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10 Most Popular Plant-Based Meal Kits That Deliver Right To Your Door

Figuring out what to eat on a daily basis, and eating healthy as much as possible, is often more stressful than it is enjoyable. If you’ve got a new year’s goal to eat better, eat out less and cook more, you need a meal kit in your life. Meal kits essentially take care of the recipe research, grocery shopping, meal prep and ingredient measuring, so all you get to do is cook following a guided recipe and enjoy. There are also more ready-made or cook-at-home options than ever before, making mealtime even less stressful and rushed.

There are endless creative recipes and dishes to choose from in the best meal kits, but the variety of options quickly narrows down when it comes to those who live a plant-based lifestyle. Fortunately, many companies have filled that gap, and there are now a mix of meal delivery services with plenty of plant-based and vegetarian options as well as entirely vegan meal kits that don’t include animal byproducts in any of their recipes.

Whether you’re looking to expand your cooking skills or have a fresh, microwavable dinner ready for you at the end of a long day, these vegetarian meal kits specialize in making meals greener and delicious at the same time. Each service specializes in their own niche, from all-organic ingredients to more budget-friendly menus. Certain companies focus on imitating meat textures, while others let the veggies speak for themselves.

Many of these vegetarian meal kits also have promotions going on – especially for first-time subscribers – so check out our top options and snag a deal now.

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1. Green Chef


Green Chef is the #1 meal kit for eating healthy, with recipes designed to fuel you and make eating balanced, nutritious meals easy. They’re a meal kit subscription service that offers easy-to-follow, affordable recipes every week so you can get the satisfaction from cooking without all the hassle. They’ve got meal plan options for every lifestyle, including Keto, Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean and gluten-free.

Their produce is all organic and sustainably sourced, and 100% of their carbon emissions are offset. They’ve also got a great introductory offer for new subscribers looking to shift how they eat and cook in the new year. When SPY readers sign up for a Green Chef meal plan in January, you can save $130 and get free shipping on your first order. Subscriptions start at just $11.49 per serving, with plans for 2, 4 and 6-person households.

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Courtesy of Green Chef


2. Daily Harvest


Daily Harvest will please breakfast, lunch, and snack lovers, as they offer these three categories outside of main dishes. Generous portions of dreamy “farm-frozen food” like Mint + Cacao Smoothies, Kabocha + Sage Flatbread, and Vanilla Bean + Apple Bowls combine unexpected ingredients for a result that your taste buds will fall in love with.

Bowls and smoothies are the main focus of the brand, but they recently launched their Harvest Bakes collection, which includes a selection of ready-to-bake, veggie-packed dishes you can make as a lighter dinner or side for your favorite protein. Taylor Galla, SPY’s Senior E-Commerce Editor tried them and loved both the convenience and balance of flavors. You can add them to your weekly delivery now via their website, and start serving more vegetables, without all the extra work.

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Courtesy of Daily Harvest

3. Purple Carrot


Purple Carrot is #1 for a lot of plant-eaters, and they elevate your kit to anything but basic. Unlike some of the other options on this list, Purple Carrot is entirely dedicated to plant-based meals and uses zero animal products or by-products in their recipes. They don’t aim to imitate meat with lab-made creations – instead, they focus on wholesome produce and ancient grains. From BBQ Glazed Sweet Potato to Tofu Marsala and their Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich, this vegetarian meal kit service proves that going veg is in no way boring.

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Courtesy of Purple Carrot

4. Sakara Life


Freshness is the name of the game at Sakara Life. This company is all about clean eating and packing in as many nutritious superfoods as they can. Tasty bowls filled with ingredients like macadamia-based feta, quinoa, and pickled watermelon are the norm. If you’re looking for imitations of meat-based dishes, look elsewhere. Sakara Life is a celebration of healthful herbs, fruits, veggies, and grains in all their glory, without trying to mask their natural flavor. For hot summer days, these refreshing meals might even convert the meat-eater in your family. Sakara also offers a wide range of supplements, herbal teas, snacks and other healthy items for a well-rounded library of choices. The price is steeper for this meal plan than others, but if you’re looking to splurge the nutrition offered is top notch.

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Courtesy of Sakara Life

5. HelloFresh


For general crowd-pleasers, HelloFresh has nailed it. This is one of the most popular meal kit services on the market, and it’s been a staple for a while because of its delicious meals, easy recipes and user-friendly subscription model. Simply select “veggie” or “vegetarian” when personalizing your plan, and choose from 27+ yummy recipes to create a customized personal menu where you always get what you want. Fans love that although the recipes aren’t too difficult, they do teach you some new cooking techniques, which is useful. They also offer a special discount for healthcare workers.

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Courtesy of HelloFresh

6. Blue Apron


For the conscious eater: all Blue Apron vegetarian meal kits are sourced from businesses that employ sustainable farming practices, and all their packaging and ice packs are 100% recyclable. Blue Apron places a focus on seasonal produce and plant-based alternatives to meat. Most dishes take less than half an hour to get on your dining room table and come in sizes that promote portion control while curbing food waste. Mouthwatering meals include a Grilled Beyond Burger with Spicy Peppers, Guacamole, and Monterey Jack Cheese, as well as a Spicy Vegetable Lo Mein.

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Courtesy of Blue Apron

7. Veestro


For a large menu selection, turn to Veestro. There’s nothing worse than having to choose from a couple of dishes that you don’t like – especially if you have a pickier palate and aren’t necessarily a vegetarian that’s a die-hard plant lover. Users love their A La Carte plan, which lets you choose from dozens of delectable and carefully thought out meals, like Shepardless Pie, Impossible Lasagna, and Jackfruit Pozole. Creativity and range of choice, and the ability to see ratings on specific meals place this underdog high up on our list.

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Courtesy of Veestro

8. Splendid Spoon


For vegetarians that are celiac or gluten-free for some other reason, Splendid Spoon is the ideal choice, offering a range of ready-made meals. Unlike having a set range of entrees, their site is conveniently divided into categories like soup & grain bowls, smoothies, noodle bowls, and wellness shots. They offer a variety of combo plans, as well as breakfast and lunch meals only. Thanks to the smoothies and wellness shots, you can improve your immune system and skin at the same time.

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Courtesy of Splendid Spoon

9. Fresh n’ Lean


Maybe you don’t want to flex your amateur chef skills and instead prefer prepared meals at the end of a hard workday. In Fresh n’ Lean’s own words: “it’s food fast – not fast food”. Their prepped meals (available in regular vegan and low-carb vegan) come fresh and chilled in an insulated box. Just heat them up in the microwave and you’re good to go. Apart from dinner, they also offer breakfast, lunch, and snacks for in-between meals. Appetizing morning meals include Strawberry Oatmeal, and a Bell Pepper and Squash Frittata.

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Courtesy of Fresh n’ Lean

10. Sun Basket


If you’re still an intermittent carnivore (or live with one) Sunbasket might be a great pick for you. They’re not a completely vegan service, but you can use their filters to sort through dinner options, and select “vegan” to give way to options such as Spicy Sichuan Mapo Tofu with Mushrooms and Kale or Spicy Jamaican Black Bean Tostadas with sweet peppers and mango slaw. Sunbasket is also recommended for their wide range of custom meal plans, which include diabetes-friendly, carb-conscious, paleo, gluten-free, and pescatarian meal plans, amongst many others.

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Courtesy of Sunbasket