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Have Yourself a Merry, Litty Christmas With This Legendary Jameson “Whiskey Tree”

If you thought you had seen everything 2020 had to offer, think again. Fortunately, this 2020 surprise is actually positive.

To add a little bit of flair to the end of the year, Jameson Irish Whiskey is releasing a limited-edition collection of insane yet beautiful whiskey bottle Christmas trees. Because, why not?

At this point, it’s no surprise that the year’s been a wild ride. So many of us have upped our liquor intake tremendously due to the fact that there really hasn’t been anything else to do. If you’ve unintentionally become a whiskey snob in the past year or you’ve always had a passion for your favorite Irish whiskey, then there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than by ditching your douglas fir for this lit-bottle beauty.

To celebrate Christmas 2020, Jameson is giving away this work of art in a contest:

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Jameson Whiskey

The Jameson “Whiskey Tree” stands at 9 feet tall, so we’re hoping you’ve got tall ceilings. Each tree is designed with over 100 signature green Jame-o bottles (worth a total of around $5,000) to both pay tribute to the trees of Christmas past and your liquor intake since March. Sort of a double homage, if you will.

Each tree comes with a holiday lighting system that makes your glass tree light up merry and bright. Whiskey lovers will be ditching their boring Christmas tree for years on end with this baby, that’s for sure.

Jameson fans looking to pretend their past trees never even existed can enter to win one of these bad boys starting on November 11 an through November 20. (See the full rules and guidelines here.) Not much of a whiskey fan yourself? No worries, if you have anybody in mind, you can also enter to win one for your favorite whiskey fan as a true present they’ll never forget. Alongside the win, they will also get a $45 gift card so they can snag a bottle of Jameson Black Barrel. Because why even have the tree if you aren’t going to gawk at it with a smooth glass of whiskey in hand?

As mentioned, you can only enter to win now through November 20, so don’t wait. Make this holiday one to remember and change the way you look at  Christmas trees forever.

Enter the Jameson Whiskey Tree Contest