McDonald’s Scented Candles Are The Burger Lover’s Dream, the Vegetarian’s Nightmare

golden arches
Courtesy of McDonald's

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You can make a candle smell like pretty much anything these days. *cough* Gwyneth Paltrow *cough*. It seems that if there’s a scent you love, even a weird scent, you can find a candle to fill your home with that aroma. Even a nice juicy McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. Yup, McDonald’s scented candles are a thing, and you’ll be able to order your own pack of them very soon.

In celebration of the infamous burger’s almost 50-year run on the menu, the company wanted to give devoted fans a chance to celebrate and express their dedication to the beloved burger. McDonald’s is releasing a whole line of “Quarter Pounder Fan Club” products including t-shirts, a locket necklace and the Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack complete with six mini candles.

mcdonalds scented candles Courtesy of McDonald’s
McDonald's Scented Candle Release Courtesy of McDonald’s

Each candle is a concentrated scent from a different Quarter Pounder ingredient including the bun, pickles, ketchup, onion, cheese and beef. Who wouldn’t want their house to smell like beef? Well, most people, probably.

McDonald’s recommends burning all of the Quarter Pounder candles at once for “maximum deliciousness.” Go all out, or concentrate exclusively on one component to appreciate its distinct contribution to the olfactory experience that is American fast food.

Each candle is made from soy wax and burns for about 25 hours. Satisfy your burning love of Quarter Pounders and purchase this candle pack for yourself or a friend who shares your love of the iconic golden arches.

You’ll be able to purchase them on the Golden Arches Unlimited website once they’re released this week.