The Best Whiskeys Deserve the Best Whiskey Glasses

best whiskey glasses

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Drinking whiskey is, for many, nothing short of a spiritual experience. There’s a whole process to it all; the pouring of your favorite brand, deciding whether to drink it on the rocks or neat and having a pleasant conversation with a friend or loved one. Yet, if you don’t drink from one of the best whiskey glasses, you’re missing out on a crucial piece.

Investing in the proper whiskey glasses makes all the difference. There are a handful of different kinds —from double-walled to snifters, and even some strikingly designed ones — but each is crafted to ensure you’re getting the best taste possible. Whiskey glasses have a good heft to them, feeling sturdy and robust, much like the spirit itself.

The Best Way to Enjoy Drinking Whiskey

Enjoying whiskey is more than just drinking a drink. There may be times when you just want to drink it for its high alcohol percentage (we all have those days), but the truth is the best whiskey is about more than just the taste. It’s about the circumstance, the atmosphere and the company you enjoy it with. The difference these factors can make is significant. This is why we suggest you always tip the scales in your favor by having the best whiskey-drinking accessories on hand. These essentials include:

  • Good Whiskey – Yes, you can just head to Walmart and buy a bottle with the word “Whiskey” printed on it. But that’s not really what this is about. Spend some time figuring out the kind of whiskey you think would suit your palate. The bottle may cost a little more, but this experience is about quality, not quantity.
  • Ice – If you prefer your whiskey chilled, you’re going to need to get it that way. Adding an ice cube or two to your glass certainly achieves this goal. But, be warned, it also dilutes your whiskey. If your whiskey is particularly strong, this may be preferable for some drinkers. However, if you’re looking to maintain your whiskey’s full taste but still want it chilled, your better bet may be whiskey stones.
  • Ice tongs/Bucket – A nice addition if you’re hosting company or feeling particularly fancy.
  • Whiskey StonesWhiskey Stones are a handy alternative to adding ice to your drink. Unlike ice, they don’t melt and can be used over and over again, just pop them in the freezer. They are also available in a range of styles, from large spheres to branded metal cubes.
  • Whiskey Glass – The right glass can add comfort, style and convenience when it comes to whiskey drinking. Not only do most whiskey glasses allow for sipping, but they also sport attractive designs and sit comfortably in hand, letting you contemplate the world while looking sophisticated at the same time.
  • Decanter – A decanter for your whiskey adds sophistication and grandeur to any occasion and gives you a classy place to store your whiskey until it’s drinking time.
  • Cigars – Whiskey and cigars is an age-old combination, and for good reason. And while we wouldn’t suggest taking up smoking as a regular habit, pairing it with your favorite tipple for an afternoon of the finer things in life is hard to beat.
  • Serving Tray – A classy serving tray gives you a place to store your whiskey-drinking accessories and a smart way to present them when company visits.

No matter how or where you choose to drink your whiskey, make sure you do so in one of the best whiskey glasses. We’ve selected the best available, with an option for every kind of drinker.


1. Bavel Whiskey Glass


Textured for character with the perfect amount of weight, this set of four whiskey glasses from Bavel is easily our pick for best overall whiskey glass. The lead-free construction ensures you can drink safely while the thick-walled design makes the glass practically unbreakable, which means you can focus on just enjoying every single sip of your favorite whiskey. Oh, and the glasses are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning up after you’ve had a sip (or several!) easy.

Bavel Whiskey Glass Image courtesy of Amazon


2. veecom Whiskey Glass


For under $15, these crystal whiskey glasses from veecom are a great value purchase. The previously mentioned crystal construction ensures durability, a good heft, and a clean finish while you’re drinking. The heavy base provides both a solid grip when you’re drinking from it while also making your favorite spirit insulated at your desired temperature for longer.

veecom Whiskey Glass Image courtesy of Amazon


3. BROTEC Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set


If you’ve decided you want to commit to the whiskey lifestyle fully and don’t already have a good setup for your new obsession, this complete set from BROTEC has all the essentials. The set comes complete with wrap-style whiskey glasses, a decanter for your new favorite spirit, coasters and even a set of whiskey stones. The slightly larger glasses (11 ounces instead of 10) mean you can fit even more into a standard pour while the decanter’s 30-ounce capacity will hold pretty much any bottle. And it comes in a stylish box, making it easy to store or gift.

