The Definitive Ranking of Seltzer Water Brands

Best Seltzer Waters
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As the weather slowly but surely gets warmer, refreshing beverages are going to be at the top of everyone’s grocery list. Whether it’s a summer picnic, trip to the beach or long road trip — one of our favorite ways to cool down and replenish the vitals is a nice sparkling water. The tingle of the bubbles and refreshing fruity flavors are just what the doctor ordered on a hot, summer day, and the following brands do it best.

Did you know seltzer water and sparkling water are basically the same thing? Just regular ol’ water with a little carbonation thrown in. It’s when you get into mineral water or soda water that you enter other, more foreign, territories. Let’s get back to basics and cover our bases. Sure, you can make your own seltzer water at home with devices like the SodaStream, but if you’re looking for the best brands you can order on Amazon, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you want a little extra carbonation, no added sugar or one that resembles soda as closely as possible, we’ve got the brand for you.


1. La Croix


(Pronounced La-Qua) If we were on a deserted island and could only pick one brand of seltzer to go with us, this would be it. It’s a go-to for carbonation lovers for a reason. It’s got a refreshing, natural taste and just the right amount of bubbles. We personally love the coconut flavor, but this variety pack will give you a chance to taste each one and pick your favorite.

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2. Spindrift


Spindrift’s all about the juice. All natural fruit juice, that is. Their seltzer water is made with fresh squeezed juice which makes them a healthier, more natural option. If you’re looking for good ingredients and that truly “fresh” taste, this brand is for you.

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3. bubly Sparkling Water


This is Pepsi’s venture into the sparkling water world and it does not disappoint. bubly is unsweetened and caffeine-free, but what really gets us is the brand’s personality. Each can has its own smile and a message on top that corresponds to the flavor. Clearly their brand is trying to stand out in the crowd, and it’s working.

bubly Sparkling Water Courtesy of Amazon


4. Hal’s New York Seltzer


This sparkling water packs a punch, much like its namesake city. If carbonation is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. It’s one of the most heavily carbonated waters around without any added sugar.

Hal's New York Seltzer Courtesy of Amazon


5. Canada Dry Sparkling Water


It’s the brand you know and love, the one you can always depend on to curb a stomach bug and they’ve got a solid sparkling water option as well! If you like citrus, lemon lime is their best flavor, but they’ve got others including mandarin orange and raspberry. All unsweetened and zero calories. It makes a great cocktail mixer or addition to lunch on the go.

Canada Dry Sparkling Water Courtesy of Amazon


6. Polar Natural Seltzer


If you’re a soda fanatic looking to wean yourself off of it, try out this seltzer water. Nutritionists love that it’s free from added sugar AND sodium, but still packs massive flavor. Try some of their more refreshing flavors with this pack or go for their unconventional concoctions like orange vanilla or triple berry if you’re craving something sweet.

Polar Natural Seltzer Courtesy of Amazon


7. Klarbrunn Sparkling Water


You probably haven’t heard of these guys, but their sparkling water is worth a try. The subtle flavor is present but not overwhelming, and it’s got the perfect amount of fizz. It’s made from natural spring water sourced in Minnesota. Similar to the others, Klarbrunn is unsweetened,  boasts zero calories and is sodium free.

Klarbrunn Sparkling Water Courtesy of Amazon


8. Waterloo Sparkling Water


This seltzer’s has the most bang for your buck. They pack a lot of flavor into these very affordable cans, while leaving out sugars, calories and sodium. The brand’s home is Austin Texas and has a “three class system” for developing their flavor profiles that really sets it apart. Class A develops the aromatic elements using steam from boiled fruits. Class B adds concentrated fruit oils extracted at high pressures. And finally, Class C ties it all together with natural botanical elements.

We’re not totally sure what Class C means, but we do know they’ve nailed the flavor and made a seltzer water with as much pop as your favorite soda or soft drink.

Waterloo Sparkling Water Courtesy of Amazon