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Jameson Is Celebrating the Holiday Season With a Tabletop Christmas Tree Made Of 19 Jame-o Bottles

Merry Drinkmas!

This year, Jameson is celebrating the holiday season by adding a little bit of liquor to the mix — because they know you’re bored of your regular old balsam fir. Today, November 17, Jameson is releasing a tabletop Christmas tree constructed of 19 Jame-o bottles to replace whatever’s collecting dust in your attic.

Courtesy of Jameson

This comes after a similar Jameson bottle tree was released in 2020 but it’s now shrunken quite a bit. If you don’t remember, Jame-o did the same thing in 2020 by providing their whiskey lovers a massive treat: a 9-foot-tall Jameson bottle tree. Although this was more of a sweepstakes kind of effort, now anyone can get their hands on the 19-bottle tabletop option.

You never thought you’d be decking the halls in liquor, huh? Well, it’s time to rethink, bub.

This tree comes completely brand-and-needle-free for less of a messy cleanup. You don’t have to decorate it with ornaments because the bottles themselves act as ornaments while simultaneously keeping that deep green color we assimilate so well with Christmas.

Courtesy of ReserveBar

Looking for the best Christmas lights? Don’t even bother. This tree comes with them already to make your life that much easier. Not only that, but the tree comes with a full bottle of Jameson Black Barrel, too. You know, so you can sip while you gawk at the most gorgeous tree that’s ever graced your family room.

If you want to get your hands on one, these trees are officially available for pre-order only at ReserveBar while supplies last. It’ll cost you $200, but in our opinion, the price is way worth it for this beauty. Click the link below and snag yours now.