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Think Outside The Bowl: 6 Unique Display Bowls for Candy and Fruit

When you think of candy bowls, visions of visiting older relatives may pop up as they certainly had a bowl of wrapped candy lying around, waiting to be sampled. While filling your own ornamental bowl to the brim with candy won’t transport you back to those happier times, it’s worth keeping one around for the younger generation (or for your own sweet tooth).

Below we have found a few great and unique looking candy bowls that are either made to or can function as a place to put your favorite candy. If you prefer a healthier snack, most of these bowls will work great as a fruit bowl. We’ve also included some jars with lids; if you have a sweet tooth but like to take your time, a lidded jar will help keep your candy fresher for longer.

Of course, we wanted to pick options that look good and serve as statement pieces themselves. They include a contemporary glass bowl shaped like an unzipped disposable plastic bag, a minimalist metal mesh option, and a shiny hammered steel bowl among others. These are the best display bowls to get right now.

1. Fred & Friends Unzipped Glass Bowl

Unzipped by Fred and Friends is a glass bowl designed to look like an unzipped disposable plastic bag. With its realistically crinkled edges and sides, this bowl is made from durable hand-blown glass construction making it a great choice for everyday use. A flat base provides stability on your table or countertop and this dish makes a great holder for candy, pens, pencils, nuts, coins, etc.

Pros: This contemporary bowl is completely dishwasher safe.

Cons: The thickness of the glass may be thinner than expected.

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2. Anchor Hocking Penny Candy Jar

The Penny Candy Jar by Anchor Hocking has a one-gallon capacity and is made of glass with a chrome metal lid. These great candy jars can be used to display your cookies and candies while keeping them fresher longer. With the addition of these candy jars, your kitchen will be kept looking neat and tidy and they can even be used to store craft supplies.

Pros: These jars are versatile and can be placed anywhere from your laundry to your craft room.

Cons: The lid is not airtight.

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3. Elegance Hammered Stainless Steel Bowl

The Hammered Bowl by Elegance has a unique wave design that is hand-crafted from stainless steel in a subtle hammered finish. In addition to being the perfect candy dish, this bowl can be used for nuts, holding potpourri and makes for the perfect catchall tray. With its versatile look, this bowl will also compliment any home or office setting be it a traditional or modern design.

Pros: Stylish and unique look. Hammered metal gives it a unique texture.

Cons: Somewhat small.

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4. Cq acrylic Metal Wire Fruit Basket

This bowl is made from a metal mesh that is double-layered, elevating the contents of the bowl above the table. This mesh design combined with the black color gives this bowl a modern, minimalist look. The gaps in the mesh are small enough that pieces of candy won’t fall through. This bowl also works great as a fruit bowl. It’s just under 9 inches in diameter and just over 5 inches tall.

Pros: Modern and stylish design. Works as a display bowl or for fruit or candy.

Cons: Metal can dent somewhat easily.

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5. GiftExpress 8″ Black Cauldron Kettle

Halloween is obviously the ultimate candy holiday, so if you’re looking for a seasonal candy bowl (that you can still enjoy year-round) then consider this plastic bowl from GiftExpress. It’s light enough to take trick-or-treating. It has the distinctive look of a witch’s black cauldron. The handle rotates, making it easy to carry and easy to access.

Pros: Good option for trick-or-treating or for a costume.

Cons: Somewhat dent-prone.

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6. Lipper International Cherry Finished Serving Bowl

If you like the sophisticated and timeless look of wood, then the dark cherry finish of this bowl from Lipper is a great option. It’s a footed bowl, adding extra stability if anyone grabs the contents of the bowl too quickly. This bowl has a 7 inch diameter, making it a good medium-sized option for serving. It’s sold as a salad bowl, but it works for candy or snacks, too.

Pros: Stylish and sophisticated cherry wood finish. Footed design makes it more stable.

Cons: More expensive than some other options.

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