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Review: Liquid I.V.’s New Mocktail Flavors Help You Hydrate Fast, but How Do They Taste?

With cleanses and challenges like “dry January” and “sober October” gaining popularity, brands such as Liquid I.V. have been stepping up their “mocktail” game to help keep participants satisfied.

While I’m not generally a cleanse person, I do like to take breaks from drinking, using beverages such as Liquid I.V. to help me stay on course.

This year, Liquid I.V. launched two new mocktail flavors of their popular hydration multiplier powder in the flavors of Cucumber Mojito and Smoky Mezcal Paloma. These new limited-edition mocktails are made with their signature hangover-busting formula that hydrates twice as fast as water. And they were gracious enough to send me a kit to try it out.

I originally only knew about Liquid I.V. as a sort of hangover cure that my friends and I would use after a long night of drinking. With this new launch, the brand has totally changed things offering you an option to replace driving n the first place while helping you hydrate.

I can tell you that both flavors are seriously delicious enough to make you forget about alcohol altogether. Although you won’t get the buzz that comes along with imbibing liquor, the taste of these drinks make it feel like you’re having a cocktail in the moments you feel like you need one.

Both flavors come as add-ons to the classic Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier. The Hydration Multiplier helps your body absorb water early in the digestive process to provide quicker hydration, electrolytes, and vitamins.

As a tequila drinker, I can say that the Smoky Mexcal Paloma is my favorite of the two. It has just the right amount of smokiness with hints of salt and the light citrusy taste of grapefruit. The overall flavor wasn’t very strong since it’s basically flavored water. I would absolutely consider it when I’m abstaining from alcohol or need a quick hangover fix. It’s honestly good enough to drink as refreshment whenever you’re thirsty also.

I initially made it by pouring water over the powdered packet, but after tasting it, I decided it would be even more delicious chilled. I added ice to my shaker and poured the mixture in to chill it, shook it up a few times, and poured it back into my wine glass (which makes it feel a bit more special). I promise it was even better chilled.

The Cucumber Mojito has a refreshing flavor profile. It mostly tastes like cucumber water with lime and the subtle taste of mint. Cucumber water is not my favorite flavor, and this beverage features a heavy cucumber presence. However, I can see how it would be enjoyable for someone who likes the taste. As a matter of fact, my husband absolutely loves it.

It was beyond easy to make. I simply emptied the Liquid I.V. packet straight into the glass and poured water over it.