Get Better Flavor Out of Your Reds with One of These Handsome-Looking Wine Carafes

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When it comes to drinking wine, it can sometimes feel like there is an endless set of rules for exactly how it’s “supposed” to be done. From ensuring it’s the correct temperature to pouring it in the right way, opening a bottle of wine can seem like a lot of effort. However, if you’re looking to get the best flavor out of your wine, there is logic behind each of these rules.

One good example of a useful (and easy-to-follow rule) for red wines is decanting. Decanting is a process which involves moving wine from the container the wine is sold in to another wine carafe, usually a decanter. Decanters come in a range of shapes and sizes, and the main reasons for using them are to remove sediment from the wine and to allow the wine to breathe. The latter can be assisted by a device called an aerator, which is sometimes built into decanters.

Why should you decant your wine? Removing sediment from wine has two main benefits. Not only does wine look nicer without little bits in it, it also tastes less astringent, too. As for aeration, this allows the wine to take in oxygen, a process which helps to release the aromas and flavors from the liquid.

For the most part, it’s only red wines that require decanting and gain the most from aerating. This is especially true with highly tannic and full-bodied wines such as syrahs, cabernet sauvignons and cabernet blends. 

We’ve put together a list of the best wine carafes and decanters available on Amazon. Each option is well-reviewed and would make a great gift for wine-loving friends. Take a look through the list, and find the right wine vessel for your needs.

1. Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter


With over 85% of Amazon users awarding the Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter a five-star review, you can be confident this classy bit of kitchenware is a great choice. The wide-based decanter is built to last thanks to the fact it’s made from extra-thick, lead-free crystal to maximize the decanter’s durability. The additional punt in the bottom of the device further increases the aeration of your wine and also helps provide a secure grip when you’re pouring. In addition, this wine carafe boasts a handy silicone cap for cleaner storage and protection during use.

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2. Chefcaptain Wine Carafe


This Chefcaptain Wine Carafe is a versatile addition to any kitchen as it’s capable of distributing all kinds of liquids, including wine. It’s great for water, juice or any other liquid you’re looking to pour. In addition, this set comes with two one-liter carafes, so it’s easy to mix and match the liquids you have available. The carafes are made from glass and are ideal for at-home use as well as gatherings and even restaurant use, too.

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3. USBOQO Red Wine Decanter


With its unique and stylish appearance, the USBOQO Red Wine Decanter makes a classy gift option for any of your wine-drinking friends. It’s made from crystal glass and includes a handy hole through the middle. This design feature gives this carafe an eye-catching appearance and also makes it especially easy to grasp. Plus, this large decanter holds up to 1,200 ml, which is close to two bottles of wine.

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4. Smaier Wine Decanter


Another decanter with an eye-catching appearance is the Smaier Wine Decanter. The U-shaped vessel makes pouring your wine (in and out) especially easy as it sports two openings. The U-shape also provides plenty of area to grip the decanter, ensuring a secure hold when you’re pouring. This particular decanter is a great table addition as it adds a touch of class while aerating your wine.

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5. Sagaform Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper


The Sagaform Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper is great for all kinds of wine, not just reds. That because it includes an oak stopper for easy storage of wines you aren’t trying to aerate. In addition to wine, this vessel could be used for water, juice and other liquids and also includes a slim neck for easy holding and pouring. Plus, the hand-blown carafe is dishwasher safe and lead free.

wine carafes sagaform Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter


If you’re looking for a carafe to decant your wine and look stunning while doing it, look no further than the Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter. It’s made from lead crystal to give it a heavy, high-quality feel and sports a decorative design which mixes both wedge and diamond cuts. This attractive decanter comes with a matching stopper for a more complete look.

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7. YouYah Wine Decanter


Ever realized you’ve forgotten to decant your wine just as your guests are beginning to arrive? That’s no problem with the YouYah Wine Decanter. This traditional decanter includes a built-in aerator in the lid, so it takes half the time to aerate wine as competing decanters. The lid also includes a filter for removing unwanted sediment on the way out for clear, beautifully aerated wine in no time at all.

wine carafes youyah aerator Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Le Chateau Wine Decanter


The Le Chateau Wine Decanter is hand blown from 100% lead-free crystal and sports an extremely wide bottom for maximum aeration and style. It was intentionally designed to perfectly aerate a single 750 ml bottle. In addition, the narrow spout ensures you can hold the decanter securely and pour with precision despite the wide base. And, if you needed another reason to buy this decanter, it also comes with five-star reviews from over 85% of Amazon users.

wine carafes chateau Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Menu Winebreather Carafe


While pouring from a decanter may appeal to some, for others, pouring from the bottle allows your guests to see exactly what they’re drinking. The rim of this decanter fits securely over any standard bottle, allowing you to flip it over and leave it to decant. Once complete, you can either take the bottle off and pour the wine directly from the decanter, or flip the pair again and let the wine work its way back into the original bottle.

wine carafes menu aerator Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Wine Enthusiast iSommelier Smart Wine Decanter


The Wine Enthusiast iSommelier Smart Electric Wine Decanter uses built-in technology to decant a bottle of wine in a few minutes or less. The revolutionary technology removes moisture, odors and dust from the vessel, giving you purified oxygen to aerate your wine without any hidden extras. The resulting wine is evenly oxygenated, features softer tannins and boasts a richness which may otherwise require years of cellaring. In addition, it’s possible to use the iFavine mobile app with this device to find food pairings or set the ideal decanting times for your wine. The on-screen information in the app also tells you the progress of the decanting process and provides extra information on your wine while you wait.

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