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Bee Well: The Best Manuka Honey Products for Your Kitchen

Honey is a pantry staple in most homes. This gift from the bees sweetens tea, oatmeal and toast. However, with so many types of honey available, it can be tricky to choose the right product for you. But if you’re passionate about wellness and nutrition, Manuka honey is a great option.

What exactly sets Manuka honey apart?

Manuka honey originated in Australia and New Zealand. Bees that pollinate the Manuka bush create this product, which tends to be more flavorful than other types of honey that you’d find at the grocery store. This rich flavor is due to higher levels of a compound called methylglyoxal (MGO). Each product will have a different MGO rating.

And of course, Manuka honey can add a satisfying sweetness to baked goods, warm beverages and breakfast food. Here are some of the best Manuka honey products you can buy online.

1. Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey

Wedderspoon’s Manuka honey is available in four to 35.2-ounce containers, so you can stock up. The product is raw, unpasteurized and Non-GMO Project verified. It’s also free of antibiotics and glyphosate. The honey is traceable, meaning the company can track it back to the original hive. Each jar of this product is sourced and packaged in New Zealand, where it’s then shipped to your home. Just keep in mind that the specific packaging may vary.

Pros: The company tests each jar to ensure compliance with New Zealand’s government standards. This honey is thick and flavorful, so a little goes a long way.

Cons: You might notice a floral taste, which isn’t always typical of all honey products.

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2. Manukora Multifloral Raw Manuka Honey

This raw Manuka honey brand is Non-GMO Project verified, traceable and MGO-certified. Manukora sources and packages their product in New Zealand, and produces it in a HACCP-certified honey facility. With a focus on quality ingredients, this company produces a multi-floral honey that’s thick, creamy and flavorful. The packaging is BPA-free and opaque.

Pros: You can scan a code on the packaging to trace your honey to the hive. The company keeps their bees in remote locations in nature.

Cons: You might notice a slight wax aftertaste. The honey may harden in the mail, so you’ll need to place the jar in warm water.

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3. Good Natured Raw Manuka Honey

Good Natured’s sourced their Manuka honey in Australia. This product has an 820+ MGO rating, which ensures potency and flavor. Independent labs test the honey for quality assurance, and the company handles their bees according to organic standards. The cold extraction process involves minimal processing and keeps as many micronutrients intact as possible.

Pros: This honey has a thinner texture than other Manuka brands, so it may be easier to spread.

Cons: The potency of the flavor can take time to get used to. The color and texture may vary each time you purchase this honey.

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4. Manuka Health New Zealand Honey

Manuka Health sources their honey in New Zealand, where they test the product for quality and safety. This Manuka honey has a 400+ MGO rating. You can enjoy sweet honey with a smooth texture, whether you’re eating it straight or mixing it in tea. The company’s beekeepers raise the bees in remote areas, and the hives are traceable.

Pros: This product tastes great and has a creamy texture. The company tests each batch of honey.

Cons: There may be inconsistencies with the MGO ratings of each jar. This honey is not raw.

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5. New Zealand Honey Co. Raw Manuka Honey

If you’re looking to splurge on a quality jar of honey, New Zealand Honey Co.’s product is a great option. This Manuka honey has a 1,122+ MGO rating, so it delivers on flavor and potential medicinal properties. The product is Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) certified and meets a strict set of testing criteria. New Zealand Honey Co. also replants Manuka bushes to maintain the natural ecosystem.

Pros: This honey contains far more MGO than many other brands. The texture is smooth and easy to spread.

Cons: The high MGO content can cause a slightly bitter taste.

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