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Jameson Is Telling Us to Use Our PTO With This Inconspicuous Cardboard Cutout

Jameson Whiskey has decided that you shouldn’t have to feel bad for taking time off, but if you do, maybe you can get a cardboard cutout of yourself and leave that at work in your stead. We recommend also grabbing one of the best security cameras and using it to keep an eye on things if you feel really guilty, but you should probably just relax.

That’s because St. Patrick’s Day falls on Friday, March 17, this year, making it an almost perfect time to take a day off and celebrate with a nice drink. If you need inspiration, you can grab one of the best whiskey books to read, but sometimes just a Jameson on the rocks is going to be ideal.

Book That Time Off And Prepare The Festivities

The cutout idea is fairly genius, and probably one of the funniest ideas we’ve seen when it comes to trying to get people to relax. The Jameson Desk Decoy, as it’s officially known, can be grabbed from the website for $17.80, which matches the year Jameson was founded. You’ll have to pay tax on top of that, but shipping is free.

All you need to do is upload a photo and get to it, and you’ll find yourself owning a cardboard version of yourself. We reckon it’s actually something you could use in a few other situations too. If you get invited to a dinner you don’t want to attend, just turn up early and leave your Jameson Desk Decoy.

The website has a few other hints and tips for the best ways to enjoy your paid time off, so make sure you get on it if you ever feel getting for relaxing. We’re huge fans of taking time off when you can, so make sure you make the most of it.