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Snack Game Strong? These Snack Subscription Boxes Will Help You Stave Off Hanger For Good

Snacks are what keep the world moving. Yes — healthy, well-balanced meals are important to staving off hunger throughout the day but the secret sauce to avoiding hanger? Snacks. You’re bound to get peckish during that mid-afternoon slump where it’s too late for lunch but too early for dinner. So what do you do? Grab something light to satisfy the craving. Now the question becomes what do you grab? There are plenty of snack options out there to choose from which can make the selection overwhelming.

Are you a cheese and crackers person? A potato chips person? A vegetable crudité lover? How about a candy fanatic? Whatever your go-to is, you’re going to want options, and you’re going to want to make sure you never run out of your favorites. The solution? Snack subscription boxes. They make snack boxes for everything these days — so treat yourself to a selection of gourmet refreshments monthly that’ll power you through your days. These boxes also make great gifts for anyone on your list heading into the holidays, because who doesn’t love snacks? Enjoy, the best snack subscription boxes available for delivery right to your door.

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1. SnackCrate


SnackCrate is one of the best places to start with snack subscription boxes. They deliver a curated box of snacks to your door each month each themed with a different country. The snacks are hand-picked by in-house snack experts and range from salty to sweet, sour and you can add a drink as well if you’d like. They have three different sizes to choose from — mini, original and premium so you can pick what works for you. The snacks are also shipped directly from the source so you can rely on their quality, authenticity and freshness.

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Courtesy of SnackCrate

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2. Bokksu Japanese Snack Box


There are some who say Japanese snacks are the best snacks — and we don’t disagree. We’ve written about this Bokksu snack subscription box on Spy before because it’s such an awesome product, and one of the best ways to get snacks delivered. Each snack is sourced by hand from centuries-old family businesses in Japan and many of them rarely make it to supermarkets in the states, so you know you’re getting something truly unique. Each box is bursting with snacks and flavor — 20-24 snack and tea options to be exact. Each one also includes a beautifully-drawn booklet with info about all of the snacks, as well as allergen info.

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Courtesy of Bokksu


3. Love With Food Subscription Box


If you want a gift for someone you love, this snack subscription not only has high-quality standards for each snack they put into their boxes, each box also sponsors a donated meal to American families in need. Each box contains eight or more healthy, hand-picked snacks chosen by their team, all of which don’t include their list of 73 “banned ingredients.” Each snack is made with clean, real ingredients and they’ve got a whole gluten-free subscription box option as well. You have three different size options to choose from when subscribing – tasting, deluxe and gluten-friendly, and you can also choose to buy each of them one time as a gift for someone else which makes the process easy.

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Courtesy of Love With Food


4. Carnivore Club


Lovers of salami, prosciutto, bacon and other cured meats — rejoice! This snack subscription box was made just for you and it’s packed full of handcrafted meats from artisans across the country that you won’t find in your average grocery store. Each box contains 4-6 varieties of salami, prosciutto and bacon for you to pair with your favorite cheeses, olives, jams and tiny pickles for the appetizer platter of your dreams. Plus, each box highlights a different artisan like December 2020’s box from Zoe’s Meats — a mission-based cured meat company all about nurturing the environment.

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Courtesy of Carnivore Club


5. Candy Club


Sometimes you want something sweet, gummy, sour and/or delicious and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Candy Club is a monthly snack subscription box made for all of the sweet tooth’s and candy lovers out there. Each box contains six candy cups filled with sweet treats made from small business artisans and famous candy producers. The collection is carefully curated for your enjoyment and each month’s box takes you on a slightly different journey. They have two different box sizes depending on your level of enthusiasm/ the number of people you’ll be sharing your box with — a “Fun Box” with six 6-oz candy cups and a “Party Box” with six 13-oz candy cups. You also get to choose your candy profile of “Mostly Sweet” or “Mostly Sour.”

