The Best Whiskey Decanters for Elegantly Displaying Your Best Spirits in 2021

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Whether you’re drinking alone, with friends or at a social gathering, distributing the best whiskey from a glass or crystal whiskey decanter automatically brings a certain level of class to the occasion. Pouring a whiskey on the rocks from your personal bar will make you feel like you’ve stepped straight out of a  Mad Men episode, though we don’t recommend drinking on the job. So if you’re a whiskey drinker and want to take your liquor drinking to the next level, it’s definitely time to invest in one of the best whiskey decanters.

Of course, even though whiskey decanters are supposed to offer a touch of class to your home bar, a lot of the whiskey decanters for sale online are incredibly tacky. When you need a vessel to hold your finest barrel-aged bourbon, you don’t want any old cheap glass bottle. Because we love whiskey, we’re always on the lookout for the finest whiskey decanters and sets.

Below, you’ll find plenty of options if you’re in the market for classically-shaped decanters, from standalone options to personalized decanters and whiskey drinking sets. Plus, we’ve also included a handful of more unusual, eye-catching options, including skull decanters, diamond-shaped and globe-shaped choices, which are ideal as a unique gift for whiskey-loving friends and family.


1. Regal Trunk Whiskey Decanter Set


The Regal Trunk & Co Elegant Five-Piece Whiskey Decanter is worthy of use at any celebration or social gathering. This complete decanter set comes with four whiskey glasses and a stylish, lead-free glass decanter. The thick glass has deep etching, giving it a distinctive look and style. Even the presentation box that this set comes in screams class. This decanter set is sure to catch the eye of all your guests and makes a great gift idea you know the recipient will love.

Regal Trunk Whiskey Decanter Set Courtesy of Amazon


2. Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter


The Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter is a gorgeous decanter. It is simple, yet sophisticated and makes for a great wedding present, especially if you choose to get it engraved with a personalized monogram. It’s also a great self-gift to help you feel like Don Draper every time you pour yourself a glass of your favorite whiskey. This decanter doesn’t come in a set, so you will need to buy glasses separately, but the Italian glass decanter will level up your alcohol collection and impress all those who share a drink with you.

Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter Courtesy of Amazon


3. Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter


The Paksh Capital Decanter is an easy way to elevate your alcohol collection. It doesn’t matter if you store your finest whiskey or your mid-shelf selection in this decanter, you are going to love how it looks every time you pour yourself a drink. The sloped sides make it comfortable to hold the 23.75-ounce bottle, and thanks to the functional design, pouring with one hand is also simple. The large stopper creates an airtight plug to keep your whiskey rich and smooth. This Italian-glass Decanter will surely impress at your next celebration or get together with friends.

Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter Courtesy of Amazon


4. ZZKOKO Whiskey Decanter Set


For something a little out of the ordinary, try this ZZKOKO Whiskey Decanter Set. Forget your boring, straight-lined decanters and clean, ball-shaped options and enjoy this contemporary take on the classic drinking vessel. Each piece of the seven-piece set, made up of a decanter and six 10-ounce glasses, features an abstract, asymmetrical shape that handily doubles as a comfortable handle. This also makes pouring and drinking from the lead-free, dishwasher-safe glassware simpler. In addition, you’re sure to enjoy the eye-catching light show that occurs when light passes through this unique and durable set.

ZZKOKO Whiskey Decanter Set Courtesy of Amazon


5. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set


If your priority is aesthetics over the function for your whiskey decanter, it’s definitely worth considering the Whiskey Decanter Globe Set. This uniquely shaped decanter sports a world map-style etching over its entirety as well as the two accompanying drinking glasses. Additionally, inside the 850ml-capacity sphere, you’ll find a delicate model of a sailing ship which will gradually become uncovered as you empty the bottle over time. Furthermore, the set comes with a wooden storage stand with space for the decanter and glasses as well as accompanying whiskey stones and a storage box.

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set Courtesy of Amazon


6. Godinger 4-Piece Duet Stacking Decanter Set


A stackable the kind of guy who likes more than one whiskey on his bar cart, this 4-piece stacking decanter set is just right for you. This effortlessly elegant pick comes with three containers for holding liquor and of course, a gorgeous plug lid to top it all off. Just remember which holder contains what, there’s no worse feeling than expecting a fine Japanese whisky and getting a brandy when that’s not what you wanted.

Godinger 4-Piece Duet Stacking Decanter Set Courtesy of Nordstrom


7. TF Takeflight Twist Whiskey Decanter Set


Impress your guests with this smart and stylish TF Takeflight Whiskey Decanter Set. The set comes with an all-glass decanter with a large stopper that seals your whiskey, keeping it just as delicious as the day you opened the bottle. The decanter and all four whiskey glasses have a twisty design that makes the TF Takeflight set stand out. If you aren’t much of a whiskey drinker, but know someone who is, this also makes an excellent gift for the connoisseur in your life.

TF Takeflight Twist Whiskey Decanter Set Courtesy of Amazon


8. Whiskey Peaks Mountain Decanters


Whiskey and the outdoors kind of go hand-in-hand. They both have that overtly manly aesthetic so many dudes follow, so we’re not surprised this decanter exists for the rough and tough kinda guy who loves spending time in the outdoors. From hikes to chopping wood to sitting inside afterward relaxing by the fireplace, this is the decanter you’ll want to grab if the outdoors is your favorite spot to be.

Whiskey Peaks Mountain Decanters Courtesy of Huckberry


9. Classic Touch Decanter With Rich Gold Design


There’s nothing you can hate on when it comes to gold-detailed glassware. They’re so effortlessly fancy and are absolutely made to stay seated on your bar cart for guests to geek over. This gorgeously detailed decanter in gold will spruce your drinking experience up more than you’d ever expect. There’s no glassware that comes along with this decanter, but we can promise you, this one’s well worth it.

