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Move Over White Claw, Cutwater Canned Cocktails Are Giving You a Run For Your Money

Last year was the summer of hard seltzer and it took the alcohol world by storm. From BBQs to boat parties, this clear, bubbly hard stuff was everywhere. Beginning with the ever so classic White Claw, we ended up seeing a couple of new brands pop into the mix and gain traction as well, like Bon & Viv and Truly. We eventually even saw old school brands like Bud Lite jump into the fray and create Bud Lite Seltzer, and even Four Loko dipped their toes in to create their own hard seltzer.

While all these hard seltzers are both quite delicious and very refreshing (minus the Four Loko, don’t even try unless you want to end the night in a bush), a new canned summer treat has entered the equation: Cutwater Canned Cocktails.

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Courtesy of Cutwater

Although Cutwater does offer many delicious canned cocktails, they also have much more than any brand listed above by serving us options like a smooth tequila, a vodka with less bite than you may think, some tasty as hell ice pops and a whole slew of various spirits we don’t have time to name.

That being said, the canned cocktails are definitely the brand’s shining stars. From vodka sodas to mules to G&Ts and even a cold brew cocktail, Cutwater is stirring up the seltzer and cocktail world alike by giving us summer-esque hard sodas we never thought we’d be able to find at our local deli.

Considering there are so many canned options Cutwater has to offer, picking a favorite is hard. But, some are more right than others for specific instances. Their tequila margarita flavor is the go-to fun-in-the-sun option you’ve been looking for that’ll make you throw those Claws right in the recycling bin. The can itself has a wildly impressive 12.5% ABV, so you have to be careful, but it has a delicious citrusy-lime taste that’ll leave you heading to the cooler again and again.

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Courtesy of Cutwater

Their vodka sodas come in lime, grapefruit and cucumber and offer a great alternative to any claw you’ve tried before. We’re going to keep it real, you cannot taste the alcohol in these whatsoever, and it’s scary. We feel like, with other hard seltzers, we can always taste that malt-liquor taste and can never get away from it. Here, that’s not the case at all. It’s a delicious poolside treat to sip on at your next family BBQ. Given these three have a modest 5% alcohol, they’re definitely on the safer side compared to the tequila marg, even though we still love her all the same.

If you’re looking to cure a nasty headache the morning after, look no further than Cutwater’s spicy & mild bloody marys, or their infamous cold brew cocktail. You know the bloody deal, it’s the classic hangover cure. Whether you just need to rid a case of the spins or you’re looking for a way to get yourself going for round two, a bloody’s got you covered. But, cold brew is definitely more of a strange counteractive option, yet a scrumptious one at that. It’s made with horchata, making it super creamy in texture and wildly flavorful to the palate.

We know you’re intrigued at this point — as you should be. Cutwater really offers such an immense variety of canned cocktail flavors that we haven’t even gotten to, so feel free to check out their entire list. Looking to get some delivered right now? Drizly and ReserveBar will throw it in the bag for you as soon as you click buy.