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Martha Stewart Just Collaborated With Liquid Death to Make the Most Badass Candle We’ve Ever Seen

It’s no question that Martha Stewart goes hard — even at 81 years old. After a stint in prison, a BFF relationship and TV series with Snoop Dogg and a killer home collection currently available at both Wayfair and Target, it’s hard to believe Martha can get any more baller than she already is.

But, of course, she did.

Today, Martha Stewart released a collaboration with none other than Liquid Death, everyone’s favorite canned water brand. And, yeah, we really mean everyone’s favorite. It was just announced earlier this week that Liquid Death is now worth $700 million. Yeah, canned water. Who would have thunk?

But, what exactly is the collaboration? Like, what was actually released? Well, in short, it’s a candle. Very Martha. To elaborate, it’s a candle titled “The Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle” and features a severed hand gripping tightly to a can of Liquid Death. Oddly enough, also very Martha.

To keep it simple, it’s safe to say the collab is metal as f*ck.

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Courtesy of Martha Stewart

This all-black, paraffin-based, scent-free candle is the Halloween decoration your home is missing as we count down the days until October 31. It’s topped off with a vibrant, red wick to contrast the black and add to the gothic allure, too.

The candle is packed into a fully eco-friendly box that will surely catch your eye before opening. The collab is to show Martha’s support for the brand’s motive of diminishing plastic and punnily lending a “helping hand” to the folks over at Liquid Death. You’re a silly one, Martha. We’ll tell you that.

Although the candle is too visually gorgeous to burn in our opinion, this 7-inch tall candle will burn for 60 hours in total before the hand and can diminish completely. But, we suggest you don’t burn it and make it a yearly Halloween decoration. It’s just too striking.

Each candle will go for $58 a piece with a strict shipping cut-off date of October 20 so they can arrive in time for Halloween. That being said, make sure you pick up yours sooner rather than later — because one thing spookier than this candle is not being able to purchase it in time.

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Courtesy of Martha Stewart