Can’t Seem to Fall Asleep? Try Sipping These Bedtime Teas Before Calling it a Night

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For millennia, humans have relied on sleep to recharge their batteries and allow them to function at peak performance throughout the day. And for millennia, humans have had trouble falling asleep. While many turn to prescription medications, there are also non-medical interventions that have shown proven results. Herbal infusions, which are sometimes called bedtime teas, can also help the sleep-averse put their brains into a relaxed state and induce sleep.

A few of the most popular herbs for such teas are chamomile, valerian root and lavender. Many of these teas not only help to fight insomnia, but they also boast other helpful properties. Chamomile can reduce inflammation and anxiety, valerian root can lessen the intensity of headaches, and lavender can create a calming effect when smelled or ingested. Drinking a warm beverage before bedtime can also help those who struggle with falling and staying asleep get a more restful slumber simply by creating a calming bedtime routine.

If you’re ready to stop tossing and turning and start sipping, there are many bedtime teas to choose from. Below are the some of best sleep teas available. 

1. Yogi Bedtime Tea

Yogi Tea is a caffeine-free hot drink, which uses a combination of passionflower and chamomile to deliver a delicious tea to look forward to every day. The complex flavor is completed with additional licorice, cardamom and cinnamon to give it a beautifully balanced result. The formula has been put together for a relaxing experience that can be enjoyed any time of day but is perhaps most effective before bed. For those who prefer a stronger cup of tea, it’s possible to add two bags to a cup for a more intense flavor.

Pros: Yogi Bedtime Tea has a unique spicy and sweet flavor among sleep teas thanks to the included cardamom and cinnamon.

Cons: Yogi has recently changed their Bedtime Tea recipe, so it may be slightly different than the last time you tried this tea.

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2. Pukka Herbs Night Time Organic Herbal Tea

Made from crushed lavender, lime flower and oat flower, this Pukka Herbs Night Time Organic Herbal Tea is ideal for use as a pre-bed drink. It’s naturally free from caffeine and uses 100% organically grown ingredients. The teabags are also kosher, vegetarian-friendly and Fair Wild and Fair for Life certified. Plus, they can be composted after use.

Pros: Environmentally friendly, this Pukka tea is organic, fair trade and compostable.

Cons: More of an acquired taste. 

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3. Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Valerian Relaxation Tea

Finding a sleep aid tea that not only works but also includes organic ingredients does not have to mean breaking the bank with every sip. The Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Valerian Relaxation Tea is an affordable bedtime tea that is packed with delicious and organic herbal ingredients. The earthy and minty tea is a combination of valerian, as well as passionflower, lemon balm and peppermint, which also helps to soothe the user’s digestive system. Each box contains 16 individually wrapped tea bags that are non-GMO, organic, kosher and caffeine-free.

Pros: Traditional Medicinals sources their herbs from ethical trading partnerships.

Cons: Steeping time is recommended for 10 to 15 minutes, which may be longer than some users want to wait.

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4. Bigelow Benefits Sleep Herbal Tea

Bigelow Tea produces a whole range of teas for keeping your life on track. In this Bigelow Benefits Sleep Herbal Tea, you’ll find a mix of chamomile, lavender, wild orange leaves, poppy flowers and passionflowers which combine to deliver calmness and relaxation in a cup. This tea is great for use before bed but can also be enjoyed any time of the day, whether that be breakfast or lunch. Other tea options in this well-loved range include tea for focusing, calming your stomach and de-stressing.

Pros: Bigelow has been a trusted tea brand since 1945, and this sleep tea boasts a pleasant citrusy taste that sets it apart from the crowd.

Cons: The lavender and chamomile flavors of this tea are overshadowed by other herbal infusions.

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5. Frontier Co-op Valerian Root

Most bedtime teas use valerian root to produce a strong and distinctive aroma which provides a relaxing and sleep-inducing element. In this bag, you’ll find dried, cut and sifted valerian root that allows you to be in control of the strength of your tea. It can be added to other teas, used alone or even added to your bath for a relaxing experience. This sustainably grown root can also be added to soups and stews for a unique dimension to your food.

