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Chipotle KNOWS You’ve Been Stealing Their Lemonade: Meet the Chipotle ‘Water’ Cup Candle

It seems we’re not as sneaky as we thought. Chipotle is onto us.

If you’ve ever been to Chipotle, there’s a solid chance you’ve asked for a water cup to help you wash down that double chicken burrito. There’s also a solid chance you’ve been tempted more than once to spew out some lemonade while pretending you’re holding down the water button, too. And, we’re sure those temptations have gotten the best of you more than once.

You feel bad every time you do it, but nobody will ever know, right? Wrong. Chipotle knows you’ve been sneaking lemonade into your water cup with the funniest rebuttal we were never expecting. Meet the limited-edition Chipotle “Water” Cup Candle.

This candle portrays the classic water cup you’re familiar with from your local Chipotle restaurant, filled with none other than a lemonade-scented soy candle you can burn in your home. While this candle doesn’t make us feel any better about stealing from Chipotle’s fountain soda machine, it allows folks to repent their sins and purchase the limited-edition candle for actual money. Unlike all of that lemonade sitting in your stomach.

We don’t know how much the candle will go for or how long it will be available for purchase, but we know that it will be released to the public at Chipotle Goods on Thursday, August 18, at 9 AM PT. This will make for a hilarious gag gift this holiday season or even one of the best gifts for foodies. Click the link below when the time comes and order the candle for yourself as soon as it drops.