Turn Your Kitchen Into the Best Coffee House in Town With a Milk Frother

Milk Frother

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No millennial wants to hear that they would have more money if they stopped spending it all on avocado toast and coffee. It’s insulting and outdated and frankly, not true. That being said, we do spend a lot of money on coffee. When it comes to balancing your budget, one of the easiest places to make a change is with your daily coffee spending.

While fancy coffee machines are more affordable than ever, there are still latte lovers who want to feel the froth in their mug, something that isn’t as easily replicated at home. Or is it? Thanks to milk frothers, that time you spend stopping by the coffee cart on the way to work can now be time spent in your pajamas making a great latte in your own home. Want a latte at work? These milk frothers are lightweight and portable. Keep one in your briefcase. We won’t tell.

Milk frothers are a quick and easy way to turn your milk, cream, or eggnog (we highly recommend the last one) into a delicious foam topping for your coffee. Make hot or cold coffee drinks, mix protein shakes, give hot chocolate a kick, whisk eggs quickly, beat yokes for alcoholic beverages and more. Get creative, get caffeinated, and get used to seeing more money in your bank account at the end of each week.

1. Zulay Milk Frother

Perfect for those with hand or wrist issues, the lightweight Zulay Milk Frother making it easy to use and transport. To turn the Zulay Milk Frother on, simply hold down the button at the top and the frother will deliver a quiet but powerful 18,500rpm of power to your beverages. Also included is a metal stand to make storing your Zulay Milk Frother easier.

Pros: The Zulay comes with a stainless steel stand that provides an attractive display.

Cons: The Bean Envy requires two AA batteries which are not included.

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2. FoodVille Rechargeable Milk Frother

No batteries? No problem. With the FoodVille Rechargeable Milk Frother, simply plug in the frother through its USB charging port and access the powerful appliance, which features a choice of three whisking speeds, including 19,000rpm, 21,000rpm and 23,000rpm. The most powerful frother on our list, the three speeds allow users to decide between thick, medium and thin foam depending on their needs. The FoodVille is even strong enough to help whisk eggs and batter for baking.

Pros: The FoodVille comes with two options, including a balloon whisk for food and a milk frother for drinks. The company has also recently updated its connection mechanism ensuring a smooth inserting and removing process with either whisk.

Cons: At 7.2 oz, the FoodVille is the heaviest frother on our list.

FoodVille Rechargeable Milk Frother Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother

Lightweight and portable, the Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother is less than 10” long, making it ideal for travel or using in kitchens with limited space. The durable frother features a BPA-free stainless steel 304 shaft and whisk and can quickly produce a thick and creamy foam in under 20 seconds. Like the Bean Envy, the Bonsenkitchen features a one-touch button to operate and runs on two AA batteries.

Pros: The Bonsenkitchen is easy to clean with soap and water.

Cons: Unlike the FoodVille, the Bonsenkitchen doesn’t have different whisking speeds.


Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother Image courtesy of Amazon