Make That Thang Go Pop! The 8 Best Prosecco Bottles That’ll Have You Ditching Champagne

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It’s time to celebrate! Yes, even if you have nothing to celebrate. At this point, anything in 202q is worth at least a little bit of a celebration, so we’re here to say that there’s absolutely never a wrong time to pop open one of the best Prosecco bottles money can buy. Whether you’re toasting to your 10th wedding anniversary, your kid graduating from college or the fact that you woke up this morning to see another day, we’re finding reasons to pop bottles nowadays for just about anything because if there’s a will, there’s a way. Plus there’s been really nothing else to do in the past couple of months other than get drunk, so why not do it the classy way?

Although Prosecco is known as Champagne’s Italian cousin, we’re not here to argue over the Prosecco vs Champagne debate. The two are both delicious for various reasons and we love them both tremendously. But, we will say this: Prosecco is definitely the more versatile of the two and it does have less of a brut, more flavorful taste. You can disagree if you want, but don’t hate on the facts, baby. What’s true is true.

Picking up a bottle of Prosecco can get a tad tricky, though. There are so many at the liquor store to choose from that it seems the majority of us always end up picking whatever’s in the $10 to $20 range. While that’s a great way to shop bubbly products for some, others might want to expand their range and learn which of the best Prosecco bottles are right for their palate. Because if you’re going to get a bubbly buzz, might as well enjoy the taste, right?

Whether you’re a bellini fiend, an Aperol Spritz connoisseur or prefer sipping bub straight from the bottle, here are the best Prosecco bottles you can buy online right now.


1. Cinzano Prosecco

It doesn’t get any tastier than this Prosecco bottle from Cinzano. This high-quality sparkling wine is ideal for everyday enjoyment and celebratory reasons alike. If you’re looking to have one last at-home, outside, socially-distanced brunch with your buds before the temperatures become unbearably cold, this is the bottle to do it with. Pair it with your favorite peach puree or fall it up and create an apple cider-based breakfast cocktail to pair with your bacon and eggs. Cinzano is normally less than $15 a bottle depending on where you get it, so don’t be shy, pick up a few and take your boozy brunch to the next level. Just make sure none of your pals are driving. You can never underestimate the power of a Prosecco-packed brunch.

Cinzano Prosecco Courtesy of Cinzano


2. Vera Wang Prosecco

Vera Wang’s Prosecco is an elegant treat that pairs scrumptiously with appetizers and good times just as the fashion mogul intended it to be. This Prosecco has a super fine, delicate taste that true wine lovers will love and partiers will geek over. It’s got a fresh flavor profile that helps make an excellent Aperol Spritz. So, pop open this bottle, slice up some oranges, crack open a seltzer and grab some Aperol and have the perfect pre-dinner drink to end your day.

Vera Wang Prosecco Courtesy of Total Wine


3. Adami Garbèl Brut Prosecco

Seeking a Prosecco brand that has similar characteristics in taste you can get from your go-to Champagne? Look no further than Adami Garbèl’s Brut Prosecco. This pleasantly tart sparkling wine comes from 100% Glera grapes in the hilly vineyards in the Colli Trevigiani area of Italy and offers a bit of a brut bite with a dry taste. It’s made with 13 grams of residual sugar to add to its flavorful dry white finish and crispy tang. We love drinking this Prosecco on its own without any added flavor because the taste really speaks for itself. But, as for food, we recommend pairing with an Italian antipasto salad with extra cured meats. You can normally find this bottle at your local liquor store for just under $20, so it’s totally well-priced for what it is.

Adami Garbèl Brut Prosecco Courtesy of Vivino


4. La Marca Prosecco Rose

Although summer has officially come to a close, we’re taking our favorite summer sipper into the fall and winter whether it wants to join us or not. This Prosecco rose mix from La Marca is a mouthwatering bubbly option that marries your go-to pink drink with the fizziest of Proseccos in holy matrimony. Flavors of watermelon and citrus infiltrate the bubbly body to create a taste that’s both well-balanced and crisply acidic to hit the palate just right no matter who’s having a sip. For its lively taste, we’re shocked that it typically can be found online or at your local liquor store for just a little over $15. That’s a deal we can’t beat.

La Marca Prosecco Rose Courtesy of Total Wine


5. Bocelli Prosecco

What if we told you that the Andrea Bocelli’s family has been making wine for three whole generations in Italy? You probably wouldn’t believe us. But, be shocked. Bocelli Prosecco is a derivative straight from the Italian tenor’s family using grapes from the Veneto region to create one of the most delectable Proseccos you can buy. Like, come on, it’s synonymous with Bocelli. If that says anything, you’ll know this bubbly is equally as smooth as the man’s knee-weakening voice. This Prosecco’s not as harsh as a lot of alternatives. Instead, the bubbly has more of a soft peachy flavor with a mineral-esque tang to it. It makes a delicious bellini for obvious reasons, but this Prosecco is perfect to sip on its own. Pair it with your favorite outdoor relaxation spot as the sun sets.

Bocelli Prosecco Courtesy of Vivino


6. Maschio Prosecco Brut

As the quintessential brunch bottle, Maschio Prosecco Brut is serving us a fresh, fun flavor that pairs way too well with peach puree, OJ, apple cider, cranberry juice, pineapple juice — you name it. It has a peachy, floral and even nutty taste to it that resembles the way an Edible Arrangements might taste if it were paired with a few of your favorite bouquets of flowers if that makes any sense. Reviewers say it’s at the top of their list in terms of favorite bub bottles, so we think this is a must-try.

Maschio Prosecco Brut Courtesy of Total Wine


7. Martini & Rossi Prosecco

With scrumptious acidity levels and a bouncy taste, Martini & Rossi’s Prosecco is a high-quality wine you’ll love both for celebratory purposes or on a classic Tuesday morning. You do you, we won’t tell you when and how to drink. Delicate aromas and lightly crispy flavors burst from the bottle the second the cork pops out. Once your palate hits the bub, you’ll realize that Martini & Rossi really knows how to throw a party through a bottle of bubbly.

Martini & Rossi Prosecco Courtesy of Total Wine


8. Josh Cellars Prosecco

If you haven’t yet had the chance to try wine from Josh Cellars, now’s your chance. This brand is known for its delicious yet affordable wines ranging from reds to whites to roses to Prosecco and we truly cannot stop supporting. Named after the creator’s father in 2007, the brand started with a sole cab sav, though has transformed into way more than that today by even including this featured Prosecco. Each bottle of this bubbly is both sparkling and bright in flavor, made to taste refreshing yet a little sweet. Upon popping open the bottle, you’ll get notes of pear, green apple and citrus infiltrating the air around the neck. Each glass is better than the last and has a vibrant texture all bubbly lovers can get behind.

Josh Cellars Prosecco Courtesy of Total Wine


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