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The best tea infusers enable you to brew loose, dried tea leaves in a cup or teapot full of hot water to create a better brewed, tastier drink. Many people aren’t aware of just how good the best tea can taste when you take the time to steep it properly. While tea bags may win on convenience, tea infusers definitely triumph on taste and environmental responsibility. Read on to discover why we’re all about the best tea infusers.

The best tea infusers come in a range of shapes and sizes. Many are surprisingly versatile, being great for loose leaf tea, a scoop of coffee or for infusing spices, fruits or herbs into your favorite dishes and soups. Infusers also let you enjoy your tea without having to worry about debris, loose particles or grounds as these strainers are so fine, that the loose tea will not leak out into your cup, thus ruining your tea experience. These infusers are also easy to clean (some even dishwasher safe) and will allow you to enjoy your favorite varieties of tea without worry.

What to Consider Before Buying a Tea Infuser

Before you get to our top tea infuser picks, it’s worth answering some questions to ensure you find the best tea infuser for your individual preferences. After all, not everyone loves the same kind of tea or likes to drink from the same type of vessel. Some key things to consider are:

How much tea do you want to make? Because infusers allow you to adjust the amount of loose leaf tea you put in, unlike a tea bag, it’s possible to make larger batches of tea if you’re entertaining or want to keep some for later on. It’s a smart idea to factor this into your choice of infuser. There are smaller infusers which are great for single cups as well as larger options, or multi-piece packs, which allow you to infuse more water at the same time.

What style of vessel do you prefer drinking from? There’s a tea infuser type to work with almost every mug, tumbler, teapot and bottle. From balls to pipes and mana-teas and Loch Ness monster-inspired options, ensure the infuser you pick will fit inside your favorite mug.

What kind of tea do you want to infuse your water with? A lot of infusers can be used with more than just loose leaf tea. For example, some can be used with fruit, spices or whole-flower tea. If you prefer brewing with especially finely cut leaves, aim for a finer mesh in your infuser to prevent anything from getting through. However, if you prefer to infuse with fruit or larger leaves, a mesh with slightly larger holes won’t hurt and can increase the amount of flavor reaching the water.

Do you want an infuser you can travel with? As we’ve already mentioned, tea infusers come in all shapes and sizes. This includes options which are better suited to keeping about your person or throwing in your luggage when you’re away from home. Compact, durable pipes are a reliable option, as are softer, silicone infusers. It’s best to avoid balls and fine-mesh baskets which may buckle under too much pressure.

How We Chose the Best Tea Infusers

All of the infusers included on our list are made from high-quality, durable materials. We’ve also included a range of different infuser types to ensure there’s an option for every preference. This includes infusers for every kind of vessel, whether that’s a mug or a tumbler. You’ll also find infusers that can be used with loose leaf tea and a number of other ingredients, such as fruit, whole-flower tea or spices. Each infuser on the list has also been tried and tested and proven it can do what it advertises. In short, there are no bad options, just ones which may be better suited to your individual preferences.

Below you’ll find our top 14 picks for the best tea infusers available online. Find the right one for you and begin brewing brews with more flavor than you ever believed possible.


1. OXO Brew Tea Infuser Basket


By keeping things smart and simple, this OXO Brew Tea Infuser Basket offers users a tea infusing experience that is hard to beat. At just over three by five inches, this basket comfortably fits in standard mugs and provides plenty of space for your loose tea to expand, resulting in a more flavor-filled tea. The etched holes in the basket’s sides ensure even the smallest particles remain inside while letting taste-filled liquid flow freely. You’ll also find a part silicone lid that helps keep your drink hot during the steeping process and doubles as a handy drip tray when it’s complete.

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2. OXO Good Grips Tea Ball


The Tea Ball by Good Grips has a long twisting element that makes it easy to scoop up the desired amount of loose leaf tea. This feature also ensures that a generous amount of tea leaves stays inside the Ball while you close it. Its long, stainless steel neck accommodates many different sizes of mugs and cups and the tea ball works best with whole-leaf teas, such as pearl teas, full-leaf green teas, and large-leaf black teas.

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3. Fu Store Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Balls


These Fu Store Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Balls are another versatile option when it comes to tea infusion. Each set includes two, 2.1-inch balls which are made from high-grade stainless steel for greater durability. The design includes quality links, clasps and hooks which allow the balls to hang from any mug rim, panhandle or teapot. It’s worth noting that the ball’s mesh, which is slightly larger than some alternatives, is better suited to larger loose tea, fruit or spices. While mildly limiting, these larger spaces do allow for a greater amount of diffusion in your drink.

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4. House Again Tea Infuser Set


The House Again Tea Infuser Set comes with a set of four tea infusers in bright, fun colors, including green, yellow, rose red and blue. The infusers are made from a combination of high-quality, BPA-free silicone, used in the handle, and high-grade stainless steel, in the mesh tea ball. Thanks to the extra-fine mesh, this infuser has more holes than the average infuser and won’t float, allowing tea leaves to expand and bloom fully in the water to deliver better flavor in every brew.

