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Spy Review: Harry & David’s Meat Delivery Is Perfect for Gifting Gourmet Cooking

It looks like meal delivery services are here to stay, and for good reason. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or simply hate the grocery store — you can get high-quality, nutritious ingredients delivered to your home, ready to be cooked any night of the week. There are services that provide whole recipes of ingredients, and some that stick to a certain specialty, like meat. We’ve written about and reviewed a few meat delivery services on Spy before, and we’re grateful to be adding Harry & David to that list.

You probably know them for their festive fruit baskets that are popular around the holidays, but just in time for the apex of summer grilling season, Harry & David has launched Harry & David Fine Meats, a delivery service that offers a selection of more than 60 products from Wagyu beef burgers to organic whole chickens. They’ve got it all: beef, pork, poultry and seafood, and I was lucky enough to try a few of their products over the past few weeks.

Check Out Harry & David Fine Meats

“With the introduction of Harry & David Fine Meats, we are providing shoppers with around-the-clock access to the same fresh selection and quality they’d find at their local butcher shop -delivered right to their doorstep,” says Greg Sarley, Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Harry & David. “We are thrilled to open our online shop just in time for the return of grilling season, offering our customers premium cuts of meat and more for all of their summer entertaining needs.”

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Courtesy of Harry & David

Our Review:

For review, they sent me their Best of Land and Sea Collection as well as a package of Wagyu beef burgers. Everything arrived in a well-packaged box, fully frozen and ready to store. None of it took up too much space in my freezer, and everything came with cooking guidelines or instructions.

The Best of Land and Sea Collection comes with two Rastelli’s antibiotic-free filet mignons, two Rastelli’s salmon fillets, two Rastelli’s pork ribeye steaks and two Rastelli’s bacon and cheese-stuffed chicken breasts. I’ve had a taste of everything and each meal has been satisfying. The stuffed chicken breasts weren’t my favorite, as they came out a little dry and took a while to cook from frozen, as the instructions said to do. We regularly subscribe to Butcher Box in our apartment, and while I find their meat and fish taste a bit fresher than what Harry & David delivered, both get the job done.

The Wagy beef burgers, on the other hand, were on par with never-frozen Wagyu burgers I’ve had in the past, and cooked incredibly well without being thawed beforehand. I was super impressed at the quality of the meat and how well it retained its moisture and flavor after going from frozen directly onto the grill. Major kudos to the brand for those, if you’re putting in an order I highly recommend them.


Our Verdict:

Everything I’ve tasted from Harry & David thus far has been delicious. The price point is steeper than other options, but it’s not out-of-this-world expensive either. I’m going to stick with my current meat delivery service for monthly shipments as their promises around sustainable sourcing are stronger. However, Harry & David Fine Meats would make a great option for an in-law holiday gift or fancy birthday dinner. Also, Wagyu beef is a rarity amongst meat delivery services, and theirs seriously delivered, so if you want to step up your burger game I’d recommend adding an order of those to your cart.