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Review: This Textured Pan Is Our Hack for Perfect Pizza Crust Every Single Time

While there’s much debate about what part of the pizza is most important (sauce, cheese, or crust), I’m here to let you know the only correct answer is the crust. Sure, a nice sauce or imported cheese can elevate your pie, but without the strong foundation of a perfectly cooked crust, all you’re really eating is a soggy and floppy piece of dough with some toppings. Seeking solutions, we stumbled across the GoodCook Textured Pizza Pan and now have people knocking on our door trying to order carry-out.

But is it really just the pan that makes a difference?

Jakob Menendez | SPY


  • Non-stick
  • Large pan for large pies
  • Even heat distribution
  • Inexpensive
  • Ease of use


  • Can be hard to store
  • Cutting guides aren’t much use if you don’t want to scratch the pan

You could always buy the cult-favorite Ooni Pizza Oven for your backyard and blast your za’s at 950 degrees Fahrenheit, but unless you’re willing to shell out $600 for the cheapest model, then that’s probably not the best answer. You could also go the more traditional route and buy a pizza stone to place in your oven, which crisps up your pizza quicker and provides a nice even bake. While affordable, generally running around $40, they’re not for the novice pizza maker.

As far as we’re concerned, the best option for both ease of use and ease of wallet is a high-quality pizza pan, and the 16-inch GoodCook Textured Pizza Pan has proven to be both.

Jakob Menendez | SPY

Special Features on the Goodcook Textured Pizza Pan

With two layers of diamond-infused, nonstick coating, the pan offers peace of mind that you won’t be scraping your pizza off of the bottom, but rather gliding it off with ease. Eight imprinted guidelines on the outer edge of the pan help you slice your pie with precision and the champagne pewter finish helps avoid warping while also giving it a professional look and feel.

What really distinguishes this pan from the hundreds of other cheap pans on the market is its diamond-pattern surface. Often times the more basic pizza pans will have holes in the bottom of the pan to allow air to flow between it and the crust, but these often leave heat spots and don’t make for a proper and evenly toasted crust. After using the GoodCook Textured Pizza Pan, we found our pie to be elevated if only the tiniest amount, promoting better airflow and ensuring the crust was cooked edge-to-edge. Plus, look how cool it makes your crust look!

Jakob Menendez | SPY

We personally own two of these fantastic pans, and they’re the cheapest option we’ve found for crafting professional-looking and tasting pies. And when we say professional-looking, it’s not simply an astute observation, but part of the design. The “walls” of the pan are specifically designed with an incline to provide sharper edges to achieve that high-end look and texture.

Using the GoodCook Textured Pizza Pan

More than anything though, what we truly love about these pans is their ability to make a nice thin-crust pizza. We’ve used dozens of pizza pans in our long career of amateur pizza making, and nothing is more frustrating than pulling a pan out only to find that there’s a large hole in the bottom of your pie spilling cheese and sauce into your oven. Since there are no holes in the bottom of this pan, you can make see-thru thin-crust pies without the worries that come with other types of pans while also getting a toast so thorough that even the thinnest pizza won’t be drooping in your hand when you go to finally taste your glorious creation.

Jakob Menendez | SPY

Another major perk of using the GoodCook Textured Pizza Pan is its enormous size. Your present pizza penman here has three hungry roommates and a neighbor who owns a pizza oven. When we all cook together, we find ourselves having to make six to eight pies with the pizza oven because of the size limitation. With our 16-inch pizza pans, two 16” pies are enough to feed all of us, and maybe even have some leftovers. Let’s face it — when it comes to pizza, nobody is willing to wait. Can somebody say “30 minutes or less?

The Verdict: Should You Buy the GoodCook Textured Pizza Pan?

We give a wholehearted recommendation to the 16-inch GoodCook Textured Pizza Pan. It’s incredibly easy to use, it’s very inexpensive, and will have you wondering how you’ve made it this far without using one. Whether or not you’re much of a pizza chef at home, if you’re anything like us, cooking can easily become a routine in your household, especially after buying new equipment. All we can say is don’t be surprised if you’re making pizzas every Monday night.

Jakob Menendez | SPY