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Bokksu Review: The Tastiest Japanese Snacks Delivered to Your Home Every Month

Could this be the best snack food subscription box ever created? Yes! Especially if you love Japanese snack foods, snack foods in general and trying new things. Bokksu is a Japanese subscription box that brings the best of Japanese snack foods right to your home. We’re talking the hard-to-find, indescribably delicious treats that rarely make it to US shores. Getting one of these Japanese subscription boxes on your doorstep once a month is like taking a mini vacation.

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What’s In the Bokksu Box?

When the box arrived it was nearly overflowing with yummies. Seriously, it was hefty. When I lifted mine, I was surprised by the weight, and when I opened it up there were so many items inside they almost burst out of the box when I opened the lid. The first item I tried was the White Strawberry. It looks like a perfect plump slightly freeze-dried strawberry, but when you bite into it, your mouth bursts with the flavor of white chocolate. It was Insanely good. Like I want a box just of that. Every treat I tried was so delicious that my taste buds screamed for more. The flavors made me wish I was in Japan, buying more and more of them.

I should also mention that each authentic Japanese snack is sourced directly from local snack makers, bringing you artisanal snacks and teas that you can’t find here in the states. Each box comes with a beautifully photographed informative booklet that breaks down each item in the box. This not only shows what each item is, but who made it, where it’s from, whether it’s gluten-free or not, if it contains allergens, if it’s vegetarian and if it’s sweet or savory.

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The Seasons of Japan is the introductory box that everyone receives. When reading the booklet that comes with it, you’ll find out about how festivals and weather influence food and drink choices, and some of them are included in the box. Honestly, reading about the seasons made me feel as if I were there.

But with that said, let’s get to the really good stuff. Here’s exactly what you get in the box:

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Courtesy of Bokksu

Now, if you’ve already skipped ahead and gone to the site, you may have noticed you could buy these items separately. In addition to purchasing a box or a subscription, you can also visit Bokksu’s marketplace. In the marketplace, you can purchase hard to find items like sake flavored Kit Kats, Uji Matcha Au Lait and more items to satisfy your cravings.

Talking about the Bokksu boxes, each month has a different theme, so you’re always surprised and delighted with the treats. Each box will contain anywhere from 20 to 25 snacks, teas and candies. Past themes have included Sunny Okinawa and Otsukimi Moon Festival among others.

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The price for a Bokksu Japanese snack box ranges from $44.99 for the one time Seasons of Japan box (the one I’m currently eating my way through) to $39.99 for the three-month subscription, $37.99 for the six-month subscription, and $36.99 a month for a year’s subscription. The prices reflect the price per month depending upon your subscription.


Bokksu started by accident. Founder Danny Taing, an ex-Googler, was in Japan learning the language. While living there, he started working for Rakuten’s Tokyo office and every time he’d come back to the states for a visit, he’d bring back snacks to share with friends and family. Faced with lots of hungry fans, he started Bokksu. Danny personally sources each and every treat that goes into the subscription boxes (a dream job, if you ask us). When the company first started, it was Danny putting every single box together by hand and then standing in line to mail them out. Now he’s got a staff of 10 and the company is growing quickly.

A Bokksu box is a great present for the foodies in your life. If there’s someone who’s hard to buy for, this might be the perfect treat, as they’re getting special, sought-after gifts in a gorgeous orange box. With the holidays coming up, there’s no better way to give someone a memorable gift that comes pre-wrapped, right to their door.