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Bring Back Your Favorite 90’s Ice Pop Flavors With the Brand-New Boozy Mike’s Hard Freeze

Remember those ice pops your grandma hoarded in her chest freezer every summer? You know, the ones that sat inside plastic tubing and needed to be cut by a nearby adult with the help of safety scissors? The ones that tasted like pure icy, sugary goodness?

We know you do. They’re stapled into positive summer memories from your childhood. Well, we’ve got some good news. They’re back.

Okay, they aren’t exactly back, but the nostalgia is through Mike’s Hard’s brand-new boozy line of beverages.

Meet Mike’s Hard Freeze: the summer sipper throwing you back to summer days in the 90s. But, given that they’re made by Mike’s Hard, these canned cocktails are for adults only.

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Courtesy of Mike's Hard

Relive days of running around in the backyard and splashing around in the pool by running around in the backyard and splashing around in the pool whilst tipsy with Freeze flavors, including four total. Flavors are as follows:

  • Blue Freeze: a classic blue raspberry slushy flavor with a super sweet, extra tart zing that’ll surely make your tongue pop.
  • Red Freeze: everyone’s favorite red cherry slushy flavor melted, the idea hot summer refreshment.
  • White Freeze: a delicious frozen creamsicle flavor for the ultimate vanilla/orange warm weather combo.
  • Pink Freeze: your kid’s pink lemonade stand gone wild.

As you might have gathered, these aren’t ice pops. Nor are they slushies. Each can is packed with a liquid consistency you’re used to with classic Mike’s Hard products. But, if we’re going to keep it real, this seems like the ultimate freezy fun DIY project in the making. These dumped into an ice tray and stuck in the freezer for a couple of hours? Sounds most definitely up our alley.

Each flavor comes packed in a 12-can variety pack featuring three of each in a 5% ABV. In addition, solo 23.5oz. single-serve cans will be available for purchase in both Red Freeze and Blue Freeze options. These packs are available for purchase now through Drizly or anywhere else you can typically find Mike’s Hard.

Looking to try it for yourself? Click the link below and send your tastebuds back in time.


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