Classic Touch Decanter With Rich Gold Design Courtesy of Macy's


10. The Wedding Party Groomsmen Decanter Set


If you’re the best man at your best friend’s wedding and find yourself stuck for a stand-out gift, it’s time to turn to The Wedding Party Custom Engraved Groomsmen Decanter Set. This five-piece set includes the 26-ounce decanter and four accompanying glasses, meaning there’s plenty of drinking opportunities to be had between groomsmen or just your friends. Each of the five pieces also receives personalization made up of the name, date and logo of your choosing for a truly unique gift.

The Wedding Party Groomsmen Decanter Set Courtesy of Amazon


11. Nou Living Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set


This Nou Living Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set includes everything you’ll ever need to enjoy a relaxing glass of the good stuff. In the set, you’ll find a large, 22-fluid-ounce decanter, six thick-based whiskey glasses, four extra-large 2.2-ounce chilling spheres, a whiskey recipe book and a luxury storage case for housing your set when it’s not in use. The high-quality set is made from crystal glass which is durable, lead-free and dishwasher safe.

Nou Living Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set Courtesy of Amazon


12. Jillmo Barrel Ship Decanter


Pour your whiskey straight from the barrel with this Jillmo barrel-style decanter. The wooden stand holds the handcrafted decanter in place as you pour your whiskey from a faucet into the one of the two included whiskey glasses. And, the 1250ml decanter is more than a glass barrel. Inside, you’ll find a carefully crafted ship displaying the delicate craftsmanship that separates this whiskey decanter from standard options. This is a great display and distribution piece which is ideal for stationary placement on a shelf or desk space.

Jillmo Barrel Ship Decanter Courtesy of Amazon


13. Ravenscoft Liquor Decanter


The Ravenscoft Liquor Decanter is a wonderful gift idea for the whiskey connoisseur in your life. You can personalize the four glasses and decanter with an engraved monogram for free. Each glass comes with a distinct bubble in the base, giving each one a classy look. The traditional decanter is handcrafted in Europe and has a simple yet sophisticated design that holds 34-ounces of whiskey, vodka or whatever liquor you choose. The round glass stopper is easy to grip and remove but creates a great seal to keep your liquor rich and full. You’ll also find an included, high-quality wood tray which makes getting your glassware from room A to room B simple.

Ravenscoft Liquor Decanter Courtesy of Amazon


14. Stiletto Heel Whiskey and Wine Decanter


Most whiskey lovers will agree that this whiskey decanter isn’t… quite for them. But, for those with a stylish significant other who wants to be involved in the world of drinkware containing, we couldn’t leave this fashion-forward stiletto out for our girls and gays. Whatever their shtick is, whiskey, wine, hell, even vodka, this is a seriously ridiculous yet fun way for someone to store their go-to alcoholic beverage of choice. And, yeah, it’s an eyecatcher for sure.

Stiletto Heel Whiskey and Wine Decanter Courtesy of Etsy


15. Lefonte Irish Cut Triangular Whiskey Decanter Set


The Lefonte Irish Cut Triangular Whiskey Decanter Set includes a triangular decanter in a classic and old-fashioned style. The lead-free crystal construction sports an intricate patterning that oozes class and makes for an attractive decor piece you can display out in the open with confidence. The decanter also comes with two matching glasses which share the eye-catching patterning. Plus, with its 750ml capacity, it’s ideal for several drink options, including bourbon, scotch, whisky and wine.

Lefonte Irish Cut Triangular Whiskey Decanter Set Courtesy of Amazon


What To Look For When Shopping for Whiskey Decanter Sets

Pouring whiskey neat from a decanter is quite simply the finest way to drink whiskey. Sure, you might love your whiskey flask when it’s time to sneak a sip on the go, but a decanter offers a sophisticated way to store and display your finest top-shelf rye whiskey or bourbon. Unlike wine decanters, outside of the visual impact of pouring your liquid gold from a classy glass vessel, the best whiskey decanters don’t really offer any benefit physically or taste-wise. Generally speaking, as whiskey has very few tannins and a high alcohol content, it’s ready to go right out of the bottle. Once you’ve added it to your bar cart, it doesn’t need to age or breathe. Whiskey decanters are really just about the looks and function.

With this in mind, if you’re stepping into the world of classy whiskey-drinking, don’t just dip your toes in. Go the whole hog and really impress your guests with a comprehensive kit. Here are the key elements you’ll find in the best whiskey decanter sets.

  • The Decanter – The main piece of your set. Available in both traditional styles and more unique options, depending on your preference.
  • Whiskey Glasses – You want your drinking vessel to be as classy as your storage vessel which is why accompanying glasses are a good idea. For this reason, they are often included with the decanter to give you a matching set.
  • Ice Bucket – If you like your whiskey cold or partially diluted and intend on having more than a single round, you’re going to want your ice to stay frozen. Ice buckets serve this purpose and also prevent the need to get up from your comfy chair for a trip to the fridge.
  • Whiskey Stones/Metal Ice Cubes – For some, especially when drinking top-shelf whiskey, the idea of adding ice may be sacrilege. That’s why having whiskey stones or metal ice cubes on hand is a smart move. They won’t dilute your drink, and they’re also reusable.
  • Ice Tongs – A classier way to distribute ice, whether it’s water-based or metal.
  • Tray – While a little more functional than visual, there are plenty of classy options when it comes to transporting your whiskey-drinking set up from one room to another. Plus, trays lessen the likelihood of dropping the goods on the floor, especially when you’re one or two glasses in.