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Add Some Spice To The Season With Fly By Jing’s New And Delicious Holiday Collection

The holidays are right around the corner, and people are now gearing up to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. This special time season is often a time for togetherness for many, which means there will also be lots of gatherings, gift-giving …and eating taking place.

As delicious as your mom’s Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes may sound, it can get quite boring over the years. That said, SPY’s got an easy fix for this year’s holiday leftovers: Fly by Jing.

Fly by Jing’s Chili Crisp Sauce is delicious on just about everything at any time of the year. And this year, Fly by Jing is serving up a wonderful holiday collection that you can either use for yourself or gift to a family member.

Fly by Jing has been a SPY favorite for years. It’s more recently been listed in our annual lists of Best Christmas Gifts and Best Stocking Stuffers as a top gift-giving choice for the foodie in your life.

The Fly By Jing Holiday Gift Collection has everything you need to turn the holiday season into a delicious feast fest. Right now, you can get the Holiday Triple Threat, which comes with three of Fly by Jing’s most popular sauces, the Big Steamy, a stovetop steamer that effortlessly steams dumplings for two., and the Salsero Serve Set to help elevate your holiday serving presentation as part of Fly By Jing’s holiday gift set collection.

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Courtesy of Fly By Jing

There’s also the recently launched By Jing Box which features all of Jing’s Sichuan flavors, including the Original and Xtra Spicy Sichuan Chili Crisp, Mala Spice Mix, Zhong Sauce, and Chili Crisp Vinaigrette. You can also check out By Jing’s ‘Tis The Seasoning Box which comes stocked with the classic Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce, Mala Spice Mix, Tribute Pepper Oil, Erjingtiao Chilis, the new Chili Crisp Vinaigrette, along with a Salsero Spoon, and their Core Four set featuring Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce,  Mala Spice mix, and Xtra Spicy Chili Crisp.

Shop all Fly by Jing holiday products here and also check out their brand-new Holiday Gift Sets below.

Holiday Triple Threat

Fly By Jing Holiday Triple Threat


Big Steamy

Fly By Jing Big Steamy


Salsero Serve Set

Salsero Serve Set


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