The 10 Best Whiskey Gifts to Give No Matter the Occassion

Best Whiskey Gifts
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Whiskey has become a serious hobby for many lovers and aficionados. Chances are you know someone that has developed a real taste for the liquor — and a small armory of whiskey-related paraphernalia. If you’re trying to find this person a gift, more whiskey accessories are sure to put a smile on their face. But what to get?

The products available for whiskey lovers range from perfect glasses to whiskey soaps, so figuring out which is best for your giftee can be tough. To help with the search, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for any whiskey connoisseur.

Alternatively, you can give your whiskey drinker any of these best-selling bottles. And for bonus points, learn how to properly enjoy a bottle. 

1. Quiseen Whiskey Stones

For less than $10, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better gift than these whiskey stones. Whiskey stones have become a mainstay in a whiskey drinker’s bar because they let you chill the liquor without diluting it. This set comes with 9 rocks — enough for 2-3 people to enjoy a chilled glass at one time.

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2. Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap

Whiskey has a distinct scent that can be cleverly utilized in body soap (no, it won’t make you smell like an alcoholic returning from a long night out). The whiskey is mixed with oats, apricot seeds and rosemary to create a unique scent that’s rich, peppery and oaky all at once. And at under $10, it’s another great option for gifting on a budget.

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3. Whiskey Cocktails Recipe Book

Most whiskey drinkers like to enjoy a fine whiskey cocktail from time to time — be it an old fashion or a Manhattan. This book is sure to expand your giftee’s whiskey cocktail knowledge with 75 recipes. Plus, even if they have a go-to cocktail, this book can up their game with helpful tips and tricks for the perfect drink.

Cocktail Recipe Book Whiskey Courtesy of Amazon


4. Highland Park Twisted Tattoo Scotch Whiskey

While whiskey accessories will certainly be appreciated, there’s really nothing better than gifting a whiskey drinker a great bottle of the stuff. If you’re gifting a bottle of whiskey, we recommend this premium, 16-year-old limited edition bottle of Twisted Tattoo from Highland Park. It just launched, so it’s likely the whiskey lover in your life probably hasn’t had a chance to taste it yet, and the bottle design will look especially cool on their bar cart.


5. Glacio Ice Cube Trays

Ice is a big deal in whiskey drinking, and the regular stuff in your fridge won’t do. Ice of the proper shape and size is desired by all whiskey lovers, and even if your giftee already has whiskey ice trays, they can probably use a spare. We like this set from Glacio because it makes two types of ice — round and square — so you don’t have to guess which your recipient prefers (some drinkers are dedicated to one or the other).

Ice Tray Round Square Courtesy of Amazon


6. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

For the more progressive whiskey drinker, try this ice wedge. You place the rubber wedge in your favorite glass, fill the glass with water and then leave the whole thing in the freezer overnight (or about 4 hours). When you take it out, you’ll have an ice-equipped glass that won’t slide up against your lips when you take a sip.

Whiskey Ice Wedge Courtesy of Amazon


7. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Ground Coffee

Pouring whiskey into coffee isn’t just an easy way to get drunk in the morning; it actually tastes good. However, if you (understandably) prefer not to drink alcohol with your morning joe, this non-alcoholic whiskey-infused coffee from Jack Daniel’s is perfect. It’s high-quality arabica coffee infused with a hint of Jack’s famous liquor, giving a delicious, unique flavor in a tin that whiskey drinkers will love.

Whiskey Coffee Jack Daniels Courtesy of Amazon


8. Paksh Novelty Decanter & Whisky Glasses Set

A complete decanter and glasses set is a great gift for any whiskey lover, but it’s especially good for newbies or as a housewarming gift. We suggest this one from Paksh Novelty because it’s very reasonably priced at $27, but happy reviewers say it feels well made.

Whiskey Glasses Set Decanter Courtesy of Amazon


9. Marquis by Waterford Glasses

If you really want to treat the whiskey connoisseur in your life, give them these classy crystalline glasses. They come from Waterford, a premium brand that specializes in crystalware. You’ll find cheaper glasses all over the internet, but a real whiskey lover will be able to tell the difference; these are the real deal.

Whiskey Glasses Fancy Crystal Courtesy of Amazon


10. Custom Engraved Whiskey Barrel

This alcohol barrel is fun for any giftee, but we highly recommend it for people that like to age their own stuff. It can be custom engraved with a personal message, your recipient’s name or an inside joke, making it all the better as a gift. They can break it out for parties, or keep it as decoration in any man cave or home bar.

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