Lodge’s New Grill Products Will Elevate Your Grill Game

Lodge Cast Iron Grillware Featured Image

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Grilling is one of America’s best and favorite hobbies, producing great-tasting food without a lot of effort. It’s also a great way to entertain you and a group of guests, making it a great social hobby too. And, of course, half the fun of any hobby are all the gadgets and gizmos that come along with it.


Lodge, who we’ve featured a few times on the site already, realizes this too and has launched a new set of grilling products to help make your grilling experience even better. Lodge is known for its incredible cast iron products that not only last a lifetime, but make cooking simple and easy. That same logic is now moving out of your kitchen and onto the grill thanks to a collection of grillware including: a round cast iron grill, a dual handle grill basket, a grill topper, a burger press and a smoker skillet. Each has its own unique function to help elevate your grilling experience.

The most impressive of the set is the Kickoff Grill, which functions as a highly portable grill. Constructed entirely of cast iron, the two-piece grill can be loaded up with coals the same way a charcoal grill would be. A twisting top-piece allows you to properly dial in the airflow, while the cast iron construction helps keep and spread heat evenly across the grilling surface. Plus, that area is already pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, making it easy to add your favorite food on top and get right to grilling.

Lodge Kickoff Cast Iron Grill


If you love the taste of smoked meats but don’t want to pay for the cost of a smoker itself, the cast iron smoker skillet is a great way to add a bit of smokey taste to your food. You can load up the smoker with wood chips and place it on your existing grill. From there, the teardrop-shaped holes will allow the chips to (safely) burn and provide that smokey taste. The handed make it easy to move around to different area to really have your food capture that taste, while the handle on the lid makes it so you can empty or add chips as needed.

Lodge Cast Iron Smoker Skillet


Have you ever had a smashed burger before? Burger presses aren’t new, but people are starting to realize the helpful way to change your burgers’ taste radically. The perfect circular design helps trap in that great juicy taste and ensures the burgers have a perfect taste.  Once again, the completely cast iron construction helps keep the heat evenly distributed across the burger’s entire surface.

Lodge Cast Iron Burger Press


Grilling is always fun. So why not make it even more so? Lodge’s new products certainly make that the case while also providing you with easy ways to make your food taste better along the way.


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