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Beat The Heat at Home With These Snow Cone Machines

A snow cone may be a vacation staple, but you don’t need to jet to a tropical location to get your frozen fix. You can make these treats at home with a countertop snow cone machine. These kitchen gadgets will create snow cones, mixed drinks and frozen desserts, so you can stay cool with friends and family.

Snow cone machines are available in a variety of designs. Some are electric and ideal for use on the kitchen counter. However, if you want to make snow cones outside or on the go, you can purchase a hand-crank machine. Some of these gadgets have vintage designs, while others look more like a blender.

When shopping around for a snow cone machine, pay close attention to the capacity. You’ll need a large machine if you’ll be making shaved ice for a party. However, a more compact version will work well for everyday use.

To help you create your favorite frozen treats, we’ve rounded up some of the best snow cone machines.

1. Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine

This snow cone machine turns ice cubes from your freezer into fluffy shaved ice. The compact product features a 1,000-watt motor that works in seconds. It also includes a safety lid, so you can keep your kids’ fingers away from the blades. Just keep in mind that the machine might be too loud for little ears. You’ll receive two flavor bottles, six flavor packets and eight spoons with your order, as well as a dome shaper to create the rounded snow cones.

Pros: The ice comes out light and fluffy. The blades shave the ice quickly, so you won’t have to run it for long.

Cons: The machine can be loud enough to scare kids and pets. You might notice some water dripping on the counter.

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2. Costzon Snow Cone Machine

Costzon’s snow cone machine uses duel stainless steel blades to create finely shaved ice. The seamless acrylic container keeps the ice cool, so you can use this machine outdoors. This product is great for making snow cones and frozen drinks for large gatherings. And when you’re done, simply wipe down the stainless steel components with a damp cloth. The surface will resist rust and corrosion.

Pro: This snow cone machine is easy to set up and clean. The blades spin at 1,400 runs/min, so you can expect your snow cones quickly.

Cons: The ice can clump and get stuck in the machine. You may need to adjust the blades to create finely shaved ice.

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3. ZENY Ice Shaver Machine

ZENY’s snow cone machine is made of heavy cast stainless steel. The sleek design will look great on your counter, while the stable base keeps it in place. This product dispenses shaved ice into a built-in bowl, so you can scoop it into cups. Keep in mind that while the blades stop running when you lift the hopper handle, the blades are still exposed. So, it’s best to keep this machine away from kids.

Pros: The entire machine is made of sturdy and waterproof stainless steel. The ice is easy to scoop once dispensed.

Cons: The bowl fills up quickly, so ice shavings can easily spill onto the counter. This product may be heavy to carry and store.

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4. MANBA Ice Shaver

If you’re camping or picnicking, this portable ice shaver is a great option. The stainless steel blades transform ice into fluffy shaved ice. All you have to do is load in the cubes and turn the handle. While the product is small, it makes enough ice for your family to share. You’ll receive a free silicone ice cube tray with your order, which holds 15 pieces of ice.

Pros: The ice shaver is easy to take apart and clean. The ice cube tray creates perfectly-sized cubes for this product.

Cons: The ice compartment is split in two, so you can’t use large cubes. The handle may feel flimsy while you’re turning it.

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