Pros: Valerian root can be added to any tea for an extra sleepy time boost.

Cons: Valerian root by itself does not make the tastiest herbal infusion.

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6. Pink Stork Sleep Support Tea

The Pink Stork Sleep Support Tea provides natural support for a good night’s rest and healthy life. It was originally designed with pregnant and nursing moms in mind, meaning it’s calming, relaxing and delicious. The bags include a mix of lavender, lemon balm, oat straw, coconut and more. The tea is also 100% USDA organic, free from gluten and housed in 100% biodegradable sachets to keep your environmental conscience clear.

Pros: Pink Stork Sleep Support Tea was designed with pregnant women in mind, but it’s relaxing and safe for everyone who needs an extra bedtime soother.

Cons: The ingredients may make some people need to go to the bathroom more often, which is difficult if you are trying to sleep.

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7. Sakara Superherb Herbal Tea

Inside these Sakara Superherb Herbal Tea bags you’ll find a stimulant-free mix of organic ingredients. These include kava kava, valerian, catnip and passionflower. These work together to provide a calming effect which aids in your rest, helps you fall asleep faster and encourages a reliable sleep cycle. You’ll also find lavender and chamomile in the mix, which are responsible for the tea’s floral aromas.

Pros: This tea was not only designed to help people sleep, but it can also help people stay asleep longer than they otherwise would.

Cons: Compared to other teas on our list, the Sakara Superherb Herbal Tea is expensive. 

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8. Honey, Tea & Me Sleep Better Tea Kit

The Honey, Tea & Me Sleep Better Tea Kit includes a whole range of nighttime teas to get you started in your journey towards a good night’s sleep. This is a great way to try a variety of teas and find the ones you enjoy the most. Inside the box, you’ll find 10 different tea brands, including Yogi, Buddha, Twinings and Numi. You’ll also find pure clover honey sticks. The comprehensive range and pleasant box presentation make this a great gift idea for the tea drinkers in your life.

Pros: The Sleep Better Tea Kit includes a variety of brands to help you find your favorite sleep tea.

Cons: You only get four bags of each tea, so if you find one you really like, you’ll need to order it separately.

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9. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Tea

The Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Tea is completely free from any additives, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. The box contains 40 individual Sleepytime Extra tea bags, which contain a blend of valerian root and chamomile. This caffeine-free tea, which depending on your preferences takes between four and six minutes to produce, promotes relaxation and aids calmness before bed.

Pros: Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Tea has an added dose of valerian root to create a natural sleep aid.

Cons: The subtle taste of this tea isn’t a strong flavor like some of the other teas on this list.

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10. Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea

Most bedtime teas typically have the same standard ingredients, which means that there is little variety with taste. That’s why we like the Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea, which includes the necessary herbal ingredients to help promote restful sleep, including chamomile, skullcap and L-Theanine. Additionally, this Yogi blend also features flavors of caramel, vanilla and rooibos for a tea that is sweet and soothing. Made with organic ingredients, this non-GMO tea is also vegan, kosher, gluten-free and does not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavors. All 16 tea bags are individually packaged in compostable tea bags.

Pros: Those who have an especially hard time getting to sleep can use two tea bags at once.

Cons: The caramel flavor may be too subtle for some users.

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11. Lipton Herbal Supplement

For tea that soothes and refreshes users, we recommend the Lipton Herbal Supplement. The tea is a mix of naturally caffeine-free herbs, including chamomile and mint. Lipton also uses essential oils and botanicals to create an inviting aroma that includes orange peel. Safe for daily use, the Lipton tea reaches its peak steeped time between four and six minutes. The set of four boxes shown here come with 15 individual bags of tea each.

Pros: The Lipton tea can be enjoyed both hot and served cold over ice.

Cons: The string may separate from the teabag when placed in hot water.

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