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The Coffee-Ready Ceramic Mugs That’ll Have You Actually Wanting to “Get Mugged”

What’s so special about ceramic mugs? Well, for starters, they’re heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and most of the time, a unique way to store and sip hot liquids of your choice. But the best part of all happens to be the vast history of ceramics used in pottery and other various art forms dating back to tens of thousands of years ago. Ceramics have been found in a multitude of historical sites on just about every continent, proving that the ceramic mug you’re drinking from right now has a long line of ancestors to thank for its existence today.

The word “ceramics” has more of a broadened meaning nowadays. Though in the past it was used primarily for minerals like clay, it’s now used more modernly as a lump sum of different materials ranging from bone china to Pyrex. Today, we’re taking it back in time by talking solely about clay and other clay-like, stone materials. So, don’t expect to see any funny mugs or gimmicky Baby Yoda designs here, just distinctive, clay and clay-like ceramic mugs from this point on.

While not every ceramic mug is dissimilar, all ceramic mugs are totally unique. To some that might make zero sense, but even mass-produced ceramic mugs from retailers like Urban Outfitters will be ever-so-slightly different from mug to mug. This is due to the drying and painting process in ceramics. So, if you and your best pal have the exact same ceramic mug from Etsy, there are still going to be some slight differences. All in all, this makes owning a ceramic mug that much more exciting since it’s always one of a kind.

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Whether you’re looking to spruce up your mug collection or just want a new one to hold your morning cup of joe, here are some of our favorite ceramic mugs to buy right now.


1. Bosmarlin Large Ceramic Coffee Mug


With a five-star rating on Amazon, we’re sure you will get everything you want out of this large ceramic mug from Bosmarlin. It holds 21 oz of liquid, so it will more than meet your coffee and tea needs. Although it’s huge, it’s really easy to hold, so you won’t spill as much as you might think — even if you’re clumsy. There are 11 color options available, but note that every glaze is entirely unique.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Highwave Hotjo Travel Mug


Let’s be real, the majority of us aren’t traveling right now, but this ceramic mug is perfect for your little daily quarantine walks. It comes in six different colors and has a large base for staying still when you put it down. Sip it from the drink-through top and have it hold all 18 oz of whatever liquid you’re drinking. It’s the perfect mug for camping trips, car rides, homestays and walks.

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Courtesy of Highwave


3. Birdmans Home Coffee Mug


Like we said, all ceramic mugs are unique, but it doesn’t get as unique as these minimalistic mugs from Etsy. These handmade stoneware mugs come in eight different designs and go great sitting aside your breakfast plate. Each mug can fit 15 oz worth of liquid and will actually make you want to wake up in the morning. Coffee, here we come.

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Courtesy of Etsy


4. Bosmarlin Matte Ceramic Coffee Mug


It’s safe to say that Bosmarlin makes some of the most reliable ceramic mugs you can find on the internet. For just $13, this mug will hold 13 oz of your go-to hot beverage and gives an ergonomic sipping experience each and every time. There are tons of colors available depending on your preference, making a simply classic ceramic mug you’ll love.

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. BTaT Coffee Mug Set


Why buy one mug when you can buy six? This gorgeous set has an exterior of matte black with an interior of different colors, making them a standout amongst the rest of your drinkware. They have a large round handle for a roomy hold and each mug can contain up to 16 oz of liquid. Share with your friends or use a different mug for each workday.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Peekaboo Ceramic Mug


Peekaboo, we see you! This adorable ceramic mug from Urban Outfitters is decorated with engraved mushrooms on the outside, but that’s surprisingly not all. Fill this cup up with your favorite hot beverage and once you’re finished, you’ll see a little flower at the bottom of your cup for a cute surprise each time. There are a few more options as well, ranging from a smiling snail, a cute cactus and even a black cat.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


7. Gute Hand Warmer Mug


Don’t worry, you won’t burn your hand, but this hand-warming mug made specifically for hot beverages will keep you feeling warm and cozy no matter what. Unlike the way regular ceramic coffee mugs are made, this mug has an ergonomically contoured pocket to wrap your hand in for keeping them nice and toasty. This pairs well with a chilly Sunday morning swaddled in an array of blankets on the couch.

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Courtesy of Amazon


8. tag Reactive Speckle Monogram Mug


Got a loved one with a birthday coming up? Snag ’em this pastel-colored ceramic mug from Nordstrom designed with the first letter of their name on the front. There are three different colors that change depending on the letter. This ceramic mug acts as a charming personalized present that your giftee will actually use.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom