands. Anything you select by this brand is organic, which means more antioxidants and minerals in your daily dose of java.

best keurig pods, organic coffee co breakfast blend Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Dark Magic, 72-Count


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has been a mainstay in the beverage world for years, and their dark roast pods are an underrated force of nature. Many coffee drinkers who purchased this choice were sick of the “burnt roasted beans” taste that many so-called dark roasts can quickly take on. These beans offer an extra bold (but not bitter) flavor that’s well-developed and won’t leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

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4. Tayst Decaf Defiantly Decaf Coffee Pods, 30-Count


Tayst serves up a decaf coffee pod that has a gourmet taste, with a minimal carbon footprint. Although it doesn’t contain caffeine, you wouldn’t be able to guess it from the rich, hearty composition of these pods. One user compares to the bitterness of a Starbucks drink and the blandness of supermarket pods, suggesting this product as an alternative that’s “a perfect medium.” If caffeine gives you the jitters, an upset stomach, or keeps you up all night, consider Tayst.

best keurig pods, tayst defiantly decaf pods Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend, 72-Count


Many of us crave a robust cup of coffee, but that often comes with a price of high acidity levels. Say goodbye to bitterness forever with Caribou’s smooth, low-acid blend. Coming in at just over $0.40/pod, the Caribou Blend carries notes of cocoa, cedar, and berry, with a profile that finds the middle ground between spicy and sweet. Unlike similar products that are on the market, you won’t find coffee grains at the bottom of your cup.

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6. Folgers Caramel Drizzle Flavored, 96-Count


Flavor shots can turn a mediocre coffee into something superb, and users describe the taste of Folgers Caramel Coffee as being similar to a vanilla biscotti, which doesn’t sound too shabby. It’s not the easiest Folgers flavor to find in stores and helps you save by buying in bulk. The composition is slightly nutty and creamy, and buyers love how it fills a room with an addictive caramel aroma — no candle needed.

best keurig pods, folgers caramel drizzle Image courtesy of Amazon

7. The Original Donut Shop Mocha Latte, 20-Count


A latte is one of those indulgences that can seem so necessary at times. In the winter, it heats you up with frothy, steamed goodness. In the hotter months, an iced version will invigorate you like no other. This mocha latte by The Original Donut Shop lets you enjoy every sip, without the guilt of a hefty coffeeshop price tag. This pod is filled with a pre-measured amount of flavoring, and sweetener, and is also made with real milk.

 best keurig pods, original donut shop mocha latte Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection Variety Pack, 40-Count


Some of us thrive on a routine, and others feel stuck in one. If you frequently find yourself trying a new flavor at your local cafe or getting sick of your coffee at home, this sampler pack by Keurig will ensure that you never get bored. There are 40 different options of various roasts, including the popular cinnamon roll flavored pods by Cinnabon. Many variety packs are about flashiness, but the brands used here are all premium, despite a low price point.

best keurig pods, keurig coffee lovers collection variety pack Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Cameron’s Coffee Kona Blend, 72-Count


Many biodegradable K-cups that are good for the environment don’t have the flavor to match. To avoid a bland blend while saving the planet, make sure to try out the 100% compostable pods by TAYST. They continue zero plastic, instead of coming in a mesh filter pod, and can add valuable nutrients to the soil. Additionally, the Definitely Decaf blend is Rainforest alliance-Certified and grown without chemicals, resulting in a surprisingly bold blend.

best keurig pods camerons specialty coffee kona blend Image courtesy of Amazon

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10. Starbucks Blonde Roast Veranda Blend K-Cup Pods, 32-Count


If you love your Starbucks but not the price tag of their in-cafe options, consider the Keurig line by Starbucks. This 40-count works with both the original Keurig and the 2.0. Some people think that the Starbucks coffee has a “burnt” taste to a few of their blends, but most agree that the blonde roast lightens things up very pleasantly.

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11. Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Medium Roast K-Cup, 60-Count


If you don’t rock with Starbucks, you’re just might be a die-hard Dunkin’ fan. This 60-pack comes with their original medium roast – a balanced and invigorating brew that’s not overly intense. Made from Arabica beans, you can make everything from an affogato to an iced cappuccino. The ultimate sidekick for your morning donut break – multiple reviewers call if their favorite k-cup.

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12. Newman’s Own Organics French Roast, 72-Count


We love French roasts for their velvety smooth but rich texture. Many people complain about French roasts tasting burnt or chalky, but Newman’s got their formula down to a T. The organic blend is hearty enough to call a dark roast,  yet still mild enough to go down easy. Made with Fair Trade Certified beans, Newman’s also donates proceeds to charities.

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13. McCafe Premium Medium Roast, 84-Count


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14. CozyUp Medium Roast Colombian Coffee, 76-Count


If you’re going to opt for a medium coast, closing Colombian beans is a pretty foolproof move. It’s always strong but just sweet enough, with caramel and cocoa notes. The most popular Colombian blend is by Green Mountain, but a lesser-known brand known as CozyUp is the underdog that you should be paying attention to. Buyers note that the cups are sturdy, and the pods have “great flavor’ and “so much better than others in its class.”

best Keurig pods Image courtesy of Amazon

15. Cafe Bustelo Coffee Espresso Style Dark Roast, 72-count


Cafe Bustelo has always had a formidable presence in the coffee world. It packs a satisfying punch that many comparable brews simply can’t.  For those feeling nostalgic about Cuban coffee, Bustle is a no-brainer with true flavor. Many Bustelo lovers admit that after they tried their first cup of Cafe Bustelo, they never turned back to other brands.

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16. Gloria Jean Butter Toffee Coffee, 48-count


Flavored with butter toffee, this k-cup by Gloria Jean’s is perfect for those who aren’t ready for a black cup of coffee. For those who want an energy boost but don’t want the strong flavor of coffee, this sweet alternative is perfect.  You might think the flavor is overly artificial, but buyers love the flavoring used in it.  The unbeatable price on this dream come true for sweets lovers Is the cherry on top.

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17. Cafe Escapes Chai Latte, 72-Count


When a coffee won’t do it, and even a latte won’t hit the spot, a chai latte is an indulgent beverage that’ll help propel you through the day. Made with natural and artificial flavors, this cinnamon-filled milky treat also contains some instant coffee so you get that extra boost you need. As cooler weather is around the corner, this is the best way to warm up.

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18. Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff, 72-Count


When you don’t want to get too amped up from your usual cup of Joe, but a decaf won’t get the job done, turn to half-caff. This Green Mountain blend is made with half the caffeine level of an average cup. It’s perfect if you’re sensitive to caffeine or trying to watch your intake, and the price is significantly cheaper than the same pods at local brick and mortar stores.

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