Get Your Fridge Summer-Ready With These Top-Rated Light Beers

Best Light Beer
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If you’re looking to stock up on the best summer beers for some boozy fun, you’ve come to the right place. Light beer is a must for good times under the sun. Yes, of course, you can sip a hazy IPA while watching the kids play in the pool. But will you want more than one? Probably not. Those things are basically a full meal. Burgers and dogs on the grill do not pair well with a heavy beer.

On the other hand, light beers make a killer combo with a good BBQ. They’re light and refreshing, which allows them to pair exceptionally well with the heavier foods you’ll likely crush the entire season. Plus, the alcohol content on light beers is generally much lower than their heavier counterparts. Everyone wants to have a good time enjoying the warmer weather, but nobody needs a hangover the next day.

Luckily for all of us, nearly every major brewer has a light version of their best brews — some even with the best new beers you can buy right now. You’ll get the same taste and bubbly sensation you love with these low-carb beers. Here are the best light beers to try right now.


1. Coors Light


When you think of beloved light beers, Coors Light automatically comes to mind. It’s brewed below freezing point to give it that signature crisp, refreshing taste with a two-row lager malt crafted from barley and four different types of hops. This is what gives it its aroma that instantly brings you back to college tailgates, baseball games and summer barbecues.

It’s widely available for a reason; it’s classic and the go-to for so many looking to err on the lighter side of things for the day or evening. It’s also quite affordable at less than $1.00 per can in most stores.

Coors Light Beer Courtesy of Drizly

Coors Light Beer

Starting at $21.49 / 30-rack


2. Miller64


The lightest of the light beers has got to be Miller64. It’s Miller’s lightest offering (lighter even than Miller Lite) and has only 64 calories per can and a 2.8% ABV. Its taste holds up pretty well despite being stripped down to its lightest properties and was created during “dry January” to give people a “dry-ish” beer to sip on while trying to abstain from alcohol for the month. Did that count? We’re not sure, but they created a pretty great ultra-light, low-carb beer in the process that’s perfect for sipping any season.

This beer is a bit hard to come by online but you can locate it in a store near you via their website below.

Miller64 Beer Courtesy of Drizly


$18.99 / 12-pack


3. Yuengling Light Lager


Yuengling Light is made by America’s Oldest Brewery who is a master of flavor and craft, and has channeled those skills into a lighter beer with only 98 calories per bottle. Yuengling Light Lager has a balanced flavor profile of hops, malt and a crisp and satisfying finish. They’ve got their brewing techniques down, and to create this lighter brew they simply let it brew for longer to reduce the sugar content and lower the calorie count.

If you want a light, golden and refreshing beer that maintains all of the flavor but less of the bulk of a great lager, Yuengling is a great choice.

Yuengling Light Lager Courtesy of Drizly


4. Heineken Light


Heineken’s signature blend of malt and hops is considered by many to not be something to mess with and yet, they’ve created a light beer that’s enjoyable. It holds its flavor and carbonation far longer than other light beers do, an accomplishment when you consider how light these blends are.

It’s perfect for when you want something simple, crisp and to the point that’s not going to go flat on your immediately.

Heineken Light Courtesy of Drizly

Heineken Drizly

$17.99 / 12-pack


5. Bud Light Platinum


You already know Bud Light, but have you met Bud Light Platinum? This light beer is a newer take on a classic by transforming it into something even better. It has the distinct crisp Bud taste you’re used to but takes the alcohol content from 4.2% ABV to 6% ABV. It has a sweet, almost flowery scent with a revigorating taste that’s perfect for sipping any season. Slug it down at the beach, in the backyard, at the bar — wherever. If you’re a fan of Bud Light, you’ll become an even bigger fan of Bud Light Platinum.

Bud Light Platinum Courtesy of Drizly

Michelob ULTRA

$19.99 / 12-pack


6. Corona Light


Is there anything more beach day than a Corona? This blend is perfect for long days in the sun and surf — it’ll keep you refreshed without dehydrating you too much. It’s made with a mix of barley, malt, hops and bottom-fermenting yeast that turns out a fruity aromatic blend with a distinctive flavor and clean finish. We know it’s cliche, but it really does go well with a lime and is perfect paired with a spicy taco or bowl of salty nuts.

Corona Light Beer Courtesy of Drizly

Corona Light

$17.99 / 12-pack


7. Amstel Light


When drinking light beer, it’s not everyone’s main intent to get drunk. If you simply like the taste of light beer without wanting as much of a buzz as some of the others might give you, check out Amstel Light. This beer has an ABV of 3.5%, making it easily the lowest on our list. It’s been around for almost 150 years and has a delicious taste that’s been loved by lots for decades.

Amstel Light Courtesy of Drizly

Amstel Light

$18.99 / 12-pack


8. Michelob ULTRA


At just 8-calories per ounce, Michelob ULTRA is one of the lightest calorie beers period. It has no artificial flavors and a fresh taste with each and every gulp. Some people call Michelob ULTRA the superior light beer of all light beers since you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle in order to have a couple.

With a 4.2% ABV, this light beer has a light, bright and malty tasting notes the majority of beer lovers can get behind. Michelob ULTRA is also brewed with pale, kilned two-row barley malt and European hops for a unique flavor you’re sure to love.

Michelob ULTRA Courtesy of Drizly

Michelob ULTRA

$16.99 / 12-pack


9. Shiner Light Blonde


The Spoetzl craft brewery has made a very tasty light beer despite the fact that there’s no need for craft breweries to do that.

It’s got a great combined scent of grassy and sweet and a flavor that balances pale malt and wheat very well. These layers enhance the sorghum flavor of the beer and highlight its inherent sweetness well.

If you’re looking to try a brand you’ve never heard of that’s worth a shot, this is it.

Shiner Light Blonde Ale Courtesy of Drizly

Shiner Light Blonde

$16.99 / 12-pack


10. Miller Lite


Miller set the standard for light beers way back when, and that standard still holds up. This is an authentic pilsner with all the flavor and color you want and only 96 calories per 12 oz. The flavor is deep, despite being a light beer, and has a crisp smoothness to it. Invite a bunch of friends over and crack open a six-pack of these, they’re bound to satisfy with the quality and classic American taste.

Miller Lite Beer Courtesy of Drizly

Miller Lite Beer

$13.99 / 12-pack


11. Keystone Light


Keystone Light is all about maintaining the crisp, smooth flavor of regular Keystone but making it a bit more manageable on the flavor front. Plus, it’s super affordable. You can get it for about half the price of other options on this list, making it perfect for stocking up on before a big tailgate, barbecue or large gathering.

This beer was introduced in 1989 and has been delighting consumers ever since with its unmistakable flavor and light feel. This beer is a bit difficult to find online at the moment but you can search in your area on their website at the link below.

Keystone Light Beer Courtesy of Drizly

Keystone Light Beer

$22.99 / 30-pack


12. Tecate


If you know Tecate, you know its unmistakable crisp, dry flavor. This light beer from them boasts a golden light color and a rich citrusy aroma you’ll recognize instantly. That crispness comes from their unique fermenting process that includes a blend of hops that brings out the tangy citrus in the beer that separates it from the rest. It’s also a very affordable light beer with a great taste you won’t regret purchasing for your upcoming outdoor gathering or group hangout.

Tecate Light Beer Courtesy of Drizly

Tecate Light Beer

$14.99 / 12-pack