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ButcherBox Is Giving Away Free Meat Bundles To All New Members in January may receive financial compensation from affiliate and advertising partnerships on this page and/or when you make a purchase after clicking through partnership links.

If you’re still elbowing your way to the front at your local grocery store’s butcher to acquire mediocre cuts of steak, it’s time to enter the culinary 21st century. It’s time to try ButcherBox.

Not only are they one of SPY’s favorite meat delivery services (used by multiple of our editors*) but they’re also offering a killer deal for first-time members in January.

If you sign up before January 22nd you’ll receive a FREE meat bundle in your first box, including:

  • One 14 oz pork tenderloin
  • Four top sirloin steaks
  • Two pounds of ground turkey

ButcherBox is also offering $45 off your first three months ($15 off per month) with the exclusive code MEAT45 at checkout from 1/20-1/21.

Note: This code can be used along with the free meat bundle and is only available to new customers.

Free ButcherBox Bundle: The Details

ButcherBox offers high quality cuts and amazing deals on top-notch proteins all year-round, but this new year meat bundle is hard to beat. After you choose your preferred protein cuts from their extensive library of top tier beef, chicken, pork and seafood — you’ll receive the additional bundle of grass fed and finished steak, pork and turkey totally FREE.

If you set a goal to eat healthier in 2023, ButcherBox is definitely a worthwhile addition to your grocery routine. High-quality protein is a crucial addition to any well-rounded diet, and ButcherBox makes it easy to have something ready for every meal without waiting in line or trecking back and forth from the grocery store.

All of the beef ButcherBox delivers, including the four sirloin steaks included in this bundle, are made of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Each steak contains 24 grams of protein per serving making them a great source of this vital nutrient and their products never contain added antibiotics or hormones.

3 Reasons To Try ButcherBox

You might be wondering — what makes ButcherBox that different from picking up my meat from the grocery store? There are a few reasons why a service like ButcherBox is worth trying.

Meat You Can Trust

First of all, the quality of their meat, as a whole, tends to be higher than the average cut you get from the store. You can ask for humanely-raised, wild caught, grass-fed and finished proteins at the store — or you can order from ButcherBox’s wide selection and know that every cut of meat and seafood they’ve got fits that criteria.

Delivery Saves Time and Effort

Everyone likes getting things delivered, so we don’t need to tout the convenience of getting your meat dropped off at your door rather than schlepping it from the grocery store but we will anyway. SPY’s Senior E-Commerce Editor Taylor Galla has been using ButcherBox since the beginning of 2020 and loves it for that reason.

“Having a freezer always stocked with proteins means dinner is basically 80% of the way there, all you need to do is defrost and add a side,” said Galla.**

You Can Save Money

Ordering in bulk every month like you do with their subscription also means you save a bunch and get a ton of food at an excellent value. They offer both curated and custom memberships starting at just $169 per month for their Classic Box that includes between 9-14 pounds of meat.

Courtesy of ButcherBox

ButcherBox vs. Everyone Else

Buying meat at the grocery store can be intimidating at best and downright expensive and confusing at worst. The glass case with piles of chicken, beef, pork and lamb can quickly induce analysis paralysis, and you’re left questioning whether that lamb shoulder you spend $50+ on is actually high-quality.

ButcherBox makes it easy to select and cook high-quality meat, seafood and poultry by delivering it to you frozen at peak freshness. They source all of their proteins from trustworthy farmers and cattle ranchers who feed their animals nutritious feed that’s better for them and for you.

Grass-fed beef doesn’t just sound fancy, it tends to have a lower overall fat content compared to grain-fed beef. It’s also a health source of omega-3 fatty acids and key vitamins and minerals.

Now, when new members sign up for ButcherBox they’ll receive a FREE bundle of four top sirloin steaks, two pounds of ground turkey and a 14 oz pork tenderloin in their first box, a premiere cut that’s perfect for entertaining or treating yourself during this busy time of year. You can sign up and learn more at the link below. This offer is only valid until January 22nd.

Also, if you sign up on 1/20 or 1/21 and enter code MEAT45 at checkout you’ll receive $45 off your first three months of delivery, or $15 off each month. This offer is also only available to new customers.

*Note, SPY Editors tested, reviewed and formed opinions on ButcherBox well before the beginning of this campaign. Our thoughts are our own and independent of this sponsored partnership.

**Galla has been using ButcherBox for years of her own volition, her testimony is separate and independent from this campaign