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5. Yoassi Tea Infuser Mesh Strainer


Yoassi’s Tea Infuser Mesh Strainer has a larger capacity which allows the tea to circulate for a fuller infusion of flavor. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the steeper is made of food-grade stainless steel that is odorless and chemical-free. It also has two handles that allow it to rest on your cup’s rim. The handle allows the strainer to fit into almost all mugs or containers and remain in place.

best tea infusers yoassi extra fine Courtesy of Amazon


6. Fred & Friends Fred Manatea Silicone Tea Infuser


The Manatea Silicone Tea Infuser by Fred & Friends is shaped like the sweet aquatic marine mammal, the manatee, and is constructed from BPA-free silicone. This silicone is soft, food-safe and tasteless and won’t affect the taste of your tea. Easy to use, simply fill the Manatea with your favorite loose leaf tea, place the infuser on the rim of your cup and enjoy perfectly brewed tea.

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7. House Again Tea Ball & Cooking Infuser


House Again’s Tea Infuser comes complete with one screw lid, one extra fine mesh cup and one saucer/drip tray for avoiding making a mess when taking your infuser out. All parts are odor and chemical-free, made of a stainless seal, easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. This set also features a unique threaded connection design that makes it feel easier to open and close when using and will seal more tightly so tea leaves will not leak out during the brewing process.

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8. AmorArc Porcelain Tea Mug


The AmorArc Porcelain Tea Mug is an all-in-one answer to creating a delicious cup of flavor-filled tea. The large, 19-ounce mug gives the removable, stainless steel infuser plenty of space to infuse, ensuring the resulting drink is full of the flavor you’re after. The popular mug, which is made from porcelain, is also freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe, and comes in three colors. In addition, the design includes an ergonomic handle for comfortable handling and a lid to help maintain your drink’s temperature as it steeps.

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9. MITSLOWLY Tea Strainers


If you regularly travel or drink from different vessels and want an infuser capable of keeping up, consider these MITSLOWLY Tea Strainers. Their pipe-style design means they can sit in or hang from the side of any cup, tumblr or teapot. Their premium food-grade stainless steel construction is BPA-free, corrosion-resistant and impressively durable which combines with their compact size to become a great option for travelers. The simple yet versatile design means the strainers can also be used for mulling spices and infusing with fruit or herbs.

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10. Chefast Tea Infuser Set


The Tea Infuser Set by Chefast is a premium, all-inclusive loose leaf tea set that comes with three steepers (two single cup infusers and one multi-cup infuser). These steepers allow you to strain tea for yourself or to brew multiple cups to serve an entire gathering. Also included is a multifunctional tea/coffee scoop with an integrated bag clip to add just the right amount of tea to the basket without worrying about unwanted debris falling into your cup. This tea set is not only functional but easy to clean — simply run cool water through the metal strainers to remove leftover tea and you are ready to steep another batch.

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11. OTOTO Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser


Sporting a design inspired by the long-necked lake monster from Scottish folklore, this OTOTO Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser offers users both function and fun. The award-winning design, which is also patented, is ideal for loose tea or herbal infusion, with the long neck providing an easy way to install and remove the infuser from your mug. It’s also made from a BPA-free silicone which is dishwasher safe. In addition, this gift-worthy infuser is available in three colors and comes in a stylish box, ready to be gifted to your tea-loving friend or family member.

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12. Finum Reusable Stainless Steel Mesh Brewing Basket


This Finum Reusable Stainless Steel Mesh Brewing Basket allows you to brew your favorite teas without allowing any debris to get into your drink. Its extra-fine mesh and roomy basket allow the tea leaves to spread out fully for the perfect level of infusion and an even better tasting drink. The basket, which is made from a stainless-steel micro-mesh in a heat-tolerant, BPA-free material frame, also comes with a lid to help maintain your drink’s temperature during the steeping process. Plus, the basket comes in two sizes and three different colors.

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13. Hiware Glass Teapot


With its 1,000-milliliter capacity, this Hiware Glass Teapot is a great option for social drinkers or anyone looking to steep more than a single cup at a time. The attractive teapot is made from a durable borosilicate glass which is also resistant to heat. It comes with a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel infuser which is easily removed for greater convenience when filling it with tea or cleaning. The versatile teapot can be used for loose tea, fruit and flowering tea infusion. Plus, it’s oven and stove safe and sports an ergonomic handle and no-drip spout.

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14. Pure Zen Tea Tumbler


If you’re looking to enjoy tea or fruit infused on the go, this Pure Zen Tea Tumbler may be the right choice for you. This 13-ounce tumbler is made from premium, BPA-free glass and sports a double-walled design to help maintain beverage temperatures. Infusing water is straightforward thanks to the included stainless steel infuser. Plus, as both ends can be removed, the tumbler is also easily clean. You’ll also find a handy travel sleeve with a built-in handle for more convenient portability.

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