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Courtesy of Candy Club


6. UrthBox


Healthy snacks are one of the best ways to curb hunger during the day without eating too much or filling up with junk. UrthBox is dedicated to making all natural, non-GMO, trustworthy brands accessible with their monthly box of full-sized products. Each of the up to 30 products they include in the box must pass strict ingredient, nutrition and calorie standards to be included — making it one of the best ways to try out new healthy foods, beverages and snacks. If you like one of the products you try, you can also purchase what you love on their website with member discounts — making it easy to implement the snack into your regular routine.

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Courtesy of UrthBox


7. Vegancuts Snack Box


Vegancuts is a subscription service that offers boxes for snacks, beauty and makeup all of which focus on goods that are vegan-friendly, carefully curated and good for the planet. Their snack box ships 10 delicious vegan snacks and meal items to your door designed to make vegan living easier. All of their included items are 100% cruelty-free and 100% vegan, plus the box comes with a flexible subscription that you can cancel or change whenever. Their vegan curator stays up to date on the latest vegan trends and puts together a great experience every month that’s completely harm-free to animals. Each box highlights seasonal snacks you’ll want to enjoy at that time of year, and shipping is free.

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Courtesy of Vegancuts


8. graze Snack Subscription Box


graze is a snack subscription box based in the UK that’s got gourmet options tailored to your tastes. Each snack contains delicious, wholesome ingredients and they’re always looking for the tastier, crunchier, healthier, better option so you’ll always get an upgrade. You get to tell them what you prefer in a snacking experience and they’ll tailor each of your boxes to your taste so you don’t get anything you don’t love. Plus, your first box is half price.

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Courtesy of graze


9. SnackSack


SnackSack’s smallest box option still has between 11-15 snacks in it each month, a huge variety that includes both sweet and savory options. They feature seasonal themes and flavors in each box, and you can choose between three snacking plan options from Classic, to Vegan and Gluten-Free as well. Each box contains all top-notch brands that are free of junk and made with real ingredients.

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Courtesy of SnackSack


10. SnackNation Subscription Box


Snack Nation curates giant snack boxes for offices, remote employees and families and individuals as well. They’re designed to make caring for employees as easy as possible with a variety of snack boxes to choose from, each of which has a different spin. They’ve got strictly snack boxes, a Happy Hour box that includes cocktail kits, a Health & Safety Essentials box, a Thankful Box with fall-inspired products, a Sips + Snacks Box with wine and more. You can ship them directly to your office as well as to remote employees to keep teams connected. You can add a personal note to each box to let you team know you’re thinking of them, and each box sponsors a meal to Feeding America. They’ve got choices for every office and team size, and you can subscribe and/or give individual gifts.

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Courtesy of SnackNation


11. MunchPak


Lots of snack subscription boxes are curated with international snacks, but MunchPak combines the best from the US and countries abroad. All of the snacks are full-sized so you get the complete experience, and each box contains at least 5, 10 or 20 different products to try based on the size you pick. Each snack box also includes a travel guide with information and facts about the snacks in your box and the countries they come from. You can also add a soda to each box if you’d like, and they make gifting easy with the option of a one-time charge with no renewal.

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Courtesy of MunchPak


12. Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club


If you’re a lover of all things chocolate, you should probably subscribe to this monthly gourmet chocolate club. Each member gets access to an international assortment of gourmet chocolates that are small-batch and made using only pure, premium ingredients. Each chocolate box you’ll receive will be award-winning and contain favorites as well as new tasting sensations and innovative ingredients. You’ll get to savor the work of world-renowned chocolatiers and each box contains detailed notes about the treats included. If life is like a box of chocolates, we hope it’s this box because we know we’re getting the best of the best.

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Courtesy of Chocolate of the Month Club


13. My Keto Snack Box


If you’ve got a good keto thing going, this snack box is perfect for you. It contains only keto and low carb-friendly snacks so you can try new things while sticking to your diet. Each box contains 8-12+ keto snacks, each of which has fewer than five grams of carbs per serving. The snacks range from jerky to chips to ghee, maple syrup and other meal-prep friendly items. You don’t need to give up the keto life to snack and snack with joy — so treat yourself to this snack box and widen your healthy horizons.

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Courtesy of CrateJoy