Every Situation Calls for a Whiskey Flask

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As long as you’re not driving a car or trying to get on a plane, there’s no situation that doesn’t call for a filled-up whiskey flask. The best whiskey flasks are durable and securely hold at least a few shots worth of liquor so you can take that drink when the moment calls for it.

Whether you’re sitting through something boring, just trying to take the edge off a stressful moment or trying to turn up for a party, a great whiskey flask will make sure your favorite liquor is ready to go.

So check out some of our favorite whiskey flasks below. We’ve got some basic, classic whiskey flasks, some oversized flasks and even some fun and novelty flasks, so you’re guaranteed to find something you can use to bring your favorite booze from A to B.


1. Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Flask


The best whiskey flask is the simple, cheap and durable one. That’s what you get with the Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Flask. You got your classic screw-on top, a funnel for easy pouring and eight ounces of flask to fill with your spirit of choice, all for under $10. When it comes to a solid flask, don’t overthink it and go with the one that gives you just what you need and nothing more.

best whiskey flask - Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel whiskey flask in silver with funnel and screw-on cap Courtesy of Amazon


2. KWANITHINK Shot Flask


While we stand by the simple whiskey flask as the go-to pick, there’s a case to be made for an extra feature or two, such as a collapsible shot glass built into the flask. That’s what you get with the eight-ounce KWANITHINK Shot Flask. It’s made of green-colored stainless steel and features a collapsible two-ounce shot glass that tucks into the wall of the flask for easy libations on the go, making it the perfect gift for whiskey lovers.

best whiskey flasks - Kwanithink green stainless steel whiskey flask with funnel and collapsible shot glass Courtesy of Amazon


3. Tox Taneaxon Matte Black Whiskey Flask


We don’t know what you’d ever need a 12-ounce whiskey flask for, but we don’t judge. If you’re strapping in for a long night, the stainless steel 12-ounce Tox Taneaxon Matte Black Whiskey Flask will make sure you can top yourself off as often as needed without running out. Plus the matte black color looks cool as heck and stands out a bit from traditional silver flasks.

Tox Taneaxon 12-ounce matte black whiskey flask in black box Courtesy of Amazon


4. Zippo Flask


Zippo is one the best names not only in lighters but in the whiskey flask game too. If you’re looking for a reliable whiskey flask at a size you can easily, comfortably tuck into a pocket, the three-ounce silver Zippo Flask will be perfect for you.

Zippo Flask in silver Courtesy of Amazon


5. Forevergifts Personalized Stainless Steel Flask


The best way to make sure nobody “accidentally” bogarts your booze is to personalize your flask. But beyond that, adding personalization is just a nice touch to make something totally generic a lot more personal and unique to you.

The Forevergifts Personalized Stainless Steel Flask couldn’t be simpler if you’re looking for a customized whiskey flask. All you do is contact the seller after the purchase with whatever it is you want etched into the flask. Plus, for a personalized whiskey flask, this is about as cheap as it gets.

The only thing to know on the downside is the etching isn’t ultra-sophisticated. If you’re looking for a seriously customized design, you’ll want to look elsewhere. But if you’re just looking for initials or a simple message, then the Forevergifts flask will be one of the best whiskey flasks for you.

Forevergifts Personalized Stainless Steel Flask Courtesy of Amazon


6. High Camp Firelight 750 Flask


While saving your spirit of choice all for yourself has its merits, sharing can be even more fun, not to mention more courteous and kind. The High Camp Firelight 750 Flask has the latter in mind. The large 750-milliliter flask holds a fifth of liquor or a whole bottle of wine, and stainless steel construction guarantees it’s in for the long haul. But holding a ton of liquor isn’t the only thing that makes this flask great for sharing. It also has two magnetic tumblers that stick to the top and bottom of the flask so you’ll always have two cups to drink from.

High Camp Firelight 750 Flask with two magnetic cups Courtesy of Huckberry


7. Sunnyac Stainless Steel Flask


Now we’re not encouraging you to start smoking, but if you already smoke, this five-ounce Sunnyac Stainless Steel Flask is bar- and party-ready with a hidden cigarette case built into it. If that isn’t pure convenience for the out-and-about drinker/smoker we don’t know what is. For an extra buck, you can upgrade to a six-ounce flask too.

Sunnyac Stainless Steel Flask with cigarette case and black leather cover Courtesy of Amazon


8. Ink Whiskey Concealable NES Entertainment Flask


Who doesn’t love a flask with a little bit of novelty and humor? That’s what you get with the Ink Whiskey Concealable NES Entertainment Flask. This series of goofy flasks all spoof classic Nintendo games like Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and more. Sure, these flasks aren’t ideal for, you know, securely transporting and consuming alcohol thanks to the rubber stop lid and generally unusual hole for a flask, but it’s well worth the risk for the sheer conversation-starter value.

For one of the more recognizable games sure to grab everyone’s attention is the Drunky Kong flask. So pick one up and have a drink and a laugh too. This whiskey flask would also make a great gag gift.

Ink Whiskey NES Entertainment Flask, Drunky Kong Courtesy of Amazon


9. Trixie and Milo Medicine Flask


If anybody asks what you’re getting up to with this Trixie and Milo Medicine Flask, just let them know you’re taking your medicine as directed. But if that’s not your sense of humor, Trixie and Milo also offers 18 other humorous and pop culture-influenced whiskey flask designs.

Trixie and Milo Medicine Flask with red and white Courtesy of Amazon


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