The Best Whiskey Decanters for Elegantly Displaying Your Best Spirits

best whiskey decanter
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A whiskey decanter automatically brings class to your home or any social gathering. Take a look at Mad Men; those decanters make any situation seem a bit classier (even though we don’t recommend drinking on the job, that’s bad for business). Whiskey decanters are a smooth way to keep your whiskey rich and full, and look good while doing it.

While we have plenty of the more classically shaped decanters on our list, we’re not ones to shy away from the weird and wacky. For this reason, we’ve listed glassware shaped like a diamond, a decanter with a ship in the middle and even a decanter that the Star Wars fan in your life is sure to love.

Whether for yourself or a friend, these are the best whiskey decanters to get right now.


1. Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter

The Paksh Capital Decanter is a great way to class up your alcohol collection. It doesn’t matter if you store your finest whiskey or your mid-shelf selection in this decanter, you are going to look like great when you’re ready to have a sip. The sloped sides make it easy to grab the 23.75-ounce bottle, and thanks to the design, pouring with one hand is easy. And when you’re done, the large stopper creates an airtight plug, keeping your whiskey rich and smooth. The thick Italian-glass Paksh Capitol Decanter looks elegant and will surely impress at your next celebration.

PROS: Clean and simple design looks great in any household.

CONS: Doesn’t come with any additional glassware.

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2. Regal Trunk & Co Elegant Five- Piece Whiskey Decanter

The Regal Trunk & Co Elegant five Piece Whiskey Decanter will impress at any celebration or social gathering. This complete decanter set comes with four whiskey glasses and a stylish, lead-free glass decanter. The thick glass has deep etching giving this decanter a distinct look and style. Even the box that this set comes in screams class. This decanter set will attract the eye of all your friends and family and can also act as a great wedding or retirement gift.

PROS: The packaging as well as the glass set look sophisticated and classy.

CONS: The glassware and decanter can feel heavy.

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3. TF Takeflight Whiskey Decanter Set

Impress your guests with this smart and stylish TF Takeflight Whiskey Decanter Set. The set comes with an all glass decanter with a large stopper that seals your whiskey, keeping it just as delicious as the day you opened the bottle. The decanter and all four whiskey glasses are etched with a star-like design that makes the TF Takeflight set stand out. If you aren’t much of a whiskey drinker, but know someone who is, this also makes an excellent gift for the connoisseur in your life. This set will surely impress anyone you share a drink with.

PROS: Inexpensive for a four-glass set.

CONS: Does not have an airtight seal.

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4. Ravenscoft Liquor Decanter

The Ravenscoft Liquor Decanter is a wonderful gift idea for the whiskey connoisseur in your life. You can personalize the four glasses and decanter with an engraved monogram for free. Each glass comes with a distinct bubble in the base, giving each one a classy look. The traditional decanter is handcrafted in Europe and has a simple, yet sophisticated design that holds 34-ounce of whiskey, vodka, or whatever liquor you choose. The round glass stopper is easy to grip and remove, but creates a great seal to keep your liquor rich and full. And when you personalize the whiskey set with a unique engraving, it shows that loved one you put a lot of thought behind this classy gift.

PROS: You can personalize this set with unique engravings.

CONS: 34 ounces is an odd size and more than the standard 750ml bottle.


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5. Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter

The Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter is a gorgeous option. It is simple, yet sophisticated and makes for a great wedding present, especially if you choose to get it engraved with a personalized monogram. Or you can get this for yourself and feel like Don Draper every time you pour yourself a glass of your favorite whiskey. This decanter doesn’t come in a set, so you will need to buy glasses separately. This Italian glass decanter will level up your alcohol collection and impress all those who share a drink with you.

PROS: Decanter can be personalized.

CONS: Doesn’t come with additional glassware.

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6. Jillmo Barrel Ship Decanter

Pour your whiskey straight from the barrel with this Jillmo barrel-style decanter. The wooden stand holds the handcrafted decanter in place as you pour your whiskey from a faucet into the one of the two included whiskey glasses. The decanter is more than a glass barrel. Inside is a carefully crafted ship displaying the delicate craftsmanship that separates this whiskey decanter from others. This decanter will show off your whiskey selection or make a great gift for the whiskey fan in your life.

PROS: Large decanter can hold a lot of alcohol.

CONS: You can’t carry it around like smaller decanters.


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7. Godinger Whiskey Decanter Skull Set

Not all whiskey decanters need to be stylish or elegant. The Godinger Whiskey Decanter skull set shows a flair for the hardcore and might even give some of your friends the chills when the see it. The decanter is a hand-blown glass skull container that can hold 850ml of whiskey while both whiskey glasses have matching skull faces––not etched––but blown into the glasses as well. It’s not something for a holiday party–– unless that holiday is Halloween, but it certainly brings a whole new look and feel to whiskey decanters. The Godinger Whikey Skull Set is the hardcore way to break from the standard.

PROS: Cool and unique glass-blown design.

CONS: Might be too hardcore for more formal gatherings.

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