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5 Food Delivery Apps That Offer No-Contact Delivery

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the U.S. is going into lockdown. Health experts and government officials are urging the public to practice social distancing and isolation in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

This means bars, restaurants, gyms and other public hangouts have been forced to close down — except for takeout and/or delivery. Most restaurants still offer takeout options, and for those who want to avoid going out in public altogether, the best meal delivery apps are an ideal solution.

Many of your favorite meal delivery apps now include the option of no-contact delivery. It goes down like this — your driver will call/text you when they arrive and drop off your order on the doorstep, in the lobby or another designated area. You then go pick it up, making human contact unnecessary for the time being.

This is a way to keep both the drivers and your household safe from the potential spread of the virus.

Unfortunately, all of these apps may not be available in your location. However, in the large cities most affected by the lockdown, the best meal delivery apps can be a lifesaver. Here are the apps currently offering a no-contact food delivery option at the moment.



Postmates is a courier service that will “deliver anything you want.” Unlike Uber Eats and GrubHub, Postmates will also deliver groceries, alcohol and other quarantine essentials. Currently, the company is offering $10 off every new customer’s first order, and no-contact delivery for food orders and other goods like phone chargers, headphones, paper towels and other items while supplies last. If you already rely on Postmates for your weekly takeout delivery, you can still order safely and responsibly from them using the no-contact delivery method.

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Courtesy of Postmates


Caviar is a meal delivery app that focuses on local restaurants in your area, making their food more accessible to you. Caviar is offering 15% off for new customers and 4% off for returning customers on each order. They’re also throwing no-contact delivery into the mix.

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Courtesy of Caviar

Door Dash

Door Dash is another food delivery service that’s offering $5 credits for new customers and a no-contact delivery option. They’ve got more than 300,000 eateries on their app across the U.S. and Canada.

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Courtesy of Door Dash

Grub Hub (Seamless)

Grub Hub — which goes by the name Seamless in New York City and some other locations — is also hopping on the no-contact delivery train. On top of that, Grub Hub is offering new customers up to $12 off. Grub Hub is encouraging new and returning customers to order delivery to “Help save the restaurants we love.” Grub Hub’s Donate the Change program partners with No Kid Hungry to help the one in seven U.S. children who struggle from childhood hunger, so you’re supporting a good cause while you order.

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Courtesy of Grub Hub

Uber Eats

Uber is best known for its on-demand transportation app, but the company also offers food delivery through Uber Eats. From your favorite fast food restaurants to local favorites, Uber Eats connects diners to more than 100,000 restaurants. To support drivers and restaurants during the coronavirus crisis, Uber Eats is offering free delivery for many orders. The company announced this week that it’s waiving delivery fees for all independent restaurants. To find restaurants with free delivery, customers should look for the “EAT LOCAL” banner within the app.

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Courtesy of Uber Eats

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