You Know That “Healthy Cereal” Magic Spoon? I Tried Almost Every Flavor, Here Are My Thoughts

magic spoon cereal review, magic spoon
Courtesy of Magic Spoon
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Cereal for adults should be a thing. It’s a delicious breakfast option when you’re a kid and then all of a sudden we’re just supposed to… stop liking sugary bowls of goodness first thing in the morning? No thanks. Sure, maybe Lucky Charms isn’t the breakfast of champions you should be aiming for to get your day started, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up the beloved box from your childhood altogether. That’s where Magic Spoon comes in.

magic spoon variety pack, magic spoon Courtesy of Magic Spoon

This cereal promises to be healthy cereal for adults that “tastes too good to be true.” Their cereals are high in protein, low in carbs and promise to be sweet just like your childhood favorites without all the crash-inducing sugar. They’re grain-free and gluten-free as well, made without any artificial flavors or sweeteners, and contain no rice or soy either. They’ve got four flavors to choose from — fruity, nutty, cinnamon, frosted, cocoa and blueberry. So, do they deliver on their promise? Is this a healthy cereal that actually tastes good too? You betcha. Here are my thoughts.

Flavor 1: Blueberry

blueberry magic spoon cereal, magic spoon cereal review Courtesy of Magic Spoon

I have to be honest, blueberry was my least favorite of all of their flavors, but it’s still solid. The blueberry definitely comes through but it was a little too fruity on the aftertaste IMO. The “berry” flavor of acidity is nicely done, and the cereal is definitely sweet like it promises, without being overwhelmingly so. They’re super transparent about all of the ingredients in their cereals on their website and the list is definitely shorter than other, more chemically-focused favorites.

Blueberry Magic Spoon Cereal 4-Pack



Flavor 2: Cocoa

cocoa magic spoon cereal, magic spoon cereal review Courtesy of Magic Spoon

The cocoa flavor was probably my favorite of all of the ones I tried. The rich chocolate flavor comes through clearly without being too sugary, and it somehow tastes healthy despite being chocolate-y. It also makes for great chocolate cereal milk after you’re done scooping up the protein-packed pieces.

Cocoa Magic Spoon Cereal (4-Pack)



Flavor 3: Cinnamon

cinnamon magic spoon cereal, magic spoon cereal reviews Courtesy of Magic Spoon

The cinnamon flavor tastes like a healthy Cinnabun situation that also has some spice to it that balances out the sweet flavors. If Cinnamon Toast Crunch used to be your favorite (and still is) this one is the Magic Spoon cereal you should try first. The cinnamon definitely comes through but without the intense sugar-y sweetness, and you still end the bowl feeling like you’ve done something good for your body.

Cinnamon Magic Spoon Cereal (4-Pack)



Flavor 4: Fruity

fruity magic spoon cereal, magic spoon cereal review Courtesy of Magic Spoon

Former Fruit Loops lover? Try this fruity flavor from Magic Spoon instead. The fruity flavors were tasty for sure and tasted like Apple Jacks combined with Fruit Loops with less sugar and more filling flavor. After a bowl of these I feel fueled for the morning as opposed to hopped up on sugary carbs. If you’re looking to kick your sugary fruity cereal habit, try this flavor out.

Fruity Magic Spoon Cereal (4-Pack)


You can also buy all of their flavors in a variety pack of four different boxes. We’ve included a purchase link for that below.

Magic Spoon Variety 4-Pack