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The New Skittles Energy Drink Sounds Like a Toothache Waiting To Happen — And Yet, I Want It

Tired of your everyday boring coffee? Sick of the same old, same old taste of your sugar-free Red Bull? C4 and SKITTLES have the perfect treat for you.

Introducing: C4 Energy x Skittles, a carbonated can of liquified candy that can charge you up for your next workout session or work meeting.

C4 Energy’s new Skittles beverage was officially released on Tuesday, February 1, and it’s part of an ongoing collaboration between C4 and Mars Wrigley. C4 is one of SPY’s favorite energy drink brands at the moment, providing customers with 200mg of caffeine in every can, which is enough to replace your daily coffee. And, honestly, who doesn’t love Original SKITTLES? It’s one of those OG candies that is always appreciated, especially when you can share with a friend at the movies.

Now, you can pull double duty in the candy and caffeine department. So for anyone that loves energy drinks but wishes they were even sweeter, C4 has delivered the goods with gusto. Skittles lovers can order a 12-pack of C4 Energy x Skittles for $29.99.

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Courtesy of C4

Coming off of a successful collaboration with Starburst, the SKITTLES energy drink has C4 remixing its zero-sugar, zero-artificial flavor, high-caffeine brew with the punchy, puckering flavor of Original Skittles. (Although we do have to wonder, how do you capture the Skittles flavor in a sugar-free drink?) To keep your energy levels boosted, C4 uses CarnoSyn beta-alanine and L-citrulline, so even though this energy drink tastes sweet, it’s all business.

In a press release shared with SPY, Rajaa Grar, the Chief Digital and Marketing Office at Nutrabolt (owner of C4 Energy) said: “With each sip designed to taste like a handful of Skittles candy, fans will be able to ignite their fire as they seek to unlock their full performance, all with zero-sugar, zero-artificial color drink for uncompromised taste.”

The C4 x Skittles collab is available online now at Though we don’t expect these delectable cans to run out right from the get-go, with a can this sweet you may not want to waver, lest you miss out on this liquified, energized, candy in a can.

While SPY hasn’t had an opportunity to try the drink yet, from what we’ve read from C4, the company did its best to match the flavor of a pack of Skittles.  So to all the rainbow-colored candy fans out there, this is one energy drink you won’t want to miss.

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Courtesy of C4


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