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Top-Rated Hot Sauce Brand Fly by Jing Makes Dumplings Too, Get Yours Now

A perfect hot sauce is actually a very difficult thing to get right. You’ve got to have heat, since that’s what you’re dousing your food in it for, but it can’t be pure fire. There should be some depth of flavor to it, and it should add something to the dish — whether it’s a tangy richness, smokey heat or citrusy blend that dances on the tongue. One brand doing hot sauce right? Fly by Jing. We featured them as one of the best Christmas gifts of 2021 and their sauces have sold out on Amazon multiple times during the past few months.

FLY BY JING Sichuan Chili Crisp Hot Sauce

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Courtesy of Amazon


Now, the brand has released dumplings filled with their masterful Sichuan flavors, made in California that can be stores in your freezer for an easy, delicious meal whenever you want.

Fly by Jing Dumplings

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Courtesy of Fly by Jing


There are three flavors available. Pork, shrimp and scallop is one — a tender and succulent mix of land and sea that’s made with USDA certified pork for a great bite every time. There’s also the pork, shrimp and mushroom variety that takes those umami flavors and maximizes them. It’s got crunchy pieces of woodear mushrooms and a blend of pork and shrimp for a hearty snack or meal. Lastly, they’ve got a pork xiaolongbao (or soup) dumplings that burst open in your mouth with an umami-rich, deletable broth.

You can buy 2-pack, 4-pack or variety 6-pack to taste all of them.