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Is Jot Coffee the Keurig Killer We’ve Been Waiting For? We Tested This ‘Ultra Coffee’ To See If It Lives Up To the Hype

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You may have recently heard of Jot Coffee, a coffee extract that can make 14 cups of coffee, with ads all over Instagram. We decided to buy a bottle and test this ‘ultra coffee’ for ourselves, and we’re happy to report that if you’re a coffee drinker harboring a love-hate relationship with your Keurig coffee maker, then this might just be the single-serve coffee that lets you retire your Keurig for good.

As always, we’re skeptical of any new coffee brand — especially one that shows up repeatedly in our Instagram feeds via targeted ads. Instagram ads are really hit or miss when it comes to the product’s quality matching up with the appeal of the brand’s visual marketing.

In this instance Jot Coffee totally lives up to the hype. Check out our full Jot Coffee review below.

Like most Americans, we’re addicted to our morning coffee here at SPY. We bought a bottle of Jot coffee extract to see if it could satisfy our morning caffeine craving, and we were more than pleasantly surprised.

Jot Coffee is incredibly simple to use, which is important when you’re dealing with pre-coffee morning brain on a Monday. Instead of brewing a scoop of beans or sticking a plastic pod in a machine, you’ll measure out one tablespoon of Jot’s concentrated blend of “Ultra Coffee,” which is about 20 times more concentrated than regular coffee. The Ultra Coffee can be transformed into any coffee beverage that you like — cappuccino, iced americano, espresso or latte in just a few simple steps, with superb flavor and the rich smoothness you expect from your morning cup of coffee.

Instead of dropping $6 on an iced vanilla oat milk latte on the way to work, Jot Coffee lets you whip up your own delicious coffee beverages in seconds.

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What Does Jot Coffee Taste Like?

After measuring and mixing your drink, Jot’s coffee concentrate tastes as good as any oat milk latte or iced coffee you’d get at your local coffee shop. While the exact taste depends on the type of drink you’re making, we found that this coffee concentrate had the taste of really good iced coffee.

We only had one minor complaint, so if you prefer your coffee black, listen up. This blend might come out a tad on the bitter side if you only use cold water or ice in the brewing process. However, we found that just a touch of cream solved this problem. Drop a little almond milk, coffee creamer or low-fat milk into the mix and you’ll be good to go. A little sugar or agave will accomplish the same result.

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Courtesy of Jot


Jot Coffee sources their beans from the highest-quality, organic, Fair-Trade and sustainable sources in Central and South America, and then extracts as much caffeine as possible from them. They get more yield per coffee bean than the average coffee brand and use more, which means they waste less and contribute less to environmental degradation.

The only ingredients? Coffee beans and water. So you know it’s the good stuff.

Jot Coffee also includes a metal measuring spoon with your first order, which was a nice touch. We ordered the small size, but we enjoyed this coffee drink so much we’re ordering a large next time.

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Courtesy of Jot Coffee

Don’t just take our word for it — try it yourself! You won’t be disappointed.