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This Stainless Steel Finger Guard Saves Your Fingers From Getting Sliced Instead of the Veggies

It’s probably happened to you or someone you know—you’re chopping some veggies, making sure each new slice is as thin and congruent as the last, when you suddenly feel a sharp stinging sensation. While some hardened chefs have built up calluses that are so tough the average blade will barely nick the skin, most of us cook with the inherent fear of that blade moving a little too close to our precious fingers. Sure, these occasional cuts and scrapes often come with the culinary territory, but you can be smarter when it comes to putting your digits in harm’s way.

The Mad Shark finger guard is designed to add an extra barrier between your fingers and your blade, which makes chopping, cutting, and filleting even easier — and safer. Made from extra robust high-carbon steel, the Mad Shark works in any setting. Small, durable and extra easy to use, you simply slip the Mad Shark on one of your fingers to give your digits an instant barrier. Now, you’d think that a steel barrier would weigh a lot, but this finger guard is surprisingly lightweight. In fact, at only four ounces, you’ll barely notice it’s there.

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The Mad Shark’s design is slightly curved, which makes it feel a bit more natural in your hands. Measuring 2.5-inches long by 1.7-inches long, it’s large enough to completely encompass your fist. And because it’s both rust- and stain-resistant, you don’t need to worry about it losing its shiny luster over time. All you need to do after using it is wipe any residue off with a towel and you’re good to go.

Each set comes with two Mad Shark guards. You can keep ‘em yourself or give one to your best baking bud. Best of all, the set comes packaged in a seriously elegant box, which makes it a particularly smart (and unique) gift idea. If you or someone you know is always cutting or dinging their digits in the kitchen, these fingers guards will surely be a hit.