Add Some Non-Candy Treats To Your Halloween Offerings This Year

Non-Candy Treats for Halloween
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Halloween is quickly approaching and the best way to enjoy a night of treats with no tricks is to be prepared. You’ve put the Halloween decorations on display, decided on a costume for you and maybe your dog and your child, and you’ve prepped movie nights leading up to October 31. But what about when the doorbell rings on Halloween? Sure, you can fill your candy bowl with the usual Halloween candy, but what about throwing in some additional, non-candy Halloween treats this year?

Candy is obviously a great part of Halloween for kids. It’s a great part of Halloween for adults, as well (get those deals on November 1, people!). But there are lots of great non-candy Halloween treats available when it comes to filling plastic pumpkins and pillowcases on October 31. Non-candy Halloween treats mean no worrying about food allergies, which is especially helpful if you’re sending your child to school with Halloween goodie bags for their classmates. It can also help make you the ‘cool’ house on the street, both in the eyes of kids and their parents who have spent months dreading the biggest sugar crash of the holiday season.

For tiny tots who need help reaching the doorbell, to bigger kids who have spent weeks mapping out their Halloween route, these non-candy treats are sure to delight princesses, unicorns, pirates, and Spider-Man. Spider-Man is always in style.


1. Wikki Stix and Activity Sheet


Parents who have braved restaurants with young children will likely recognize Wikki Stix as the thin pieces of wax that allow them to enjoy their meal for upwards of five minutes. Did you know you can buy Wikki Stix without having to spring for appetizers? This set comes with 50 individually packaged bags that are perfect for Halloween, with each bag including eight multi-colored Wikki Stix and activity sheets. Kids can build, mold and create patterns and objects with their Wikki Stix, giving parents enough time to sort their candy and take out all the good stuff they want for themselves.

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2. Champion Raisels in Watermelon Shock


Raisins have somehow become the butt of everyone’s Halloween candy joke even though, if we’re being honest, they’re delicious. If you still want to give out a food item on October 31 but don’t want your house pelted with tiny, dried grapes, let us introduce you to Raisels. These ‘remixed raisins’ taste like candy but without all the added sugar that will keep kids up until Thanksgiving. SPY receive a sample of the various Raisel flavors, including their Sours line, and can confirm that adults loved them and every kid we reluctantly shared our Raisels with also loved them. It’s time for raisins to reclaim their space on Halloween.

Champion Raisels in Watermelon Shock Image courtesy of Walmart

3. Halloween Coloring Books with Crayons by Gmaophy


Coloring books and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly, so help the budding artists in your neighborhood show off their creativity with a set of coloring books and pencils. This pack of 24 Halloween coloring books from Gmaophy features four colored pencils for each book. The set includes eight unique covers that aren’t too scary for little trick or treaters and are still mature enough to delight older brothers and sisters.

Halloween Coloring Books with Crayons by Gmaophy Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Japin Halloween Kid Hand Sanitizer Holders


Most Halloween celebrations were canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19 and while we are still very much in the thick of the pandemic, vaccines, masking, and handwashing have helped kids get to enjoy some of their favorite activities, including trick or treating. For little ones who like to be prepared, the Japin Halloween Kid Hand Sanitizer Holders feature six silly and spooky designs that kids will happily hang from their backpacks and lunch pails. The sanitizer holders come with refillable containers that you can fill before handing them out or leave for parents to fill with their own sanitizer, as well as lotion, soap or other liquids.

Japin Halloween Kid Hand Sanitizer Holders Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Juvale Halloween Pumpkin Stickers for Party Favors


There are three certainties in life — death, taxes, and kids loving stickers. Whether they’re two or 12-years-old, stickers stick around for a long time when it comes to collectibles for kids. There are plenty of sticker options that fall under the Halloween theme, and we like the sticker sheets from Juvale, which include plenty of designs that kids can use to decorate pumpkins, goodie bags, and their parents. Kids love putting stickers on their parents.

Juvale Halloween Pumpkin Stickers for Party Favors Image courtesy of Walmart

6. LED Light up Toy Party Favors


Anything that lights up is a hit with kids. Yeah, that was a grand statement, but we stick by it. Light-up party favors are not just fun for kids to wear and show off to their friends, they’re also a great safety device that keeps them visible to other people and vehicles, which is especially important while trick or treating. This massive 78 pack of party favors from Toner Depot includes sunglasses, bracelets, hair lights, jelly rings, and finger lights, all designed to de’light’ kids and help keep them safe.

LED Light up Toy Party Favors Image courtesy of Walmart

7. Hyde & EEK! Bubble Sticks


Much like stickers, bubbles are another classic non-candy Halloween treat that kids always seem to love. That makes the Hyde & EEK! Bubble Sticks a great treat for handing out on Halloween. The set of 24 bubble sticks come with three designs and lots of clean fun. Easily to refill, the bubble sticks include a cat, pumpkin, and skull topper for ghouly bubbles.

Hyde & EEK! Bubble Sticks Image courtesy of Target

8. Hyde & EEK! Activity Books


For older kids who are able to read on their own or follow instructions with a little help from an adult, we like the Hyde & EEK! Activity Books. The set of 12 books feature eight pages of Halloween-themed activities, including mazes, word searches, and tic-tac-toe. A great non-candy Halloween treat that kids will enjoy, these activity books are also good for parents to keep on hand after Halloween when little ones need to stay busy for a few minutes.

Hyde & EEK! Activity Books Image courtesy of Target

9. Play-Doh Party Bag


Is there any holiday, celebration, event, or day not made better with Play-Doh? We think not. The Play-Doh Party Bag comes with 15 fun-sized cans of Play-Doh. Kids will have fun picking out their own colors and then creating unique shapes and designs at home. The pack is primarily designed for birthday events and comes with personalized gift tags for each 15-ounce jar, but as we said earlier, Play-Doh works for any holiday.

Play-Doh Party Bag Image courtesy of Target

10. Spooky Pookie


If you have a small neighborhood with only a few trick or treaters and want to get a treat they’ll treasure, why not opt for a Halloween-themed book? There are plenty of great options available at Target and Amazon, including Sandra Boynton’s Spooky Pookie. Want a crash course in the book? We’ve read it approximately 3,457 times.

Spooky Pookie Image courtesy of Target

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