BROTEC Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set Image courtesy of Amazon


4. GLENCAIRN Whiskey Glass


Snifter-style glasses allow you to take in the aromas of your favorite whiskey thanks to their special shape. It’s basically like sitting in one of those 4D movie theaters, but with booze. Glencairn makes the best snifter glass around, and this set comes with two, so you and a friend or loved one can enjoy new dimensions of your favorite whiskey. But sip slow, friend. This glass encourages a ritual that is not to be rushed.

GLENCAIRN Whiskey Glass Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass


There are few things better than pairing a great glass of whiskey with a cigar. But sometimes you don’t want (or have space) to set down your cigar while you drink. Both novel and practical, Godinger’s whiskey glass has a notched cutout for your cigar where it can sit while you sip on your drink. Don’t worry about your cigar falling into your mouth, as the cutout is safe and secure, cradling it in place.

Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Real Projectile American Flag Whiskey Rocks Glass


By incorporating the American flag and a .308 bullet entering the side, the Real Projectile American Flag Whiskey Rocks Glass is an option that speaks to patriots, and anyone who appreciates a cool-looking glass. The high-quality, eight-ounce glass has been hand-blown and is made from extra thick for greater durability and in-hand feel. In addition, the business is owned by veterans, meaning any purchase directly supports veterans.

best whiskey glasses real projectile american flag Image courtesy of Amazon


7. LANFULA Twisted Whiskey Glass


If you’re in the mood to diversify your existing whiskey glass collection or need to get a gift for someone that already has quite a few, these twisted glasses from LANFULA make a great addition. The glass is still crafted from that fantastic clear crystal for durability, heft, and a good sparkle while you drink. Plus, the standard 10-ounce capacity means there’s more than enough room to hold your favorite drink.

LANFULA Twisted Whiskey Glass Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Black Lantern Whiskey Glass


When filled with delicious whiskey, this Black Lantern Whiskey Glass offers a treat for your eyes and your taste buds as it sports an attractive, forest print. Each 11-ounce, handmade glass is designed and printed by hand in Colorado and uses a permanent black ink in the process, which won’t fade or wash off over time. The set includes two individual glasses, which makes it a great gift idea for nature lovers. Plus, as they are supplied in a display box, all you need to do is wrap them and they’re ready to be gifted.

best whiskey glasses black lantern Image courtesy of Amazon


9. KANARS Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass


If you’re choosing a gift for a whiskey-loving friend, it’s hard to look beyond the KANARS Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass. The multi-piece set comes in your choice of either four or six and includes clear glasses made from non-leaded crystal. The glasses also sport an attractive and timeless, criss-cross design on the lower half. The production process also renders the glasses near-indestructible as well as being dishwasher safe. Furthermore, the set comes backed by over 2,500 five-star reviews from Amazon users and arrives at your home in a stylish, gift-ready box.

best whiskey glasses kanars old fashioned Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Godinger Silver Art Co Dublin Crystal Whiskey Glass


The Godinger Silver Art Co Dublin Crystal Whiskey Glass is a quintessential whiskey drinking glass that looks like it belongs in a classical Hollywood film’s drinking scene. The crystal cut glass features a beautiful cut pattern to add class and visual appeal. In addition, the indented design provides a better grip for the drinker’s grasp. The set includes four 11-ounce drinking glasses, each of which is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

best whiskey glasses dublin crystal Image courtesy of Wayfair


11. Final Touch Whiskey Glass with Ice Ball Maker


If the hard-bottom, crystal-style glasses aren’t your bag and you’re instead looking for something a bit sleeker, this whiskey glass from Final Touch is a fantastic alternative. But the glass design is about more than just looks; it serves a functional purpose as well. By placing the handily included ice sphere inside the glass, the spirit is naturally chilled thanks to the spherical nature of both the glass and the ice. In short, it’s a fancy way to bring an even better taste to your drink.

Final Touch Whiskey Glass with Ice Ball Maker Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glass


Another unconventional whiskey glass is this titled option from Dragon Glassware. Through some clever engineering, the glass is inspired by diamonds and helps to aerate whiskey better as it’s poured and consumed. Spillproof (despite its angle), the glass is bound to be a conversation starter in any home.

Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glass Image courtesy of Amazon


13. On The Rock Whiskey Glass Set


If you already know you want glasses and stones, cut out the middleman by investing in this On The Rock 9-Piece Whiskey Glass Set. In addition to two traditional-style whiskey glasses, you’ll find six whiskey stones and a handy tray to store them in. Each stone has been cut from reclaimed granite, which is both environmentally friendly and won’t dilute or flavor your whiskey drink. In addition, the set includes instructions to help ensure you’re using the stones in the most effective way possible.

best whiskey glasses sea stones Image courtesy of Wayfair


14. LIITON Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass


For anyone who loves the outdoors or traveling, there’s no better pick than the LIITON Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass. Inspired by the world-famous landmark, each glass in the four-piece set sports a mountainside-inspired design across its lower half. The old-fashioned-style glasses sport extra-thick bases and sides to provide greater durability while also helping to maintain your drink’s temperature. In addition, these glasses are made from lead-free crystal and can also be used for housing other spirits, cocktails or even just a particularly fancy glass of water.

best whiskey glasses liiton grand canyon Image courtesy of Amazon


15. SGHR Sugahara Hand Blown Japanese Swirl Glass


If you want more than just a clear glass, but don’t want to go as far as a criss-cross or printed design, the SGHR Sugahara Hand Blown Japanese Swirl Glass definitely fits the bill. Boasting the ability to act as a decor piece when not being used, the traditional-style glass features a single, attractive swirl around the barrel. You’ll also find the glasses have an appealing weight and texture in hand to deliver a more enjoyable drinking experience for users.

sghr sugahara hand blown japanese Image courtesy of Food52


16. Riedel O Wine Collection Whiskey Tumbler Glass


If you like to keep things simple, the Riedel O Wine Collection Whiskey Tumbler Glass could be the way to go. This set includes two fine-crystal, machine-made whiskey glasses which feature round bases and clear sides. The tumbler-style makes them particularly versatile, meaning they can happily accommodate whiskey, other spirits, cocktails and your everyday drinks like pop and water. Furthermore, they’re dishwasher safe and offer an impressive capacity of 15.17 ounces.

riedel wine collection classic crystal tumbler Image courtesy of Target


17. Orren Ellis Tillett Crystal Whiskey Glass


This Orren Ellis Tillett Crystal Whiskey Glass brings something a little bit different to the table. It sports a slightly offset base for a truly unique appearance, which creates an ergonomically curved edge for a more convenient drinking experience. The set includes two glasses, both of which are made from a lead-free crystal that has been mineralized for additional strength. The glasses also feature a wide, 3.5-inch diameter rim, capable of allowing large ice-cube spheres and whiskey stones to pass without difficulty. Furthermore, the glasses are dishwasher safe and come with a 12-month guarantee.

orren ellis tilted whiskey glass Image courtesy of Wayfair


18. Norlan Whiskey Glass


Refined by master distiller Jim McEwan, the Norlan Whiskey Glass is both a snifter-style and an insulated glass. Formed by glass blowing techniques, the two-part molds make for a light, yet sturdy, construction that provides superior aeration and aroma focus when compared to other glasses. Additionally, the dual-wall construction keeps the glass from getting too cold and allows the ice to only touch the spirit instead of a surface, as well.

Norlan Whiskey Glass Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Aolany Bicycle Whiskey Glass


If you or the person you’re buying for someone loves sports, or more specifically cycling, the Aolany Bicycle Whiskey Glass Set could be the answer you’re looking for. Instead of clear sides or elaborate patterning, each of the glasses inside this four-pack features a bicycle etched around the outside. In addition, they are made from non-toxic glass which is also BPA-free and safe for washing in a dishwasher.

red barrel studio cycling glasses Image courtesy of Wayfair


20. Lorren Home Trends Opera Crystal Whiskey Glass


By including six glasses in the set, the Lorren Home Trends Opera Crystal Whiskey Glass Set makes a great gift idea for social whiskey drinkers. Each glass features a beautiful, cross-hatched lower half, often found in stylish crystalware. They also feature an 11-ounce capacity, providing plenty of space for whiskey and ice/stones, and are made from a high-quality, lead-free crystal that is also free from BPA. Handily, the glasses are dishwasher safe for easier, post-use cleanup.

lorren home trade whiskey glasses Image courtesy of Wayfair


21. fferrone Rare Whiskey Glass


These fferrone Rare Whiskey Glasses are a simple yet sophisticated way to enjoy your whiskey. The set contains two glasses, each of which was hand-formed by a master glassblower without using a mold. They are also made from near-indestructible borosilicate glass and feature a round-bottomed, tapering shape, which allows them to be stacked for easier storage.

fferone rare whiskey glasses Image courtesy of Food52


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