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Drink Pouches: The Most Exciting Way to Sip Your Favorite Cocktails All Summer Long

Summer is right around the corner and if it’s anything like last, it will likely be filled with alcoholic beverages.

Day drinking is a summer activity all liquor lovers enjoy. We don’t always need a drink to have fun, but it’s obvious when we say adding a little booze into the mix of your summer days absolutely amplifies your time spent in the sun.

It’s almost too easy, too.

Floating in the pool? Crack open the best spiked seltzer. Beach day with your buds? Let’s just hope those Coors mountains are blue. Kayaking on the river? Don’t worry, Ken packed Henny. Oh, it’s raining outside? Nothing a margarita can’t fix.

But, we’ve got news for you. There’s a new way we’re sucking up spirits this summer.

How, you ask?

Well, have you ever slurped down a Caprisun as a kid? We’re sure you have. They were a lunchbox staple. Think about those for a second.

What would you do if there are plastic pouches almost identical to those Caprisuns you’re familiar with ready to hold all of the cocktails you can’t stop drinking each summer? Would you believe us?

Because you should. They exist.

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Courtesy of Amazon

That’s right. Caprisuns for adults. What a world we live in!

You might have seen these in the past before if you’ve ever been to a beachside bar or music festival, but why buy a $25 drink out when you can have your own backyard banger filled with drink pouched cocktails as far as the eye can see? It’s a fun no-brainer.

Drink pouches add a party-centric, summer-like feel to any and all of your go-to cocktails. Ditching the classic cup for something a little more fun is a blast you can’t understand until you do it. Plus, extra-large bendy straws included? Like, for free? We’ll take ’em.

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Cocktail opportunities for drink pouches also range out the ass. You can really throw anything inside of a drink pouch, shake it up and hope for the best, but a lot of restaurants and bars have perfected drink pouch drinks to create a cocktail so summery it’s almost rude. The Restoration Hotel in Charleston is one of them.

On the Restoration Hotel’s menu, you’ll see two drink pouch drinks that are a serious hit among guests: Pink Starburst (which includes Dixie vodka, Pama, Giff and Vanilla, lime and simple) and The Peachy Blues (that includes tequila, Giff and Peach, Blue Curacao and lime).

Just get a load of the Pink Starburst below. You can’t tell us that doesn’t look good.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of The Restoration Hotel

Not only do liquid drinks taste *chefs kiss* from drink pouches, but frozen drinks taste just as delicious and are just as simple to make at home.

Got yourself a blender? Take a fresh spin on modern drinks by adding ice with a few pulses for mixing it all together. That’s what The Johnson’s in Bushwick does to their scrumptious frozen drinks. Just check out a few local favorites below, including a banana daiquiri, the OG painkiller and a boozy, frozen take on your go-to bodega sipper: the Arnold Palmer.

It’s safe to say that if you’re planning on drinking this summer, it’s best to give drink pouches a shot. You know, just to spice things up. We love a bit of change.

Drink pouches can be purchased all over the internet, but your best bet is Amazon. You know you miss Caprisun but they simply don’t hit the way they used to. This is how you can make ’em better.

Ready to transform your favorite childhood juices into the booziest beverage you’ll sip this summer? Good. Let us help you get started using the button below.