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You Can Grab Yourself One Of The Best Water Bottles From Yeti With Up To 20% Off And Even Customize It

We’ve got good news for people who love the great outdoors, Yeti has a bit of a sale on some of the best water bottles, so now’s a great chance to upgrade your kit.

What’s really great about them is that they can all keep things hot or cold, which means they’re just as good whether you’re storing water, coffee, or Jameson. Although don’t go hiking with just Jameson to drink, even the best hiking socks won’t keep you on your feet then.

These bottles are especially cool because you can actually customize them too. You’ll save 20% on the bottle itself, but the saving doesn’t apply to the customization. Also, the saving is only on certain colors, so keep an eye on that before committing to anything.

$104 $130 20% off

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This one’s ideal for those who like to go camping or hiking in groups, or just spend a long time outside without having to worry about things. It’ll keep your water cool or your coffee hot, and it’s easy to carry too.

While all of the options here are good, this one might be our favorite in most situations. Most of the time you don’t need an entire gallon, so convenience is key. The handle on this one makes it easy to carry, and it’s got all of the same great features you’d expect from Yeti.

Finally, we have the stackable cup. This is an excellent option if you’re looking to get a few of these water bottles, because it’s a lot easier to store. The straw also means it’s a lot easier to drink from for a lot of people.