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Flaviar Lets You Sample the Best Small-Batch Whiskey, Tequila & Gin From Around the World

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Self-quarantine does not mean self-deprivation. If anything, hunkering down ideally comes with a fine glass of something relaxing close at hand. But your local liquor store is a mass of sad empty shelves, and customers rubbing against each other in those tight little aisles isn’t very appealing right now. So… pass the little bottle you boosted from your last flight?

No need to resort to such measures as long as Flaviar is around. Whether you’re looking to buy a bottle a la carte, order a tasting box or you’re ready to sign up for the awesome subscription service, Flaviar is your entree to hundreds of liquors, from aged scotch whiskys to absinthes to tequilas and mezcals. While Flaviar offers premium gin, rum and mezcal, the company is best known for its whiskey selection, which is unbeatable.

It’s a really great premise: while your local bar or liquor store probably stocks somewhere between 10 and 50 bottles on average, with the old reliables front and center, there are more than 15,000 different spirits on the market now, and the craft distillery craze shows no signs of slowing down. Thousands of amazing distilleries around the world are flooding the market with great new small-batch spirits.

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Courtesy of Flaviar
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Courtesy of Flaviar Courtesy of Flaviar

Flaviar does not, of course, give you access to all of them — nobody does — but their selection is deep and varied indeed. They curate from more than 20,000 different spirits, and the ease of purchase is unbeatable.

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You can buy bottles and tasting boxes one at a time, but the quarterly subscription is the way to go. Billed quarterly at $95 or annually at $300, your membership gets you one tasting box and one full-size bottle every three months (shipped free), member pricing throughout the site, invitations to free live tasting events and more great perks. You can also cancel at any time, in case you happen to get tired of sampling rare and mysterious spirits from the Flaviar Vault.

Flaviar tasting boxes are really something special. These themed bundles include three curated sample vials (50 ml) which let you explore different spirits and tastes before you choose your full-sized bottle for purchase. These liquor samples come with tasting notes, great information about each brand and its producer and instructions on how to best enjoy your samples. Even the box itself is a keeper — Flaviar was awarded a Red Dot design award in 2017.

This is also a great gift idea, and one you can cash in on as well. The Refer-a-friend option gives your friend access to Flaviar’s huge selection and great benefits, and you both get $50 of store credit you can use on one-off purchases of full-size bottles — just in case your friend is also not thrilled about the idea of heading to the local liquor store and being coughed on for that bottle of Old Crow.

Think of Flaviar as your local speakeasy, with a bigger selection than any liquor store you’ll ever visit. Plus, these bottles are delivered right to your door. Which, these days, isn’t the worst idea.


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