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Snackers Gonna Snack, So Make Sure It’s Healthy With These Healthy Snack Box Subscriptions

When hunger pangs strike, it can be difficult to think clearly, especially in terms of healthy eating. If your reality is anything like ours, before you know it, you’re pulling into the nearest fast food joint for an order of fries. And what about when you’re at your desk? Does acquiring a pack of chips with lightning-fast speed sound familiar? It certainly does to us. But, we’re here to help you (and ourselves!) on the road to healthier eating. We’re talking about being prepared, leaving your go-to snacks behind, and always having healthy snacks on hand. We’re talking about the best healthy snack box subscriptions.

The Benefits of Using a Healthy Snack Box Subscription

While the benefits of using such a subscription service may seem obvious, it’s worth thinking about just how handy having someone deliver ready-to-eat, healthy snacks to your home or office really is. Here are our top reasons for choosing to invest in a subscription service over buying snacks at the store yourself.

Convenience – First and foremost, having delicious and healthy snacks delivered to your door on a monthly basis is simple and easy. Other than the initial subscription process, all you have to do is receive the package, open it and enjoy what’s inside when hunger strikes. Outside of actually feeding you, it really couldn’t be any easier.

Professional Expertise“Healthy” can mean different things to different people, which is why a lot of services use professional nutritionists to compile their boxes. This, in turn, passes their expertise onto you in the form of healthy snacks you can trust. It also means you don’t have to walk into the store yourself and find the answer to, “What is a healthy snack?”

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Regularity – With a healthy snack box subscription, there’s no forgetting to refill a jar or replace what was eaten. Once you’re subscribed, your box will arrive on the same day every month, meaning you won’t find yourself in those perilous moments when you have run out of healthy snacks and find the want for fast food creeping in.

Less Temptation – Getting healthy snacks delivered to your home or office negates the need to wander the aisles of your local store when you’re hungry, which in turn removes the numerous temptations in the form of unhealthy chips, soda and candy.

Discipline – If you learn to manage your subscription box in terms of when and how much to eat per day, you’ll eventually find you have more control over your hunger pangs. While it’s understandable to cave from time to time, knowing you have a set amount of snacks to last you a month can help your snacking discipline develop.

Below, you’ll find eight of the best healthy snack box subscriptions available online. Each one is well-loved by its subscribers and has numerous options in terms of the type of snack inside, the amount included and the delivery regularity. Healthy snacking has never been easier.


1. Urthbox


With a focus on natural, organic and non-GMO snacks, Urthbox tops our list thanks to its range of options and sizes. When ordering your box, you can choose from diet, classic, gluten-free and vegan boxes in sizes mini ($19.99), small ($29.99), medium ($39.99) and large ($49.99). The smallest box contains at least seven full-size snacks, while the largest boasts 27 or more full-size snacks with a value of approximately $100.

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Image courtesy of UrthBox


2. Graze


While Graze snack boxes aren’t necessarily healthy on face value, they can be. That’s because when you create an account with Graze, you’ll fill in a questionnaire about which types of snacks you enjoy. Simply select the healthiest options to create a healthy snack box subscription. In addition, each of the four snacks included in each box has at least one nutritional benefit, whether it’s packed with protein or light on calories.

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Image courtesy of Graze


3. SnackSack


While you may not know exactly what’s coming in your monthly box from SnackSack, one thing you can trust is that it will be filled with a variety of seasonal and new discovery-inspired items to beat those hunger pangs into submission. Being proud of uniqueness is one of SnackSack’s biggest selling points, which is easy to see as you tuck into your 11 to 15 branded snacks every month. Each snack is also free from any artificial junk while being either vegan, gluten-free or a bit of both. Subscription-wise, you can choose from a monthly, pay-as-you-go choice or three, six or 12-month prepaid options.

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Image courtesy of SnackSack


4. Fit Snack


If you only want snacks produced by some of the world’s best brands inside your snack box, we suggest subscribing to Fit Snack. Every month you’ll enjoy a pack made up of hand-selected, nutritionist-approved treats of the highest quality. All treats included always tick two of the following boxes, either GMO-free, high protein, low sugar, gluten-free or organic raw. Plus, in addition to the no-junk jerky, granola, snack bars, healthy chips or nutritious drinks, you’ll get exclusive workouts to further inspire and push you in your healthy lifestyle.

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Image courtesy of Fit Snack


5. HealthyMe Living Snack Box


With snacks ranging from popcorn and crispy squares to dried peas and pita thins, the HealthyMe Living Snack Box is a great option for snackers who love variety in their lives. Each delivery includes between seven and 10 snacks chosen by a certified health coach. These come individually wrapped for greater convenience when you’re looking to enjoy a snack on the go. The healthy snack boxes are ideal for workdays as well as vacations, celebrations, new moms and college students.

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Image courtesy of Cratejoy


6. Watanut


For nut and cookie lovers, there’s no better choice than Watanut. It comes in either a three, six or 12-month subscription. With each delivery, you’ll receive a 12-ounce box containing a delicious mix of nuts and cookies. Snacks you may find inside include roasted salted pecans, roasted rosemary and a high nut percentage trail mix. In addition, Watanut offers a range of tasty gift ideas if you’re not ready to commit to a full-on subscription quite yet.

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Image courtesy of Watanut


7. BroteinBox


If you’re on a muscle-growth kick and are following a high-protein diet, free from excessive fats and carbs, this BroteinBox subscription is the right choice for you. You can choose between a three or six-month subscription, which will include between 10 and 13 high-protein snacks delivered to your door every month. Examples of some of the snacks in the box include cookies, chips, bars, powders and several kinds of jerky.

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Image courtesy of BroteinBox


8. Healthy Surprise


As the name suggests, inside each delivery from Healthy Surprise, you’ll find a variety of exciting and delicious all-natural snacks, which are, most importantly, healthy. Granted, this box offers less of a surprise given that you actually have to pick your subscription. Subscription choices include the Classic Box with 15 vegan-friendly snacks, the Big Box with 21 vegan-friendly snacks and the Paleo Box with 17 Paleo-friendly snacks. Commitment-wise, there isn’t one, making it possible to quit at any time, or simply skip a month if you’re on vacation or money is a little bit tight.

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Image courtesy of Healthy Surprise


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