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Noah Schnapp’s tbh x Chubby Snacks Sandwich Merges Two Childhood Favorites Into One Delicious & Healthy Snack

Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp and his tbh hazelnut chocolate spread brand have teamed up with Chubby Snacks to release a limited edition peanut butter and hazelnut sandwich that looks spookily delicious.

With this collaboration, tbh, which was created by Schnapp as a healthier alternative to a childhood favorite, and Chubby Snacks, a maker of crustless sandwiches, have effectively merged two childhood favorites into a yummy snack with a health-conscious twist.

“I grew up eating Nutella, Uncrustables, you name it,” Schnapp said of the collaboration, adding, “It’s awesome to work with other brands trying to recreate the foods we enjoyed as kids, but with nutrient-rich ingredients.”

Described as “a premium yet practical choice for nostalgic, health-conscious consumers on the go,” the Chubby Snacks x tbh sandwich contains 75% less sugar, 30% fewer calories, and more protein and fiber than Smucker’s Uncrustables, according to the company

The ready-made sandwich is made with organic wheat bread that’s filled with both peanut butter and tbh hazelnut cocoa spread — two deliciously rich flavors that arrive just in time for the fall and Halloween season.

Dillon Ceglio, Co-Founder & CEO of Chubby Snacks shared excitement over the joint venture, “Collaborations like this make being a founder of a food brand so much fun. We can dream up all kinds of concoctions that fit within our patented cloud-shaped sandwich and bring them to life through great partnerships and sound execution. We’re excited to bring this classic combo to life with the help of Noah and the tbh team!” 

Great for both children and adults alike, the Chubby Snacks tbh sandwich is super easy to prepare. Simply thaw it and eat at room temperature or place it in a toaster, air fryer, or pan to enjoy the warm bread and cool nut butter and hazelnut chocolate spread combo.

Chubby Snacks x tbh sandwiches can be purchased online at starting on October 20.


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